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As a mom of 2 older boys and a little girl, many of the "girl" things out there are a bit unknown to me. My daughter was just as likely to play with a Power Ranger as she was a doll when she was a toddler. As she grows up, however, we quickly become familiar with all of those little girl milestones. This year we have joined the ranks of the Girl Scouts and are looking forward to joining the infamous cookie sales that I'm sure we are all aware of! In fact my husband keeps suggesting that we should sell them on our website LOL!!

Recently we have been working on some sewing activities with our little "Daisies" and it came to my attention that apparently one of the classic Girl Scout sewing projects is to make little newspaper stuffed "Sit Upons" to use during the weekly meetings.

When it came time to make our own little box cushions below, the topic de jour at our house was our "Sit Upon" projects and thus quickly became the name of this new pattern. 

Just thought you might want to know that this wasn't my attempt at high brow English but rather a Girl Scout reference suggested by my daughter!


Pillow comes in 2 different sizes and is a perfect charm pack project for a Saturday afternoon...











Name: Sit Upon

Size: 14" and 17"

Fabric Used: Strawberry Fields in the foreground, Buttercup in the background.

Available here.


Talk to you soon.



Thanks for the memories! I made a sit-upon in Girl Scouts MANY moons ago. Ours were made out of vinyl and we put a magazine in them. Years later (not tellin' how many) I came across it and opened it up. The magazine was good as new!

LOVE the fabric, it is beautiful!
Thanks for the "peek"!

I was a girl scout leader prior to our move last year and these would have been just perfect!

Oh my gosh. Could these be any cuter? I think not! So will those work on any standard size chair seat? I might have to get outside my comfort level of quilting and make these if they'll work on my kitchen chairs!?! I love them! Great job Joanna!

These are flippin adorable!! OMG! Love them!!! Love that fabric line and can't wait to get my hands on some!

These cushions are so neat! I love the covered buttons as accents! I cannot wait to stitch up some Strawberry Fields!

Oh, oh, oh...how I love it. My mother still had my sit upon I made in Brownies in the 60s...oil cloth with newspaper inside then "sew" it with yarn around the edge. She mailed it to me...one day I'm going to open it up and take out the newspaper just for fun.

How adorable!

Definitely fancier than any sit upon I had in scouts! Fabulous design...and LOVE these little peeks of Strawberry Fields that you're teasing with :)

Girl Scouts is just a wonderful organization! I know you and your daughter will love the time spent with all the girls and their parents. I would suggest using the cute laminated fabric that is out there now and when my Brownie troop made sit upon's we used foam instead of magazines for the inside, so I guess they were a little cushier! Have fun, as these are the best memories. My youngest is 27 and was just married, so they do grow up quickly..

I don't have anyone in Girl Scouts - I want one of these sit upons for myself!

{drooling} {a lot}

I am getting a huge laugh out of picturing the other scout moms having to compete with Joanna's daughter when it comes to the sewing projects and badges. Ha ha ha!

Seriously though, these are downright perfect. Glorious fabric, of course. Excellent boxy shape and the handle? Divine! I can't wait to try this. Will start saving my old newspaper now LOL.

Oh yes I remember those "sit upons", what memories you have stirred up. Love it. My little piggy box is getting fuller and fuller each week cause after seeing these I want more of this lovely fabric. What a fun thing to be saving for
love me :-)


As a girl scout (as a child and now as a life time member) and a girl scout leader for many years, I want to welcome you to Girl Scouting! You and your daughter will have lot's of fun, make new friends, and learn many new things. Oh, yeah, and learn about sales, marketing, money management etc. when you start selling cookies. :-)

A very cute name for a lovely pattern but I would never want to use them as an actual Sit-upon. They are too pretty to take outdoors!

To make outdoors Sit-upons, use a vinyl tablecloth and cut to a size that not only will you be able to sit on but will spread out a bit on all sides so your legs won't be touching the ground or the bench, etc. Then insert newspapers or magazines. You can sew the sides but we used duct tape to enclose all 4 sides. With the new colors of duct tape, that was lot's of fun! LOL!


Indeed the perfect cushion, really cute! Would be great for Moms who sit on the bleachers a lot watching the kids events. Thanks too for the Girl Scout memories. I do believe I have a few chairs that need a Fig Tree Sit Upon!

I have been a Girl Scout for 40+ years, as a kid and a leader for four troops and I promise I have never made a sit upon that adorable!! So cute.

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Chris submitted a comment on Some Strawberry Peeks...

We are just starting sewing projects and we laugh that the reason they let us join late is their hope that we would spearhead sewing in the troop over the next couple of years. I think I have many a badge to work on!

Thanks for the Girl Scout stories. Love em!


Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] amber submitted a comment on Some Strawberry Peeks...

They work on my kitchen chairs and are very easily adjustable to any seat size. We give you some hints on how to do that. Since you are cutting foam for the inside, it is simple to change the size slightly.

Hope that helps!


I adore the pillows and know they are going to be an absolute must have for my kitchen chairs ... but I have to say I love the story behind the title of the pattern even more. How lovely! and what a treasure to remember :) Thank you for sharing ... now I'm off to find your pattern ;)

oh that is so cute. love it, and the material. was a brownie, didn't make it to girl scout's. enjoy.

