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I love Spring

Buttercup, Buttercup!

Last time I talked with you it had started shipping but now its officially here, and there and a bit more over there! Buttercup has officially hit store shelves nationwide!!

[If you are international, maybe just a few more days....]

Hope you are able to get your hands on a little bit of this Springtime goodness in the midst of this crazy cold weather and start working on something to bring a little sunshine into your life. Our sources say that the fabric is close to selling out on the wholesale side so get yours while you can.















I know we'll be sewing up a storm over here this weekend. Hope you will be too! Now.... what to make first?

Hope your weekend is full of fabric goodness!

Talk to you soon.



too stunning for words, I love the apricot

OMGoodness, I love this! You Joanna and Fig Tree have turned me into a girlie girl! The colors are amazing and so not my style, but it's just what I want, that blue is my FAVORITE! Thanks for the early morning beauty in this cold rainy NJ weather!

Aaaaaaaaaah ! I can't wait to have this beauty. Hugs from France.

I absolutely love the blues in this line! Amazing as usual!

Oh so lovely! I agree with Debbie, perfect for a cold wet day to see such warm and inviting colors... *sigh*


So very lovely!

This is just what I need afer two days of snowy weather. On my way to Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe today and will definitely look for this. Started making your sit-upons with Breakfast at Tiffany's for my dining room but now have to have a set with this new line!! My favorite colors are ALL of them.

Beautiful, Beautiful!

So Pretty! (Why does it make me cry?)

I am so in love with these fabrics. Thank you for creating such a beautiful line.

Love Buttercup, I have just received a layercake, got my order in quick as I am sure this is going to fly off the shelves, its so pretty.

I have just received a layer cake yesterday. I am having hard time to focusing on things I am supposed to be doing first. : ) I hope I get to do some sewing this weekend!

Oh, I want it all! Need to find a fat-quarter bundle.

So pretty Joanna! I love it.

Love, love, love it!! My favorite print in the bunch is the two tone one. It's the second one down in the second picture. I'd use that one as a background fabric to build upon! Bravo!!

Yum. Look at that delicious pile of fabric!

Absolutely beautiful! This line is sure to tempt Spring out of hiding!

Oh My ... This is yummy!

Wow, that's quite a stack! Can't wait to see it in person! :)

I've got a layer cake of Buttercup sitting here in front of me as I type this. I keep looking at it, thinking about what to make as I want to be careful and not waste an inch of this beautiful fabric!

Wow.. I love the hues. Fun stuff!

OOOh La La!! Saw it in my local quilt shop lovely in designs and colors!

Hi Joanna - I love this collection, its perfect for spring! Good luck, Bev

So beautiful!! Can't wait to see it in the fabric store!

This is just too beautiful! And, of course, I want it all!!!


Just what a California gal needs to brighten the cloudy, grey skies! The colors are gorgeous--I think I'll make a tablerunner with the peach, blue and yellows.
Thanks, Joanna!! I love your designs.

Once more Joanna, beautiful,beautiful, I think I would love a jacket in it for spring. These colors look nice on me. I have a really cute jacket pattern so I better pull it out and find out what I need.

Oh how pretty! I want it, I want it all!!!

GORGEOUS! I want it all NOW!

I love it....I do!

*sigh* after reading your story, I'm so SO glad you went into fabric design- where would I be with out Fig Tree & Co.'s beautiful fabric, I love Buttercup - love it!

I LOVE it I want it all!!!!!!!

Oh, these are soooo beautiful! I love them all!

Its all just sooooo yummmyy.....I love it!

Yummy, yummy! I can't wait receiving my Fig Tree Club kit from Fat Quarter Shop!

Such lucious fabrics!!! Absolutely beautiful.... :-)

I know you've heard this already, but these pictures are absolutely beautiful ... the material ... gorgeous!! Oh, the possibilities! Thank you so much for designing such beauty!

These fabrics look good enough to eat!! I can hardly wait to find these in the local shops, I won't be able to get enough :-)

Beautiful! I'm amazed at how often you come out with so many beautiful fabrics.

Joanna, This line is sheer perfection. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Breathtaking !!!!!....just beautiful !!!!!! just love it!
Greetings from Berlin


I love this fabric. The blue is heavenly! Hope to get some soon.

Good morning Joanna, I adore your new line. I remember when Pomegranate Quilts was open and we carried your Cinnamon Stars line. We all loved it!! This one is just as sweet! I loved the Moda pillow blog and am hoping that they will do something like that again soon. Thank you all so much. I have a question about the i-top tool. Did you say that they were going to update that the tool in the spring? Do you know what changes that they will be making? Thanks again and many hugs, Debbie

Just got a package of lovely Buttercup fabric. Have the pattern for it all picked out. Its gorgeous-really, its gorgeous! Of course I want more but my husband is tracking the size of my stash.

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