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Bowl Inspirations

Looney cakes, you are thinking to yourself. Or crazy cakes as is the term "du jour" around our house. Who could possibly be inspired by bowls? But I have to admit that I am hopelessly addicted to bowls. Any color. Any size. Any style. Old, new and in between. Small and tiny. In fact, lately, the tinier the better. Functional and decorative alike. You would be scared to see how many different bowls I have squirreled away over the years. And usually I don't squirrel. But bowls, I squirrel.

And so in general I try not to be so attached to my little things, but when my dear husband breaks one [as he often does]... I get a little, well, a little crazy. Not crazy cakes crazy but definitely on this side of a little overly upset about my lost bowl.

So this past weekend, he did indeed break one. Again. Just saying. I did indeed go a little crazy and told him that we would be dragging the whole fam to the store where the bowl came from so that HE could replace it. He said that was just fine. He felt a little bad about the bowl. Although he does break them regularly. Just saying. I will admit that a large part of this is that in our house, he does the dishes. I know, what am I complaining about?!

Well, after just a few minutes in said store- yes with the whole fam in tow-, this is what we came home with. 




... I'm telling you. Those little bowls call me like a siren song.


I guess I was ready for more than just one bowl. But in the past few months he has broken more little bowls than I care to remember. So these were just a replacement. Mostly.


Like I said, crazycakes!


BTW, The particular colors of these bowls.... well... they may or may not have been the inspiration palette for a recent something that I may or may not have had to turn in to a certain company I work for.





Oh, boy! Glad you got new bowls to inspire you!

If these colors are the inspiration for an upcoming line...then I already know I love it! Might have to head to that store myself one of these days!

Oh wow, I love the bowls! The colors are wonderful!, and definitely very you. Maybe you should invest in bubble wrap flooring. :)

lol--I also love little bowls (well, little things in general.) And, I also get a little batty when they're broken.

Certainly they are inspirational colors. :D How little are the small ones? I'm feeling like they are egg-cup sized, though my interpretation of the photo's scale may be off.

oh how i love the bowls from anthopology! I have a bunch too and have also given them as gifts to fill my obsession with buying them.

Your saga sounds exactly like mine - so not crazy at all. My husband broke a piece of crystal of which I had 8 place settings. It only cost him that one piece plus increasing the place settings to 12! (wine, water and tea goblets). That was 15 years ago and he hasn't broken or chipped one since.

I love your tiny bowls! and the colors ARE inspirational.

Having raised seven children and now having 11... plus one more on the way... and counting... I always need bowls. I know that I should switch to plastic but they aren't nearly as perfect or pretty. Good find!! Have a great week! Many hugs, Debbie

OH MY - where did you get those bowls?!!!! They are the yummiest bowls I've seen in a long time! I have an aqua/white vintage camper trailer that I'd LOVE to get some aqua, white, and red bowls for - these would be so awesome......

Oh wow...if these bowls are a preview as to a new fabric line that you may or may not be creating for one of your next collections...I'm in! Absolutely breathtaking!! I'm doing a little giddy dance as I type...

I love bowls too !!! SMall world right ??!! And those colors are lovely, how could one not need them :)
I am also totally in on what the bowls may or may not have inspired :)!!!!

I just had been thinking about writing you to see if you would please possibly design or not design a certain group of fabrics around a certain beachy color scheme! Seriously! I already want it now.

hahahaha, your not bitter at all ;)
awesome bowls, and so sweet of him to bring such a load and gr8 colors! can't w8 to see you work your magic :D

I have a habit of buying these same bowls. Glad we aren't alone in our craziness!

I have the same bowls and found them in Mexico!! I have them in all the colors and I use them for ice cream or some pudding. My husband also breaks a lot of dishes which makes me crazy until I saw it the other way: I can buy new sets of glasses of new set of dishes very often!!!

Most of our crockery is Ikea, but I do have a bit of a thing for Emma Bridgewater mugs and...french them. We use them every day (on quilted placemats!) and I wash them up!! Love the look of your new bowl collection x

I was a little confused with the post title initially cos' my crazy eyes read "bowel inspirations" and I thought "whaaaat". Sorry, cracked(!!) me up when I realised. I have the same problem but with drinking glasses. My oldest seems to be the major culprit. Had a shattered glass from height last night - went everywhere!

Are you sure your husbands name is not Andrew b/c the same thing happens around here. maybe that is why i never use my Royal Doultan and yes he does the dishes as well.

LOL Joanna, so sorry about your bowls, but I love the new ones! The colors are fantastic :) my house, *I* am the one with slippery fingers. And for some reason, my dh can't seem to keep a coffee cup for is always being broken, either by me, or a cat knocking it over, or

You are definitely prepared for the future when your hubby breaks more bowls. I LOVE the colors. Where did you find them? Reminds me of old-fashioned bowls from the 30s or so.

Oh love those bowls, I love them too, and even find some in garage sales, but not lately!! We do not have Ikea here but sometimes I dream of going to one!!! Love the colors, they feel so creamy!!

I love those little bowls. Love the colors, the size, and the shape of them. I have never been able to find any like those anywhere. The small ones would be perfect for hubby's daily dose of ice cream. Thank you for sharing.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

They ALWAYS break the favorites!My 'saddest' was the largest bowl of a matching set of 3 bowls that had survived from the '30's. "Well you're STILL have 2!" from the eldest who keeps returning to keep us from the empty nest syndrome. Susan

Those are especially beautiful bowls!!!

we call it crazypants at casita Contessa----- and honey, every life needs a little crazypants or we'd be so stodgy and boring that absolutely nothing creative would spring out of us!!!!!!!!! Continue on.......

I'm with you on the bowls. I bought some red with polka dots recently that I have no need for, but had to have. They just make me happy when I look at them.

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These are about 2 1/2 across the top, or so. They are the perfect size for condiments, olives, paper clips, pushpins or any other little office supply or small food item. I am in love with them. The big ones are more like cereal or ice cream size.

Love them!


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I linked to the store in the blog- its Anthropologie.

Happy bowl hunting!


Love the bowls!!! The colors are just perfect!

Those are pretty darn cute bowls. Let's see...I love bowls...maybe I should check them out.

Is that something like Bowlspiration? I love them! Can't wait to see {or not see} what they did {or did not} inspire. The colors are perfect!
Now, just breathe and remember M. Engelbreit's words of wisdom... "Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies" :-)

Bowls are cool... but I'm a container sort of person! If I can find something that has a lid... and is cute too! Nothing like "trying" to be organized to help a person with her "squirreling away" then something to squirrel her "stuff" in! This way, not everything shows and clutters all over... although, I can't say the same for my sewing room! LoL...

I sure HOPE they are inspiration for a 'coming soon' project from you- they are delicious! I don't think it could get any better. Unless, of course, it was a follow-up to Whimsy which I am still so hopelessly in love with. Have you thought about doing another children's line? Please, please, please with icecream in a cute colored bowl and a cherry on top! :o)

I also have a thing for bowls. I have loved those ones that you bought since I first laid eyes on them. i have been resisting...

Certainly they are inspirational colors. :D How little are the small ones? I'm feeling like they are egg-cup sized, though my interpretation of the photo's scale may be off.

then I already know I love it! Might have to head to that store myself one of these days!

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