Chicken Dinner... & then some
Swatch Guesses & a Thank you or 2

Just dinner

I hope you get my title humor this afternoon, it is Friday after all!

It feels like I have been giving things away all week. Come to think of it, I think I have LOL!


Today's winner will receive a mini bundle of our BUTTERCUP collection. These are the best little bundles of goodies. Half the size of a traditional bundle or "tower" of fabric, these comprise of (40) fat 1/8ths... which is a fat quarter cut in half [9 x 22]... enough to make a lot of good stuff I promise! We really need to come up with a good name for these things, Lissa?

On February 9th at 12:09 pm, Stina said:

Am a follower via rss feed via Net News Wire.. so I aint missing something...:o))

Congratulations Stina!  Email us at with your mailing info and we will get that bundle out to you!



Now for those of you who attempted to guess the fabrics in the pillow and buttons.... wow, you guys are good! Its taking me a bit longer to sort through all of those so give me through the long weekend and I will post the list of winners of the mini charm packs here on tuesday. Thanks for your patience....



I have fallen in love with Aneela's little scooter girls lately and can't wait to get my hands on some of that fabric. Here's why.... 

Ellascooter Ellabackscooter

.... I'm spending my afternoons chasing after this little munchkin. And can I just add that I'm not nearly as fast as I used to be.

BTW, hope you're still following along PILLOW TALK. Today's link is Deb. One of the sweetest women you will ever meet. And check out all that sweetness she is giving away!

Talk to you soon.



Congratulations to Stina!

Yes, Congrats, and by the way, I am green with envy! Enjoy

Towers of buttercups! It almost sounds like spring! Soon. Soooooon.

Those Mary Jane shoes are adorable!

Oh gosh she's cute. I can't believe how grown up she looks.

Congratulations, Stina! :-) Enjoy every minute with your little munchkin-- they gtow up way too fast! (by the way, she looks just like you! :-)

Oh, my goodness...yes, you need some of that scooter girl fabric...and did you read Aneela's fun post on how she developed the drawings and fabric?!

Ohh Buttercup is delicious! Congrats on your win Stina!

Your daughter makes the cutest scooter girl. : )

Dreamy colors! Congratulations Stina! That ought to help brighten up winer in Sweden!
Joanna, I have an idea for a name for the mini-bundle of fabric. Maybe call them "Short Stacks". In restaurant lingo that is the small order/plate of pancakes.

Buttercup Baby, you're so fine!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] sherri submitted a comment on Just dinner

I did! I sent her the pictures too to show her my scooter girl. Cant wait for some of that fabric!

SUCH pretty fabric! I love the suggestion of "short stacks." I was thinking also of "Bite Size" packs or "Dessert Bites." Or Mini Muffins! LOL!

Congratulations to Stina ! :))
enjoy your win !!

Short Stacks is a great name. Wish I had thought of it. The photos of your daughter make me hope our spring weather will hurry up and come.

Your scooter girl is adorable. And aren't we all slower than we used to be!
Love the Buttercup!

Congratulations Stina!

Joanna, you daughter looks like she's having a great time! My 6yo put in a request for a scooter just last week. :)

:) Looks like your daughter loves her scooter!

Maybe the bundles should be called 'half pints.' :D I love your title humor. It's very cute. :)

Your little girl is adorable.

Congrats Stina.

Oh my goodness... Can't believe my luck... I am smiling.. Smiling...SMILING... and yes... Sinta was right... It is most welcome to cheer me up these cold winter days.... Brrrrr!
So much fun I will have... Thankyou!!!!!:0)

Your fabrics are so soothing to the eyes; I love them!

Your daughter is precious. How about short fats for the name of the fat eights?

Oh, your little munchkin is such a darling!!! I raised two adorable little boys and now have two equally adorable little granddaughters....ahh, the best of everything!

Congrats to Stina. I too am waiting for the Scooter Girl. Love her Swing fabric too.
And I want the Buttercups, so pretty. Going to check out the BOM at FQS.

i've got buttercup precuts, just waiting for the yardage to appear! such lovely, buttery sweet colors. i love them. all your collections have such fabulous colors and combinations. i see the reds, browns, greens, and yellows of the upcoming strawberry fields. another fabulous line to love, love, love. how do you do it?!

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