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Quilt Market: Day 1

Houston Here We Come

I'm sitting at the airport right now waiting for a delayed flight to Houston. Quilt Market will be underway within days and then before you know it- all this waiting and working and sewing and tweeting and formatting and drawing and photoshopping and designing will all be over and we'll be home again.

I never feel quite ready when it all starts and I can never believe that its all over when it is. And this is easily the 14th or 15th time I am doing this. You'd think I would be "in the groove" of things more after all that practice. But... NO!


Anyway, in the coming days I will be showing you our newest goodies, one by one and also sharing a few extra special kits that we have available from our show last week at Pacific International Quilt Festival. We will only have a few of each and shipping will be free if ordered the first day, regular shipping any day after that [if there are any kits left on the second day]. So stayed tuned both for our fun sneak peeks as well as our limited kit offers..

Before I get on my flight, I thought I might share a few swatches of the new collection with you. It is called.... BUTTERCUP. It is our new Spring line that we will be showing in Houston and will be out in stores in February, 2011. 

More later.....




Talk to you soon.


Have fun in Houston! Hope your flight went well. Can't wait to see the kits you have just might have to come live with me! :) Oh, and the buttercup fabric is gorgeous! Thanks for the sneak peek!

Lovely buttercups! I'll be on pins and needles waiting for the kits. I have jan-march laid out as a Figtree fest, already 3 quilts in the queu! redoing our bedroom finally, my way!

I think I'll have to hold my breath! Can't wait for more wonderful Fig Tree kits. I think I may just have to have every piece of your new line. You just keep getting better and better. A true artist!

o my gosh I have to have this!! the name of my blog is buttercreme and roses and buttercup fits right in!!do you ever need a new designer??? i love your fabrics they are the most beautiful fabrics i've worked with so soft and warm they truly make my heart sing, i recently made some of your pumpkin pin cushions and cuffs with fig and plum they came out great, hoping you come out with another book soon i truly love your work

Love love love the new line!! *sigh* and I can't wait to see it at Market this weekend!! And I can't wait to meet you...Hope your flight was nice, and that Houston treats you marvelously!! hugs!!

Simply gorgeous. Thank you for the sneak peek, I can't wait to see it in person.

Oh! I am already excited about Buttercup! I can see sliding it in with Fresh Cottons and Breakfast and making a really wonderful quilt!

I'm happy to see it now, so I can save up my fabric budget for February!
Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful photos of your pretty things at the quilt market!

Do I really have to wait that long to get this pretty fabric? They look really lovely... I love it! I guess I have long enough time to think what I can make with these. :)

Very pretty! Your fabrics always make me feel so peaceful. Have fun in Houston!

Have fun in Houston Joanna! I met you there once when I accompanied my friend Jackie Clark to help with her booth and classes. I love your stuff! The only problem is that I love your fabrics so much, I can't bring myself to cut into them, even though the patterns are so compelling! I guess it is not a terrible problem to have :) Keep up the good work!

Woooo nice new fabric! Love that little bit of blue in there I see! Have fun!

Oh it looks so pretty, i can't wait to see it. I wish you a fun time at market and will be looking forward to all of the things that come out of it.

I love your new collection. Can already tell I'm going to have to get some. I have some of most of the other collections.........just LOVE them!

JoAnna, I love the new spring collection!! Can't wait to order when it comes out. Have a great and safe trip to Houston......Your TCC student, Cate Tuten

Love the Market Display.
Buttercream is wonderful and I can't wait to get the new fabric. And what a tease! I tried to purchase the cute little squares - only to learn they ar enot available for resale. Great tool!

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