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The last bits of summer...& a little giveaway

....giveaway is now closed. thank you so much.


Its almost that time. That one day a year that I get so caught up in what they are wearing, what their hair looks like, whether their shoes are tied right, what they eat for breakfast... That day that I think about [yeah perhaps even obsess over just a bit] probably more than they do. I am both so looking forward to it and dreading it. Its tomorrow. 

The school supplies have been acquired with minimum problem. Dare I might say that it was fun. Well, maybe not quite fun but not horrible! Staples and Target with 3 kids and 4 lists of things that need to be gotten... well, it can be just a bit overwhelming!

I registered my oldest in Jr. High last week. He got a locker. And gym clothes. And there were girls flirting with him. God forbid, I think he was flirting back. Even though he doesn't quite know how.

Their clothes have been mostly taken care of. Until next week when someone decides that there is something that we have forgotten that they can't live without. At least none of my 3 know what a brand name even is yet. Or care. They are dressed from head to toe in Old Navy and Target and they couldn't be happier. At least for now. At least the boys. The girl might have a little something else sprinkled in here and there, but not much or just a bit of handmade. Its all good. Until she discovers boys or what's "in". Hoping that day comes later rather than sooner. On both accounts!  For today she is my little office helper...


When I am not answering writing questions for the "helper", I am trying to finish up some projects and work on pattern instructions. The next fabric group has gone to print and I will see advance yardage sometime in October. I know, in October!! Not sure how we are going to make the booth work this year, but we'll do what we can, right? It might be interesting to watch!

Strikeoffs you ask? Cuz you know  you're asking.... well here is a very small peak at some of the strikeoffs that made the cut. 


... more on that later.

Besides all of that, I am a bit distracted. Thinking of the summer, staring out the window, daydreaming... kind of wish we could be back at the river. On a canoe. 



Hope you're daydreaming too. And enjoying your last days of summer.

How about a GIVEAWAY in honor of daydreaming? Haven't done one of those in like a... a year!

Tell me what you are doing with your last days of summer or what you are daydreaming about these days and we will enter your name to win a Fresh Cottons honeybun, a pack of ALL the brand new Fig Tree patterns and a Le Fig Kit. Why? 


Because Fresh Cottons IS summer, the patterns are fun and the fig, well anyone can knock one of those out in a few hours and feel accomplished!

Talk to you soon.




I'm not going to lie, I'm dying over le fig.

OOO! I love a good giveaway! And, what beautiful fabrics!

Your strikeoffs look beautiful! And you can't help but want to pick up that cute fuzzy fig!

Summer is sadly over here. By the end of last week (the 1st week of school) 1 kid already caught a bug of some sort!

sigh, my last days of summer are already gone, my baby started school last Thursday (with a smock from your patterns!). Im fundraising for her kindegarten class and daydreaming of Oct, when halloween is around the corner and she's home all day for 10 days! I'd love to be entered, thanks for the giveaway!

I am day dreaming about fishing with my husband at Summit Lake in Mt Evans!!!

We are spending our last bit of summer hopefully finishing up our roof project. We've stripped off the old and are getting ready for new! Then hopefully siding will get finished and we will be on to painting. I daydream of lazy summer days next summer and anything fig tree of course!

My last days of summer are filled with canning the last of the garden, enjoying the fresh scent of clothing and quilts just in from the line, and daydreaming of spending more time sewing whatever catches my eye like your fabric and patterns have.

My last days of summer are spent chasing around after toddlers who've returned from family vacations with new skills: running, saying no, putting on her own shoes....

I wouldn't trade my job for anything else:)

I must admit I'm dreaming of the end of summer. My baby (23 years old daughter) moved away last week and I won't see her until Mid September. So... I'm dreaming the days going by so I can be with her again.

I love the change of season. As much as I have enjoyed the summer bounty, there is something so comforting about apples, pumpkins and pears, cool nights, changingl leaves, fall is in the air. Your colorful cottons lend itself to the season.

Hi there!
My children went off to school today - it is so bittersweet! I am anxious to have my alone time - so that I can finally sit at my machine and take as long as I want AND concentrate! But I miss my babies when they are away - I wonder what they are doing, if others are being kind to them, if they have enough to eat at lunch and if they are being kind to others. This morning was so quiet and lonely at home, BUT, I did enjoy the time. I caught up on emails and blogs and news. I even bought some flowers :)

I am daydreaming now of the days that my children will get married. I know that sounds odd, but I pray that they will find wonderful spouses, that their wives and husbands will adore them and that they will have healthy children. I daydream of days when I can teach my grandchildren to quilt or bake or even just go swimming with them. I look forward to those days, while still loving the brief time I have with my children. That's what I daydream of lately :)

Enjoy these last summer days - I think we both are in a great season of our lives right now!