Sit-upons. So many good memories in girl scouts and as a troop leader. I want your cushions! Mine was made with my Mom, who was a fabulous sewer. It was made out of oilcloth and an old quilt inside. The quilt was taken out when the sit-upon was pitched many years later.
I love the fabric too.

Just wonderful.

Those are just darling. I love the idea of putting a handle on them.

If you used vinyl it would make a great stadium seat! I also love the idea of selling cookies via your website!

That is gorgeous - that fabric, the "sit upon," all of it!

Joanna: Just when I think you can't possibly come up with one more uber-cute pattern...WHAM! These are adorable. I'm always taking my mom's old kitchen chair cushions to retreats to sit on. This would be so much more befitting the day!!Thanks to your daughter for her input.

I'd order cookies on-line from you! I haven't seen them around here yet. Hubby is on a very strick diet and I could tell him, "Oh, that's just more Fig Tree stuff!" LOL!

That's absolutely adorable!!! I love the source of inspiration. :) And actually, my chair cushions could stand to be replaced. ;D

I just cant help my self to truly adore your great decorating fabrics collection. I haven't seen such a cute-lovely piece of chair made of fabrics. That was just fantastically awesome. Very creative.

Oh how adorable...I must buy this pattern..there gorgeous...
Hugs Dawn x x x

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Danielle submitted a comment on Some Strawberry Peeks...

I love the idea of making them vinyl, or laminate in our case. I might have to get right on that! Thanks for the idea,


Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Jean submitted a comment on Some Strawberry Peeks...

Thank you!! In fact, we were just thinking the other day, that we should make a version where you have 2 of them linked together with some simple ties, one for the cushion and one for the back.... Perfect for retreats, etc! Might have to get on that soon!
As for the cookies.... Perfect way to get them in the house.


Oh these are just perfect! I need to make a few!

I'm 46 and my daughter is going to be 22 this month and we still have our sit-upons. Mine from the 70's and hers from the 90's both made from oil cloth/picnic table covers and cut to fit newspapers folded in half. They were always surprisingly warm to sit-upon!

I enjoyed teaching the girls in my troop as much as I enjoyed learning how to make them from my leader thirty some years ago. It was a nice introduction to hand sewing for the little girls.

Enjoy scouting and thanks for the fantastic update of a wonderful classic!

love how it came about! i did most of my 'scouts' in Germany... we did not have a sit upon... wonder why?

That's the cutest thing I've seen in ages! Love that handle on the side! I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout, too. And I still order cookies, of course. I'm in love with covered buttons, too - what a sweet touch!

This is a great idea! I would like to make one to take along on quilt retreats to boost me up in the chair!

My dd's sit upon is still hanging in her closet. She is 27 now.
this is beautiful.
pam roever at yahoo dot com

Sit Upons have come a LONG way! My mom was my Brownie leader in the '60's, and I was a Daisy, then Brownie co leader in the '80's. Do Daisy's sell cookies???They didnt way back when int he 80's

That is the most beautiful situpon I have ever seen! Dont want to take that one out camping! Thanks for the beautiful memory.

just love the new pattern...it's sooo sweet & i can see a dining room makeover as soon as strawberry fields hits the store!

very cute pillows

A lot prettier and comfier (is that a word??) than my grand girls sit-upons!! They are beautiful! Maybe we can start seeing some "swap" ideas too - LOL!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Girl Scouting. I am a life member who started as a girl (missed Brownies), served as a leader for 2 troops, summer camp volunteer, served on various Council committees, and am the mother of a college senior who earned the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards. I was lucky enough to join my daughter on a Girl Scout trip to visit Our Chalet and the Swiss countryside.
Whenever my daughter finds someone doing something dangerous or foolish she always remarks, "That person was never a Girl Scout or they would know the proper way to do that."
My sit-upon was made in the 1950's and was still in use until 1976 when a mouse nibbled through it where it was stored in the basement.
Thanks for stirring up some beautiful memories. Your pattern will be a must for me.

Thanks for the memories, my girls are now over 18. the sit upon pattern you shared is beautiful.

Love this pattern! This is great!

I absolutely love the fabrics used with that pillow. Thanks for sharing and I definitely plan on making one. It's a wonderful pattern.

I'm guessing your daughter will have the nicest cushion in her troop! What a great project to do together.

Super Cute!

Oh, Joanna, these are the most gorgeous seat cushions I've ever seen! I have made cushions for my kitchen and dining room (upholstered) before and they have turned out pretty well, but they were not anything I could really get excited about! Being a quilter, I mainly just get excited about quilts, but these are just too scrumptious to not make! I'm going over to your site to order them right now...just love them and all your beautiful fabrics, especially your newest Strawberry Fields! Can't wait to get my fingers on some!!!

Thanks for entertaining me so well with your creative genius!

Hugs, Nancy

Your sit upons are just gorgeous. No surprise since they're made using your fabrics. I remember the sit upon from Girl Scouts. My daughter was in Girl Scouts and now my granddaughter is a Girl Scout. Thanks for the memories and for sharing a peek at your new fabrics.

Love the pillow! Must make one for my office chair, which gets uncomfortable towards the end of the day!

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