Buttercup, Buttercup!
Spring & some "Chintz"


Lovely flowers! Thanks for sharing!

Best wishes,

Spring is Beautiful:) I have Buttercups on my desk that my daughter picked for me! Loving it:)

What a beautiful variety of flowers and color! Welcome, Spring!

Yes yes, yellow & lilac & lime, how beautiful! I love spring! here in Norway it's still snow and cold days... but the sun is shining today! I'm going to make som easter-patterns! Best wishes from Norway, Wenche

Beautiful!! Flowers always make a home look brighter. Thank you for sharing.

How beautiful!! Really does seem like spring is coming when one sees such gorgeous flowers!

Looks like Easter! So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

simply beautiful!

that's quite a muster! gorgeous. wishing my table were as lovely. i should bring in the ripe citrus from our yard to color it up. thanks for sharing!

Here in Wisconsin we are still waiting for the snow to melt. What a lovely picture, it fills me with hope that we will soon see spring also.

I love Spring too, I'm so ready for it when it comes. Beautiful flowers!!!

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