I'm dreaming about the future home of some raspberry bushes and trying to get the gumption to make that dream a reality...

My last days of summer are being spent waiting patiently on my son's exam results! The wait is over tomorrow. Whatever the outcome, children will all be back at school on Sept 1st.

I'm day-dreaming of homemade pound cake, fresh peaches, and ice cream. Can you tell I haven't had my afternoon snack yet?

My last days of summer I am enjoying my children to the fullest. Here in AZ summer is LONG, very LONG. We always look forward to Halloween~then Winter!
Thank you for letting me enter.

i am wowing the start of the school year, i have 3 out of 4 kids in school this year, and as for dreaming, i am dreaming of the new shop for my husband's cabinetry business to be all finished!! here's to dreaming, and thanks for the giveaway!!

These last days of summer are being spent finishing up projects. And I'm daydreaming of a motorcycle ride with my husband through the canyon. It is full of fresh air and wind through my hair. Love it. Thanks for the giveaway and the little peek of your new line.

Love the strikeoffs!
I'm dreaming of going back to Italy where the sun shines and even my bones feel warm lol :)

I love the end of summer. The fall flowers are starting to bloom, and the leaves will be turning soon. The nights are cooler and so are some of the days. I'm thinking about quilts I need to finish (or start) with birthdays coming up and Christmas just a few months away.

I'm hoping to go up to San Francisco and the Bay area during the Labor day weekend to finish off the summer..... A good road trip up the 101 fwy would be a nice finish to this busy summer!

Thanks for the giveaway.

My last days of summer are being spent finishing a baby quilt with the Dandelion jelly roll by Fig Tree. Sweet baby James is due tomorrow (August 24th) in Summerville SC (there is also a full moon tomorrow!!!)so I must stop daydreaming and get to sewing!!!

My goodness what a great giveaway!! I would love to win. The last days of summer for me has been arriving back home after a long trip in our motorhome! Seven weeks of traveling to the mountains of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and a long detour coming home by way of Wisconsin to visit with youngest daughter and her family - so great to see the grandchildren before they head back to school.

I have been wanting to get my hands on some Fresh Cottons! We are spending this last week getting ready for school. I send my first little preschooler off this year, and I am so nervous. Not for him, he will do fine. It's me I am worried about :)

I love it all!

Daydreaming of ripe tomatoes from the garden--will they ever turn from green to red before the vines soon begin to die? Otherwise, trying to finish up some quilts: some just need a bit more work on the top, several others ready for quilting. Checking out last minute details for some fair and quilt show entries.

What a great giveaway since I am addicted to your fabrics almost exclusively! I am doing my bedroom in a collection of anything apricot from your collections. I will send a picture when it is finished. I am down to the last two free weeks before I go back to school. Of course, I have already spent many days getting my room ready. For the first time I will be teaching Pre-K, 4 year olds. Of course your fabric is in my classroom. I made 4 smocks for my art center and quilts for the dolls in the housekeeping center. I plan to make some clothes for the poor dolls with nothing to wear and it will be with fig tree. I also plan to make some of your fluffy animals, I just hope they won't cause too many arguments. I am excited, even after 20 years of teaching. I will miss the time I had to sew and quilt this summer. I was able to finish many UFO's. I finished Bird Song finally and it is beautiful! I hope I win, the giveaway sounds wonderful.

Here in the South, summer is a long way from over. The kids have been back in school for weeks already but it is very hot and humid. I am looking forward to fall weather.

Going to Denver to visit my Mom & Dad & while there visit a quilt shop & stitch shop & try to relax.
Please add me to the giveaway...I just love that Fig pattern!!!
Karin :)
in NY

I'm day dreaming about my family's trip this summer to Cape Cod. What a beautiful place, I wish we lived closer. Hope you are enjoying what is left of summer.

I am day dreaming about getting away for the weekend with my beau to a little Island in the Puget Sound. It will hopefully still be good weather in about a month when we're hoping to go. A last little bit of summer.
My oldest is turning 13 and entering jr high, too, in 3 weeks. He's so grown up in many ways! My 9 year old goes back to school in two weeks, and I think he will like that. I'll have lots of time with my 2 1/2 year old again.
Enjoy the last bit of summer!

