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All I can say is Oh My Goodness! That was quite a nice little group of you all who commented on the giveaway. As of this morning I am officially closing it down for comments because, you know, well, enough is enough already don't you think? I guess I will have to do these more often than I normally do!

I will post the winner... or I think winners :-) on Monday morning. Mostly I need until then to finish reading all of the comments. You guys are much faster at writing them than I am at reading them and I really do want to read each and every single one. 

... a shot from the office re org mentioned below 

I have to tell you that reading these so far has made me laugh, chuckle, cry and fall deep into thought. I am SO envious of all of you who wrote that you are canning! I want to be canning right now in the biggest way. My biggest problem... nothing to can since we didn't do much in the garden this year and perhaps more importantly, little to no skill in canning. So for all of you canners out there... if you have any that you are just dieing to get rid of, well I could definitely find a home for them right here in the Fig kitchen. Really, I could... LOL!

I have cried with those of you who have experienced such loss and sadness this year, prayed with those of you who are waiting for loved ones to return from war, jumped for joy with those of you who are expecting, have new ones or are about to get married in the coming weeks and days! I have wanted to see your remodels and re orgs this summer, wanted to visit your overflowing gardens, sew with the grandmas, tickle the toes of the new ones. Oh my goodness, I am feeling sappy now!

I just want to thank you all so much for sharing a little snippet of your lives with me, whether joyful or sad, wistful or full of activity. It helped me to process our own days around here as everyone left for school and fall routines started. 


... do you all remember these shots from last year? Look at how much older they look this time around? How did that happen exactly?

You motivated me to finish up my office clean up as the guest bed left and we made room for another desk from downstairs. 




 ... As you can see, my favorite things to organize with are pretty folders, inspiration boards and trays with cubbies. Vintage and functional at the same time. My other favorite tip: Remember to give your desk a little height with something so that you can organize more things and give the whole desk more dimension.

Organizing is one of my absolute favorite things to do, especially while I am thinking and all of your comments, if nothing else, definitely made me think. A lot.  

Thank you for sharing your lives with me just a bit. So grateful to be doing what I am doing and that it brightens some of your lives and brings a little color into all of our days!


Talk to you soon.


What a delightful post! We adore sappy...actually...somedays it is what we do best! ;-)

How beautiful to see our children grow up... they turn into delightful adults eventually.. after some hard yards and loads of love!. I forgot to tell what I am dreaming of in the last post....when I have time to dream.. I have been dreaming of sewing rooms and reorganizing a space for Me..thanks for the inspiration.... he he, cos my two darling adult sons get married 6 weeks apart and my two darling little girls 3& 4 are flower girls in both weddings.. shoes, jewellery,outfits and hair accessories are all I think about lately... and the first wedding is 3 weeks away and I haven't bought my outfit yet..eek. the new seasons clothes are only just out...better get a move on...and then I will have more dreaming time and a new sewing room as well as two daughter-in-laws to love and teach to sew..Lol..
big hugs x x x

Hi your children are so beautiful. I miss having children around but we are moving to be closer to our grandson. He is three and is blind but he is such a joy in our life and he does so well at getting around and his Dad is teaching him braille.He can spell the words both in English and then in braille. I have been making him a backpack because he is going to nursery school two days a week in September. It is a lot of work moving at 68 but I am so excited to be near my daughter again and help her out. I think that is great that you read all of our e-mails. Jonah(grandson) loves the sewing machine and we often sew together. blessings Sandra

Such wonderful photos, I am about 3/4s through my sewing room redo, and I was struck by how clever the painted step stool is...adding extra height and places to see things! And I love the wire 3 tier I am off on catalog hunt to find one too! Piles of Fig tree too but first im going to make the le Fig!

hi I am so sorry I missed the give-away. I love everything Fig Tree and have just finished Paper Roses and Figgy Pudding and have 2 more waiting in the wings. Thank you for what you do as it bring joy into my life every day, I have been ill with chronic pain and do love to get sewing to forget for a while and your fabrics and patterns are so inspiring. Our local shop is starting a Fig Tree Club and I can hardly wait to get started. Keep up the good work. Love Lorraine

Love the photo of your kids, your son favors you so much! I ADORE your new desk space! I too am in the re-model/re-organize mood for my sewing space, waiting for the painter to finish the perfect "cream", just like you! I will add ALL my FigTree fabrics along with my new "LeFig" pincushion. I have to admit, I can't wait to copy your desk ideas, I hope I can find a wire basket! I read many of your Giveaway comments too, thank you so much for your blog. It is a blessing to read. I made strawberry fig preserves this year and I will e-mail you the recipe. It is so easy, you can do it with very little experience!!!

Love reading all your summer adventures! Your kids are so adorable! So sorry I missed the giveaway! Way too busy here with so many unexpected things happening with kids needing help! All I get to do is look at your beautiful fabrics and fun patterns! No time to sew right now, maybe soon! I did grow pumpkins, though, and they are ready to be put around! Grand-daugher will be arriving in Nov. so need to make some baby quilts! I got some sewing room ideas from you, too! Keep all the wonderful Fig Tree goodies coming for us, Love Sheri

We also have a tradition in our family to pose for the first picture, be silly for the second. Love it!

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