Are you coming to MODA's Country Fair?
From Market, from Market

Prep is done & Market starts tomorrow.

Just time for a a quick update as I'm already in my jammies trying to finish up some paperwork.

Wow, today was the end of a long two days. From booth building to prop shopping to booth set up to more set up to tweeking with the setup to a little dinner with some designer friends to Sample Spree to finish tweeking with the setup to some drinks with a couple of customers.

I don't have any pics of the booth yet, but I promise to have some goods ones tomorrow.

For now I wanted to share one of my favorite new patterns...

Daisy Girl.




Maybe its cuz I'm missing her just a little at the moment.




So sweet! Good luck tomorrow. :D

Cant wait to see your booth :)

Too much cuteness! These are wonderful :D

Just love them. I want one for myself of course!

Oh how sweet, I want one for each girl and one for me!!! Oh how I wish I could work with at the market!!! I think it would be the best job in the world!!! Love the fabric too. I know you will be very tired but try to write a few words so we feel we are there. Have fun, no stress!!

Just darling! I love that you show it in other fabrics, too.

Love the backpacks, they are as sweet as can be. Have a great time at market.

Have a super great day.

Very cute pattern, especially with the fabric. My granddaughter would love this.

Awfully cute model!

These are just wonderful!

She's an exceptionally lovely model: do you have to pay her much? Or does she just get first dibs on the props?! All good wishes for tomorrow and thanks for sharing x

What beautiful items, love the colors. Good luck tomorrow but I don't think you'll need it. Have great time. Marianne

Wish I was there with you, have fun take lots of pictures.Love the latest pattern I will have to make one for my grandson who starts preschool this year.

Love the fabric, pattern and the model is adorable! Someday I'll find a way to sneak into market!

What fun colors and styles!
Have a great time at Market!

So, so cute!! And the backpack is too! ;-) Love all that you do. I pray that the show is great for each of you. Can't wait to see the pics!

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