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Market Fabric Snapshots

Fig Tree went traditional this time around. Classic and traditional with some of our most popular colors from best selling lines. Do you recognize any of them?

Introducing Butterscotch & Rose....

For a dash of classic elegance for Fall 2011. I hope it conjurs [sp?] up visions of fall and winter projects and even a bit of home redecorating. I created it for autumn, but some of my customers have shown me that it is certainly perfect for the holidays as well! Pull out the rich reds and classic greens paired with the cream and Christmas is just around the corner. I wonder what you might create?

Tune in tomorrow for a chance to get some in person.... soon!  A giant box of MODA goodness just arrived and I am itching to do something with some of it!


Here are my favorite shots of the colorways.

Red stack

... Ruby.



... Butterscotch & Buttercream.



... Sky.



... Fresh Tarragon, Frosting Rose, Chocolate Tart.



Here is the inspiration story:

"Inspired by the sights and smells of a recent autumn getaway in the little wine country town of Sonoma, California, Butterscotch & Rose is my interpretation of my favorite season! The collection flowed directly from the mix of harvest leaves, gourmet bistros, walks in the woods, gorgeous tones of roses still blooming [after all this is California] and the scents of the beginnings of the wine harvest. I hope that I was able to capture all that this region brought to me as its September gift."




I may have to have a yard sale to drum up the $$, but I think I'll be buying this entire collection in yardage as well as layer cakes - love it! My favorite was the taragon mixture.

Love your interpretation of Butterscotch & Rose. September... Fall is my favorite and so is your "gorgeous" line of fabric. Wonderful!
BTW ~ Fun meeting you at Market!

Absolutely lovely! I would love to redo my bedroom in Butterscotch & Rose. Can't wait until it is available in the shops.

Oh my what lovely fabric. It definately makes me think of gourmet bistros... wish I could go there. My little piggy bank is ready and taking little deposits to save for this must have beautiful fabric.
love me :-)

Delicious, soft, lovely.

Gorgeous...and I do love the names of the colors/fabrics as well!

as usual I love your fabrics . I wish I could find more time in my days to sew up all of these beautiful fabrics.It is really hard to say what my favorite one is, but I do love the Ruby.

Wonderful fabrics, I especially like the 'Sky' ones. You did a wonderful job (as usual) and I already informed Fat Quartershop.com that I want to be notified when this fabric hits their shop! Can't wait!
Hugs, Marja (Netherlands and my Gran was Polish, by the way)

Just went to Sonoma for the first time in March and tried to imagine what it looks like in September. You did an amazing job and these would make a great memory of that part of the Country for me as well. BeaUtiful!!

We definitely have something to look forward to this Fall! Gorgeous. Definitely need to save now as I can tell I will want some.

This line reminds me a lot of Allspice!
I can't wait to get my hands on those reds, pinks and blues. I just love the blues you come out with! Always so gorgeous and they go so well together without being the same.

Beautiful....breathtaking....I would like one of each pretty please!

Just wonderful. I've one idea or to about what to do with tem... when avaiable?

To everyone who was not at Market to see these fabrics in person these fabrics are a "have to have". You will love them!!! Maybe not as much as I do but you will love them. LOL

Gorgeous as always! Thanks for the yummy pictures!

Oh, how stunning -- every one of those fabrics is, I think, an absolute must have! Makes me think of late September here when the days are getting cooler and the sky has that wonderful crisp light as opposed to summer hazy light.

It's such a gorgeous line! I love the red in it!!

Beautiful ... very pretty inspiration story. Thank you for sharing that to go with the beautiful fabrics!

I love them all!!! I need them all!!! Congrats for this beautiful collection and thanks for sharing with us!!

how beautiful.
man, now you got me wanting some fall. and it just now settled into spring :D

can't w8 till the new line!!

Scrumptious! I'll take 3 yards of each please! And a an income to pay for it

Lovely ruby, sky, butterscotch, tarragon...what a versatile collection spanning Fall into Winter. My favorite seasons to be sure. I feel a new Winter quilt coming on! ~~Lisa

Gosh I am in love once again :) I love them all Joanna :) I think they would suit any season :)

The colors in this line are just so beautiful Joanna! Can't wait to get my hands on some :)

Love this blog - love the music too...I can see I'm going to have to make those slippers, probably many of them.....


So beautiful!! I can't wait until they're out!

Oh....to have a bigger budget. Sigh...Absolutely fabulous fabrics.

You're amazing!! So beautiful Joanna. You must be so excited and proud. Blessings to you and yours, Debbie

I love fall the best too, even in California! I'd buy the fabrics just for the names along Joanna, scrumptious!

Stop it, I can't stand it! Drop. Dead. Delicious.

I'll take one of each, please!

I can hardly wait until this Fall! I love your new Butterscotch & Rose colorways! I've already planned a quilt to use these in. Thanks for sharing your pics of Spring Market with all of us!

I need all of the fabrics please before October the baby quilt needs to be finished by then. Baby is due in October It is so beautiful but then your fabrics always are my favorite the blues. Am saving for all fat quarters and yardage can't wait. Could I buy a jelly roll or layer cake sooner then October? Debbie

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Debbie Glaeser submitted a comment on Market Fabric Snapshots


The precuts usually release about a month before the yardage comes so you can expect them sometime in September, 2011. Hopefully that will be in time for your baby quilt!


Crying! I swore to myself I wouldn't buy any more fabrics this year. Then I saw these. Now I have to save up, cause I will NOT miss out on this line!!!

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