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Monday, monday....

Happy Monday everyone! Although I realize that for all those of you who subscribe, you might not be reading this till Tuesday but just know that I had Monday on the brain when I posted this. 

Its one of those Monday mornings where I have so much swirling around in my tired little brain that I'm having a hard time focusing on anything. I guess that is what Mondays are supposed to be like anyway. Since I wasn't accomplishing anything work related this morning I actually sat outside on my porch, got the munchkins off to school....


... in case you were wondering what on earth, its CRAZY HAIR day at school today!


And just sat there afterwards. Just sat. Waited for the hub to bring home the most wonderful chocolate croissants west of Paris, looked at what was blooming in my front yard




and watched a daredevil squirrel jump from the wire to the branch of a birch tree- I swear I don't know how those things survive all of those jumps!

Can I just share with you how sad it is that I can't remember the last time I did this? I love my porch and deciding right now to spend more time on it. You keep me to it!

One of the things that is making me a little crazy this morning is that my dad is in surgery- as we speak. Hopefully all will be well and since he is a private person, I won't share more than that. But you can certainly keep him in your thoughts or your prayers if you are a praying person. We had a little fam prayer time before everyone went to school this morning. It helped my soul feel lighter. 

Speaking of lighter, on a lighter note.....

Did you see my tutorial on Sew Mama Sew? For those of you scared of that big "A" word..... give it a try! I can almost promise you good results!

Also, pattern debuts are long overdue!! I have already shared about the Daisy Girl backpack but what about the others. Here goes the first one:

My Log Cabin

As I was working on patterns for this season I realized that although I am mostly a traditional quilter at heart, I had never made the most traditional of all quilts- the Log Cabin. Well, to be completely truthful, my very first quilt was a Log Cabin but since that quilt will never see the light of day LOL, this one will have to count as the first!


... tucked on my favorite quilt ladder.



... closeup to see Diana's wonderful quilting. Love that woman!



... obviously didn't finish the binding before taking the shots!





... I think this just might be my favorite shot of the quilt.



... I love that although this is one of the oldest quilt patterns out there, it has such a graphic almost modern feel to it. I find that that is often true of the classic quilts.

I would love to see this in fresh modern colors too... anyone up for the challenge?

.... Thank you to Cheryl for testing out this block, to the amazing Sherri for piecing this lovely in lickety split time and to Diana for quilting it! You ladies rock!



Name: My Log Cabin

Fabric Collection: Made with a charm pack and a honeybun of BUTTERSCOTCH & ROSE [fabric due out in October 2011]. Of course, just as easily doable from your stash. In fact, it would make a fabulous stash quilt. All those 1 1/2" strips that many of us have as a part of our scrap bucket would be perfect for this.

Size: 71" x 71" with 3 different setting options

Click here for pattern.


I love your log cabin quilt, it just looks so soft and inviting and it would be perfect for snuggling under while reading a great book!

I love this pattern, its on my to do list.

Gotta love those kids'-- Good school spirit! I just love the pattern and the soft colors in your latest and greatest qilt!!!

Absolutely beautiful quilt -- so fresh and soft. Makes me think of a cool summer's evening on a porch!

Did I hear the word 'honeybun'?! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!! I have visions of dancing Butterscotch and Rose honey buns in my head right now.

Awesome Hair!!! :D

Dear Joanna, I believe I met your Dad at PIQF..what a lovely man! Prayers said, and I hope you will be able to rest more! Your kids look adorable! xo Pam

Dear Joanna, prayers and blessings are being sent for your father and family. I pray that the surgery went well.
I love your kids hair so cute and what fun.
Beautiful quilt I always love a log cabin they are so easy to do and always look wonderful.

Love log cabins, especially yours.....I have made several and no matter how many we make, they evoke a feeling of " a classic, beautiful quilt".

Sew Beautiful!!!! and the quilting is amazing too! what great ladies you have :)

Loved the photos dear, especially your quilt. :)

The quilt is beautiful! I'm so excited for Butterscotch and Rose. Bindings never seem to find themselves on the quilt when you need them to, do they> ;-).

this quilt is exquisite and the quilting is perfection. Love it

Stunning quilt. Will say a prayer for your dear father and hope the kids had a fabulously fun day.

I love the way this LogCabin quilt is made!! With the lot of cream in it - beautifull quilting, too!:) One of my favorite patterns - great fabricmix!!!!
Greetings from Berlin

Hoping all is well with your Father...will keep him in my prayers.

LOVE Diana's quilting on this quilt...and the close up photos are just beautiful as well.

Oh, and the crazy hair is pretty cute, too!

Cute!!!! love the quilt!!! :D

I'm totally up for the brights challenge! I just wish my pocketbook was. everyone else in the U.S., pennies are tight right now. I do love this pattern and your new line and am very much looking forward to a date with that fabric this fall.

I want a quilt ladder! I'll have to search for that! I've made many a log cabin quilt, time consuming but the results are well worth it. Yours is very sweet.

Hope things went well on Monday and your Dad is on the mend. Quilt is wonderful and the photos so inviting! We all probably need more down time on the porch or deck.!

Your log cabin is so pretty. I have so many scraps from several of your lines. I think they would all blend into a beautiful quilt.

Beautiful quilt, I just am itching to get to my much neglected sewing machine.

Gorgeous, love the log cabin pattern and yours is just delicious! ~~Lisa

I love that you are bringing back another honey bun to your collection. I like to collect one and use one, so I'm definitely looking forward to October! Wish I could find a good quilter to reproduce the work you get with Diane and the ladies on your staff. They do excellent work!

And just sat there afterwards. Just sat. Waited for the hub to bring home the most wonderful chocolate croissants west of Paris, looked at what was blooming in my front yard

it just looks so soft and inviting and it would be perfect for snuggling under while reading a great book!

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