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Market Fabric Snapshots

Tired of Market yet?

The Country Fair banners throughout all of our MODA booths tied us all together and they were easily one of my favorite little additions to this years's decorations. Something about them is so festive. And they are so simple to make, 10" long, 8" wide, cut on an angle with fusible webbing inside 2 pieces of fabric. That's it. I glue gunned mine to a twill tape but if you had the time you could of course also sew them in place. Perfect for parties of any kind, just pick a thematic fabric for that event and you've got instant atmosphere!






... my favorite sign in the booth. Only some people got the joke. Do you remember BABE the pig? If you don't, then this wont' make any sense to you whatsoever. But that's okay, Eric and I chuckled about it all weekend long!


... here's a pic of me in my favorite new "little black dress" not knowing what to do with my hands.





... still don't know what to do with my hands. You would think that after the umpteenth person asked me to take a picture of me in my booth, I would have figured out what to do with me hands, but no. Here I am trying to figure out where on earth to put those things to make them look natural. Again. At another market. I think I am going to start holding something at all times! Any other ideas? :-)




You need lessons from my 10 year old she does like to strike a pose using her hands dramatically usually one thrust high in the air and one on her hip - but maybe that's not quite your style?? lol

The little black dress looks perfect on you! As for the hannds, well, I think that is a problem most of us have....if you figure it out, please pass it on!! Actually, your pose seems to fit right in with the background of your booth. Sweet, beautiful,etc., etc.

You look great! I can't wait to get a closer look at all those patterns =)
I can already see several that I just must have!

I cannot tell you how much I love ALL of your fabric and patterns!! They are so wonderful to look at and yes, I've even had the time to make a few - okay only one (Dancing Dollies) but I have signed up for the Fat Quarter Shop BOM and cannot wait for it to start! And then of course there are all the Fig Tree patterns and Fig Tree fabric I have just waiting for me. Love, love, love your stuff. (Don't EVER tell my husband where I've hidden my ever growing stash or how much I've spent - yikes!)

As to what to do with your hands while standing and taking a picture, that has always been one of the mysteries of life for me. I will be curious to see what suggestions are given...maybe link your hands behind your back??

A lovely booth, as always! As for the hands, in a public speaking course I took, they said that while it FEELS unnatural, it LOOKS very natural to have your arms/hands at your sides, like the second to last picture. It keeps you from doing the "crossing hands to cover private parts if I were a boy" look.

the booth is just lovely...i love fabric bunting and That'll Do Pig is perfect!

Speaking of pigs, your fabric is so beautiful I could just wallow in it.

Great job. Beautiful booth. Lovely little black dress.

I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing Market pictures! After seeing your booth I am definitely getting the Butterscotch and Roses bundle when it comes out...being that I fall in love with every line you make, that wasn't a big shocker for me!

As for your hands...throw one on your hip and get a little sassy with it! ;-)

Thank you for sharing your pictures with us! Have a BEAUTIFUL Day!

Mary Carole

I chuckled at the "that'll do pig" because I loved Babe! I haven't seen the movie in years. I love the part where he sang a snippet of Jingle Bells saying 'la la la'. Baa-ram-ewe!

I say, put those hands on your hips! Actually I always had my daugthers hold the sides of their dress like they were going to do a little curtsy! I love it when I come across a photograph of them (even now!) and they have that pose! Love your booth and your cute shoes, too!

That's my favorite line from Babe! The booth is gorgeous. Your so funny- I never know what to do with my hands either. Why is that? Hope you have a lovely. restful weekend. :)

I love all the pictures from market. If you can't be there you can wallow in pictures. I can hardly wait to get some strawberry fields. you look lovely in your little black dress,what to do with hands is an age old question.

Good to see you again!!!! You Rock the booth!

I vote for holding a drink of some sort. Tea, coffee, wine...then it feels like a party, right? Great to see you--I'm sorry we didn't get much a chance to talk! But I guess that's the story with Market.

Bahhhh Rammm Ewwwwwe :D

Your booth looked terrific and you were perfect. :)

I am enjoying all your market pictures. Such beautiful fabrics and designs. Thanks for sharing with us.

LOL, I never know what to do with my hands either :)

It's so funny (and comforting in a way) that most of us have the same problem with the dilemma of the hands. I laughed after to seeing all of the different poses. I thought you looked simply gorgeous in all of them!! Great booth by the way... and as always your fabric is scrumptious! I'm so glad that you had such fun! Hard work, but fun.

The booth is lovely, thanks for the pics. Your new black dress is lovely too and didn't notice the 'hand' issue 'til you pointed it out you look great.
Happy market recovery.

Wonderful booth! I love how you gave yourself ribbons!
I have that problem too, not knowning what to do with my hands1
How about holding a cup (with water perhaps?), but use one of the cup holders where you put fabric inside the plastic covering, or what about making your own mug wrap from the new fabric for the show?
Take care, Leslie

I think your sign should have said, "That'll do Fig, that'll do". No offense to Babe. Lovely, lovely, lovely! You've outdone yourself, Joanna! Wish I could have seen it in person. :)

You and your booth look great! Both darling as ever. I would love to see your necklace close up. It looks really cute too. Well, I'm off to work on a project with Joanna fabric today. Always my very favorite, and I just can't get enough!

Love the booth and of course fig tree cream blends all these luscious fabrics together so beautifully...but that linen is awfully stylish! (Like the little black dress)

You look so chic! The booth is lovely and I look forward to the new collection and patterns! Fig Tree is my very favorite!

I'm loving your Market pics! You're one of my Very Favourite Designers - just wish I could afford to buy all the fabric I wanted....
A tip about what to do with your hands for the pics - clasp your left wrist with your right hand - still kind of casual, and you can change it up a bit by just jutting one hip out a bit if you'd like (takes away the stiffness of the pose). HTH!

Love your booth, and you look great in your dress. Hope to get some of your patterns soon! Got some Buttercup fabrics to play with :o)
Happy weekend,

booth looks great, I think you need to buy dresses or skirts with pockets!!!!

Never! I'm loving these "visits" to your booth, and your black dress is TDF. :D

The answer is easy of course! Just stroke some of that lovely fabric in your booth! Wish I had one of everything in your booth! I love the natural colored background fabric in many of your new quilts. Will you share with us which fabric it is?
Your black dress is very flattering!

Love the booth...as ALWAYS!!! And I must know...where did you get your necklace? Did you make? It's fabulous!!!!

As for the hannds, well, I think that is a problem most of us have....if you figure it out, please pass it on!!

I recognized the quote from Babe right away- we say it all the time around here! One of my VERY favorite movies. I still cry every time I see it.
As for hands, I always gesture to the quilts and do my best Vanna White impersonation while having booth photos taken :D

Hands relaxed at your sides always looks fine--just stay away from the "fig leaf!"

You look fabulous no matter where your hands are. I had the same problem though but found a picture collage of German Chancellor Dr. Merkel, she looks pretty self confident with the fingertips of both hands touching... I'll send you the link: http://fun.drno.de/pics/english/26728_700b.jpg funny to look at, too ;-)

I was at your booth, it was very nicely done, and thought you were doing a great job. I didn't notice your hands at all so they must have been in the right place.

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