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Some Strawberry Peeks...

As a mom of 2 older boys and a little girl, many of the "girl" things out there are a bit unknown to me. My daughter was just as likely to play with a Power Ranger as she was a doll when she was a toddler. As she grows up, however, we quickly become familiar with all of those little girl milestones. This year we have joined the ranks of the Girl Scouts and are looking forward to joining the infamous cookie sales that I'm sure we are all aware of! In fact my husband keeps suggesting that we should sell them on our website LOL!!

Recently we have been working on some sewing activities with our little "Daisies" and it came to my attention that apparently one of the classic Girl Scout sewing projects is to make little newspaper stuffed "Sit Upons" to use during the weekly meetings.

When it came time to make our own little box cushions below, the topic de jour at our house was our "Sit Upon" projects and thus quickly became the name of this new pattern. 

Just thought you might want to know that this wasn't my attempt at high brow English but rather a Girl Scout reference suggested by my daughter!


Pillow comes in 2 different sizes and is a perfect charm pack project for a Saturday afternoon...











Name: Sit Upon

Size: 14" and 17"

Fabric Used: Strawberry Fields in the foreground, Buttercup in the background.

Available here.


Talk to you soon.



I absolutely love the pillows!!! I don't remember these as a girl scout. But wouldn't these be wonderful to take to grandchildren's games to sit on. Can't wait to make them. Thanks!!!

I have been looking for something like this for our grandson's baseball games - this is perfect! And the Strawberry Fields colorway makes me think of Spring and baseball. What a great idea!

Those pillows - Sit Upons - are just too stinkin' cute! I especially love it made up in the Strawberry Fields...those fabrics are soooo me! The Buttercup is great too...but I am in love with Strawberry Fields! Thanks for sharing...I'm off to get that pattern and will be getting some of that fabric, too! :o)



Love your cushions! Too cute, and the fabric is gorgeous, of course!

What a darling pattern, and of course, your pretty fabrics make it even better :-) I can see making several of these for all over the house!

Those are really cute pillows. I think your strawberry line of fabric is really pretty and I love the quilts you designed with that line.

The best yet in the pillow blog. Love it!!! Pat

Hi, I have been wanting to make a chair cushion and this looks like a great pattern. Love the strawberry line, reminds me of summer. Can't wait to get rid of the gloomy winter days and have some sunshine in our lives. Spring fabrics always put me in a good mood.

I just love this pattern. And the fabric is perfect making this just beautiful too.

Oh, SO cute! I love your sit-upons! I was co-leader when my youngest daugher was in Brownies and Girl Scouts, and our sit-upons were no where nearly as adorable as yours! I loved being involved in Girl Scouts and have so many incredible memories. We always stayed busy with super fun activities and crafts!
Thanks for sharing the pattern with us! I have been thinking that I need to make some cushions for our sunroom chairs, and these would work perfectly-- comfortable AND gorgeous! :-)

I don't remember having to come up with a "sit upon", when my girls were in Girl Scouts (or, for that matter, when I was in Scouts some sixty years ago!). My husband's father always called our body part that sat in the chair our "sit upon" and it was always with us --- so, this gave me a bit of a chuckle.

Those are too stinkin' cute. I remember making sit upons back in the day when I was a girl scout. But they sure weren't this cute. But then nothing was that cute in the 60s.

I just found you today and am loving your blog:) These pillows are fabulous and I am really needing the strawberry fabrics!!!

Square cushions! And in your new fabric. Very, very pretty. My girl scout sit-upon was not as cushy. It was made of leopard vinyl (uh, it was the 70's and no so "in") and finished with yellow yarn. So now that it's vintage, I should see if I still have it!

I love it. These would be so cute for gifts.

I love the Sit Upon pillows, a great use for charms! My quilt studio needs a pair, very soon.

Love your fabrics.

I love what you did with this pillow. There are so many pillows out there that are just ... pillows. I am a sucker for buttons though and LOVE this one!

I fell in love with your lines when I discovered Dandelion Girl....My girls used it for some 4-H sewing!

Those are so adorable. You come up with the neatest things.


Very pretty seat pillow. I have recently joined a group of ladies who quilt together once a month. The chairs are Hard! where we sew. This pillow would be a wonderful carry along for the day. Thanks. Happy quilting.

what a great idea but all your ideas are fantastic. I remember how much fun my daughter and I had sewing together wish we had this wonderful fabric to sew with. Keep up the great designing.

I am flustered, I don't know the color names. I have some of the Whimsy and I like it, but the Buttercup is fantastic.

I love the sneak peeks! That looks like a fabulous line!

I read your pillow talk thread about how you like to read. I just have to mention this... Have you ever read Brigid Pasulka's "A Long, Long Time Ago & Essentially True"? It is EXCELLENT!! I listened to it as an audio book--the reader did an AMAZING job, and I picked up some fun Polish curse words from it that my Polish grandmother wouldn't have taught me. ;). My mother read the book itself, though, and also loved it. It's a wonderful book, but it's also, as the author has said, a love note to the Polish people and Poland itself. Here's a link to the You Tube video about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68A7g6-D760

Sorry for the off-tangent comment, but had to pass that on.

Can't wait for the pattern!!! Hope I win the button maker so I can make the buttons too!!!

this is amazing!!!- i remember these from Brownies-although mine were not this nice!!!!

this is amazing!!!- i remember these brom Brownies-although mine were not this nice!!!!

I love immigrant stories. I think you should make a book out of yours. Many Americans would love to read it. You could even do it while you are doing your blog. Then get an editor to put it all together for you. I enjoy your fabrics and patterns....but I am not sure how to get #2 of Mr. Whiskers??????

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