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Junk Bonanza... could have moved in!


Besides teaching and meeting up with all the wonderful women from the previous post, the thing I was most excited to do while teaching at the Creative Connection was to attend the Junk Bonanza. It was a fair that I had heard about in the pages of the Country Living magazine for years and it surely did not disappoint. The vendors brought a wonderful mix of flea market finds and accessories/art made with "junk" and old stuff. I really could have moved right in. Really. And was seriously mourning the fact that I didn't have a truck to transport all the treasures I would have acquired had I driven one!



... Bingo cards seem to be really in. I even got some ideas from them and purchased a few fun ones.


... the largest onions I have ever encountered were available for sale in the outside farm stand.


... I am a sucker for old books, typography or anything related to old books. Loved this display!


... loved the texture of these.


... and this was my piece de resistance! I wanted this cubby table so badly. I came back to look at it like 17 1/2 times! I could visualize where it would go, what I would put in it, what I would put on top it & how I would decorate it. Sadly, it would not fit into my luggage. Isn't it just so beautiful?

More goodies later. Talk to you soon.


It IS gorgeous! :o

It must be difficult to go to a place like that and only be able to buy what fits in your luggage! It's not that far away and that cubby table is awesome.

It's a shame they make suitcases so small.....cos they know we would fill them with lovable junk.. he he
Hugs Dawn x x x

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Dawn submitted a comment on Junk Bonanza... could have moved in!

Aint that the truth! Ha, ha!!

now that is one seriously
large onion.


Oh that cubby, I would have been trying figure out who was driving in stages along the way! You know, down to Chicago, hand off to Susan, Kansas City hand off to Rosie...and on and on until it made its way home to me.

I love that cubby too. Why do we always see things we love when we just can't have them? Sending things just costs an arm and leg anymore. I am sure something else will come up. Hugs Sandra

It sounds like your life is very full these days! I thought maybe leaving a post on your blog would be one way to connect. Miss you. The pictures are great - it looks like so much fun.

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