This too!
Prep is done & Market starts tomorrow.

Are you coming to MODA's Country Fair?

If you are a MODA customer, you've probably already heard the fun news and you have already received your special little ticket and the fun commemorative towel.... aren't they fabulous?


If you are a Fig Tree customer, then you are most likely a MODA customer. So by one of those math properties we all learned in junior high school.... if you are a  Fig Tree customer, then you are invited to the party of the week!

So to all you Fig Tree customers out there, please join us on Friday night at the place to be....

that would be the MODA COUNTRY FAIR!






Hope to see you there. I'll be the one who is finally taking a breath and relaxing a bit after way too much work and prep.

I'll probably have a glass of wine in my hand and at some point I will most likely be dancing. A lot.

My hub, will most likely be watching. But not dancing so much. Be sure you come and find me. I'm always looking for willing dance partners!




Leaving in just a few hours!

too far away - so sad! Enjoy that wine and dance a step or two for me!

So much wishing I could.

Oh, how I wish I could be there!!!

love that dish towel! Have fun Joanna, and dance the night deserve it! Pam in chico

What fun! Somehow I'm a Fig Tree-er (maybe junior or honorary), but not yet a Moda-er. So, thanks for sharing pics of those fun goodies. Have a great time and looking forward to seeing pics of all the goodies you've been toiling away on. :D

I am wishing I could go. Especially since it is in my hometown. Any tips to sneak me in? ;)

Sounds like fun ,I will be there in spirit. Have fun!!
Dance all night, and drink a glass of wine for me. The only time I could get my husband to dance was if he had a few drinks, so dance with who ever is willing. Blessings

So cute and so fun!! Too bad so far away or I'd be there!! That dish towel would be adorable in my kitchen! Can't wait to see what you bring back from market! Have a great time!

If only I wasn't all the way on the other side of the world, I'd be there! Have a great night.

Mmm...can smell the goodies baking from Australia - can hardly wait to "taste" the results. Have a drink for me & dance the night away...

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