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Poking my head out... or in....

Yes, its that time of the year again. The time when all us designer type folks seem to disappear into our caves and come out only for food and water!, or maybe coffee or soda! I realized the other day that I hadn't been on twitter or the web, a place that is sometimes my only interaction with the outside world other than my family, for 5 days! Not a good sign for keeping up with the world, good sign for getting work done and meeting all my deadlines.

We are almost done designing over here in this particular Northern California cave although we are still waiting for our advance yardage to arrive so the sewing insanity is yet to start! We are hoping for sometime next week. As usual, we're cutting it pretty close but that's just how we roll around here!

BTW, Total Tangent....

Speaking of how we roll, that is a phrase our kids like to use with their friends on a regular basis. When I walked into Old Navy the other day and saw this t-shirt,


I thought I was going to die laughing! Our middle son.... well, let's just say that he really enjoys his bathroom time with his latest copy of Ranger Rick magazine and leave it at that. There was no way I could pass up on the shirt and got 2 just in case! Couldn't help but share that with you all. Hope its not TMI!!


Anyway..... since we don't have our new yardage yet, we decided that some of the projects would just have to be made with what we had. Really that is my favorite way to go anyway- working with as many different colors from different collections. It reminds me how much I like to mix and match fabrics! For me it is so much more fun than working with just one.

When we laid out the fabrics for one scrappy project on the floor.... it just looked too yummy not to photo. So here's the little rainbow of Fig Tree yummies going into one of the new quilts for Market.








Now if that doesn't make you want to sew... I don't know what will! 


On other fronts:

Strawberry Fields


For all those of you who have been patiently waiting for the Strawberry Fields fabrics to arrive, precuts are in stores now and yardage is coming soon in May! So you don't have too much longer to wait! We will have a limited quantity of several of the items so let us know if you can't find something in all those great stores out there.

Unfortunately, our red and white "Kiss Me" kits sold out in one day! We figured with the amount that we made it would have lasted at least a couple of weeks but we clearly underestimated you guys!

We will also have a very small kit quantity available for both the multicolored jelly roll version of "Kiss Me" and the "Chintz" quilt. We have already started a pre order list for both of those those so email us if you are interested.



I have signed a fabulous contract that I am very excited to share with you! As soon as I get the green light to do so, I will. It will mean that I will be in that design cave ALOT more in the upcoming months. But, oh well, its a good thing I like my coffee.


Talk to you as soon as I have more to share.





My fabrics should be on their way soon, I ordered through Fresh Squeezed on Etsy! Your fabrics DO look delicious all laid out like that - I can't wait to see the quilt.

I SOOooo hope the new contract means a Fresh Fig book is coming - that would just about be the best book EVER!

Oh, I ordered the Strawberry Fields Layer cake, but can't wait for yardage to back a cozy quilt!

Lots of lovelies going on over there.

But seriously Joanna, bathroom info? I'm so disappointed in you.

Cute munchkin!

Miss ya!

Too cute! Love the picture of your son in the T shirt!
You are right... those fabrics look yummy and make a perfect picture! I got some Strawberry Fields charms this week... now, what to make with them??? Too many choices! I can't wait to hear your good news!

love the shirt! lolol

I'm waiting and But that long line of fabrics soooo yummy.

They look so gorgeous all laid out together. I've ordered some Strawberry Fields and I can't wait for it to wing it's way over the Atlantic!

I managed to get my hands on some Strawberry Fields - thanks to a tip off from Aneela Hoey's blog - and, in my humble opinion, it's thd best collection I've seen. Lovely balance of prints, dots and those tiny little prints that are so brill for borders. And the colours? Perfection. Get back in the cave, Joanna, you're on a roll!!.....(sorry, couldn't resist it) x

LOL on that shirt! Too funny...I love the photos of your fabrics, so soft and yummy looking!! Congrats on your new contract. Let me know if I can help :)

Those fabrics look fabulous! I hope my local quilt shop has them!

My little guy is only 3 but it's alrealdy clear that he appreciates bathroom humor mor than my girls ever did!

The fabric spread is especially gorgeous! Looking forward to see what you have planned!

I'm going to be sitting here thinking of what your announcement could be! Hmmmmm............

Son todas preciosas,me encantan!!!


Hi-sorry can't get this through to your e-mail-I purchased the girl in paris pattern but am battling to find the fabrics-I am in south africa but I have sisters in USA and canada-so any suggestions in any of these countries will do.Ta

If my ship ever comes in, I want a bolt of every one of your fabrics. I just love them and when I get one out to use, I put it back because I don't want to share any of that beautiful fabric. I am slowly accumulating a small stack, layer cakes, yardage, charm packs, desert rolls and I just love to look at them. You have really done a good job!

Boys just love bathroom humor,my little four year old just breaks up laughing every time I mention pooh bear. He is blind so he can't see him so when we read the story he thinks it is funny. I just love your Strawberry Fields but every time I try to get some it is sold out. But I will keep trying.

My Strawberry Fields layer cake bundle just arrived in the mail and I can't wait to sew it all up! I have a fun new ruler called twister that makes quick work of sewing pinwheels and I'm ready to get started. It is such a beautiful fabric line, looking forward to sewing up another project using it too! Keep those great fabrics and ideas coming!

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