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Spring & some "Chintz"

I had a chance to go visit my parents in Southern California for a day last week and I was again reminded about the difference in seasons between Northern and Southern California. Its like a different world down there!

They have an amazing home and garden and their vegetable beds were already overflowing! I had serious garden envy. Thinking of flying my dad up here just so he can help me garden for the weekend! I might just do it too! Although the kids would probably steel him go play miniature golf and take them to movies and I would be gardening by myself. Oh, well, so much for that plan.... Maybe I'll fly him up anyway!

... I guess these self seeded from last year!


... he seemed to have every kind of little green imaginable.


... we clipped and clipped and clipped.


... and I brought home at least 8 different bunches of yummies that completely filled up my carryon! I felt a little silly since I felt like everyone on the plane could smell the fresh greens in my carryon. But I doubt they could. It was all in imagination.

When I came home, I wondered what was blooming in our own Northern California garden and was quickly reminded again of the unbelievable magnolias which bloom every year and mark spring around here.

... so I guess that means that I can't complain.... about much of anything, really.



Even though this fabric won't be in stores for a bit yet, the accompanying patterns for our Strawberry Fields collection have been shipping for a few weeks now and the last 2 are set to return from the printer literally any minute! So I will definitely be showing them off in the next few days to come.

For now, I thought I would share some pictures of the Chintz quilt that was a part of a recent photo shoot so I finally have some pretty pics so you can see it up close.

... I love that this is a Layer Cake project and can also be done with goodies from your stash.

Yes, it has a heart. Can you believe it? If you know me, you'll remember that I am not much of a heart kind of gal. Just not my thing, personally, but this quilt was directly inspired by one of my favorite greeting cards that had a heart in it. So I thought I would give it a try and see what happened. I think it works in the quilt pretty well and it is easily left out if you, like me, are not much of a heart person LOL!


...as usual, Diana did a fabulous job quilting.


... I am loving how the colors all "play well together". Especially with the grey mixed in. Making me happy.

NAME: Chintz

SIZE: 62 1/2" x 72"

FABRIC: Made from a Layer Cake and a little bit of additional yardage, some grey additions for the posts and inner border and the large red floral for the outer border. Of course you could add almost anything to that border and it would work with this scrappy inside.

Click here to view.


Talk to you soon.



What a wonderful garden!

The Chinz quilt -- so beautiful!

We had our FIRST spring day today and it was lovely. I'm already yearning for fresh veggies! On the quilt front, that one is absolutely DARLING!!!!!!!

Lovely quilts and lovely salad makings too !!!

Love the quilt. The pattern. The heart. The colors. The quilting. Love everything about it! It's beautiful and happy. Great job (once again!)

We have actually had sunshine here too - in England, not usually known for that kind of thing - planting roses this week! Hope I'll be sitting under them this summer quilting something with that lovely, lovely fabric!! x

Got to have this fabric line as well as all as all your others. Your color pallette is the best. Now just need time to complete all the projects. Still haven't started your vintage postcards and those are from how long ago??

Love the Chintz quilt and the Strawberry Fields fabric. Not sure about using the gray fabric. Great quilt and thank you for sharing.

Have a super great day.

I am a heart person - always have been! As soon as I saw that block, I was hooked. I like the quilt without it, too, but with it - even better!!!


Funny! My parents are also down there but in the 'high desert' so they are different as well. :) I wonder if anyone could smell your veggies? That would be funny, wouldn't it? I love that fabric more each time I see it!

Oh, the gray! :D

Beautiful quilt! I love the color combination.

Beautiful pattern and beautiful fabric, so many quilts could be done from that pattern but I really love Strawberry Fields and can't wait till it comes out.

Love the quilt...pretty sure I'll make this one!
Oh, I'm very much a heart girl so might have to sneak in a few more!!

New free models of embroidery every day

Chintz is beautiful! And yes, isn't it crazy how different the weather is between Nor vs So Cal? The weather, the vibe, and the pace...it's like being in 2 different states!

I absolutely love, love, love, everything about this beauty. It takes me back to a time when I was a little girl at my grammie's house, all warm and loved. I have to find these materials to make a reminder of my past. I love your site. Thank you for sharing.

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