*sigh* it seems the last days of summer are already over - it is raining cats and dogs...but somehow that is part of summer, too.
On my last days of summer I'd love to sit at the lake with a book..., my feet in the water...
I'd love to do a bicycle tour with my new bike (finally! I don't have to fear to fall off my bike anymore ;o) ).
I'd certainly be in the park, lying on a blanket and wondering what the clouds are shaped like...eating the occasional peach or raspberry....
I hope the first week at school will work out well!

p.s. I forgot to say that your little munchkin grew so much over the last year...she's already a real beauty ;o)

I'm daydreaming of being on a trip to Australia. It's a place I've always wanted to go. So, maybe I should just stop daydreaming and find a way to make it a reality. In the meantime piecing quilts gives me plenty of time for daydreaming.

Having some alone time, trying to find a new normal...or nearly normal!
Love the figgy!

I homeschool so we don't start school until the Monday after Labor Day. Labor Day week we are headed to Destin, FL to play and be l.a.z.y and then we come back home and get serious, or at least pretend to, grin. Giddy about your giveaway. Hope you kids have an exciting first day and entire school year :)

I'm daydreaming of going to the mountains with my husband. It would be such a nice end of summer trip. I love the new fabrics & would be absolutely thrilled to win.

Speaking of a Fresh Cottons honeybun -- I had fun playing with one recently! My Moda Bake Shop Tutorial just posted for some wonderful pillowcases using your fabric.
Thanks for the peek at your new line!

School began for the first time for our family 2 weeks ago. Summer seems like a memory now. I'm daydreaming of fall break and having some time to relax again...maybe.

My youngest son, who has Asperger's Syndrome, had his first day of college classes today. My dream of the perfect Fall day is seeing him at a table in the Cafeteria surrounded by laughing friends, all enjoying one another's company.

summer is officially over for me (sniff sniff). The kids are already in school but I can tell you what I have been doing the last little bit, nonetheless. I have been making last minute clothes for my daughter who started kindergarten this year. She's still at the age where she loves mommy's clothes.

Cramming in all the warmth and sunshine we can...awesome giveaway--- thanks for sharing.

I going to visit a friend out of town. A whole group are getting together to welcome her nephew home from Iraq!!!

I am daydreaming about the end of summer. Here in Georgia, it has been one of the worst summers in the 22 years I've lived here. In the mid-to-upper 90s since the beginning of June and very high humidity. I am ready for fall weather!!!!

Well here in Australia we are freezing our way through the last week of Winter and boy am I dreaming about summer and being able to be outside with my daughter. This year I am hoping to do something about our weedfest outside and plant some real plants and flowers and pretty things. And just spending lots of time with my little girl. But then again last summer we had about 3 weeks of over 40 degrees so maybe lots of lazing under the airconditioner :)

I have been dreaming of pickles. How silly is that? I just have a craving to make some homemade pickles. However, after such a cool summer, today, the day I planned to visit the produce market is HOT. Oh, and the refrigerator had problems during the night so I've been at the appliance repair store instead. Maybe pickles tomorrow.

The little bit of your new fabric is so beautiful! I can't wait to see it all soon.

The upcoming fabric is so pretty!

I spent the last days of summer putting the borders on my first queen-sized quilt! I teach Spanish at the university and tomorrow I get back to work. I'm glad to have the top finished before classes start again.

I'm dreaming of Halloween decorations and winter break (already). :)

What fun!

I'm dreaming of those long, long days of sunshine. (Not only are the days already shortening here in NJ but it's been rain, rain, rain.) I KNOW it's better than heat-heat-heat, but...

Also, I'm wishing I had 4 pairs of hands so that I could stitch an Autumn thing along with the Christmas Ornament I'm finishing! :P

I am dreaming of a month of quality time, including fishing and seeing family, with my hubby after a year of deployment. He returns to me on Wednesday! Thanks for a chance to win!

Oh Joanna,your little helper is the best kind...and your little sneak peek is gorgeous... can't wait tio see what your up to with it.. Lol
Hugs Dawn x x x x

I love your fabrics! As we get ready to return to school, it is reinforced how much time I spend at my "part-time" job. I still need to take a look at the school supply "stash" and determine if more stuff needs to be purchased. The 17 year old is going to have to be on his own this year, and figure it out! I'm good, but I can't do it all. Thanks for the giveaway!

My last days of summer include a last minute lunch bag making, and possibly a little gift for his new teacher.
Your little fig is SO CUTE!
Hey-and thanks for the giveaway. I hereby promise to follow you faithfully and not be a fly-by-night wishy-washy follower.

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