Paris: are we done yet?
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Paris, my friend

Now I have to tell you that Paris, although still completely intoxicating, spellbinding, breathtaking, mysterious, and a whole group of other adjectives, has become somewhat of a friend over these last couple of trips. Mon ami as they say.

I now have a "regular" place I like to stay. On "my little island". A regular place I have my morning tea and croissant. Sometimes they even recognize me there. A regular afternoon crepe with nutella to snack on, couldn't think of anything other I would rather eat when strolling around Paris. A regular corner florist where I buy the flowers for my hotel room. My own metro stop. A favorite place to walk along the Seine. My favorite market and even a cheese shop that i can't resist.

And yet the city is full of idiosyncracies that I love to observe and a million things that I don't understand... like how to use a foreign credit card on one of those cool city rent bikes that you can pick up anywhere and drop off anywhere else for pennies! Anyone?

To me, Paris is still full of contradictions and things that you dont' expect. Its one of the things I love most about it. 

Like this,

 ...the Notre Dame.


right across the street from this...

 ... a popular cafe that stays open all night with French and tourist alike.


Or this,

 A cafe mixed right into our view of Sacre Couer.


Or like color at every turn,


...right next to a neutral that is just as beautiful.


Like this older French gentleman shopping at the outdoor vegetable market who couldn't feel more "french" to me, with his classic profile, his expression and of course, his cane,


... just a few streets down from this little boy we met at the park that, to me, epitomizes what I think a little French boy ought to look like. Right down to his shoes. And his little red truck.




And the little courtyards. The old entryways and covered walkways. The quiet spots away from the bustle and the cars. The softer side of Paris. So unexpected when you are walking on a major boulevard. But suddenly there it is.




And the menus. Don't let me forget about the menus. The little menus in every shape color and style. The little menus that have come to communicate something to me about Paris, its simplicity, its people, its love of food. These little boards have become somewhat of an obsession for me. I think I have probably photographed at least a hundred of them by now. I just can't seem to get them out of my system. I love them. How silly is that?








Or what about the fact that here, this is what the salt aisle at the store looks like.... yes, that's right, the salt aisle. Nothing but salts.



Or the fact that almost every Brasserie you pass has its doors open and feels this inviting. Like you've been there before... but you haven't.


... this has absolutely nothing to do with Paris, but you gotta love a husband who is willing to carry a "merse" [man purse] with embroidery on it all around the city!  



... A place that feels like my friend.


Talk to you soon.  



Your photos are lovely and make me want to travel!!

Oh Joanna, I have been loving your photos (& your comments) of Paris. I just love seeing it through your eyes! Thanks for the little escapes!
xo, Bren

Oh Joanna, you make me want to go back so badly. The photos and descriptions are perfect.

And I took you advise and just did a little sneak peek of our bathroom project and the vignette/shrine on my blog. I was going to blame my weakness of showing it beforehand on you, but my Blogger wouldn't let me link to you. Grr. xoxo

All I can say is ahhhhhhhhhh! I want to visit "your friend"!
And both our husbands are equally sweet. We're so lucky.

Wonderful! Thank you so much for the lovely blogs!

That coral scarf looks lovely! FT coral/pink...perfect with some peonies ;)

*sigh* I have to tell you, I have never liked Paris. I have gone three times now and it always feels like the kind of city I would have to live in rather than visit. I always feel like I am missing the 'real' Paris, and that I really need to go with an 'insider' or a local. Or I could just live there and learn it all for myself! Hmmm...I'm feeling like a move!

Gorgeous! I can't wait until I visit Paris myself. In fact, my husband and I were just talking about taking a trip there soon. I love all that you have shared with us-Thank you!

Ahh the memories!!! On my first visit to Paris my SIL and BIL took me to see Sacre Coeur. I am sure I walked along the same street as in your photo. I can remember walking along a narrow street, then looking up to see this magnificent white building. The sight blew me away!
My DH has a man purse too! Just for use in Europe!

You're making me want to go to Paris even more than I already did Joanna! I love those little green leaf-like flowers with the white centres that you showed - do you have any idea what they are?

Joanna, thank you so much for the lovely tour of Paris. Your photos are fabulous!

Fabric I would buy: Chalkboard-colored background with nearly illegible scribbles suggesting a cafe menu. Would not even have to make SENSE, but I'd get some! I'm thinking kitchen curtains or a table runner.

I've enjoyed your posts about Paris. France could hire you to advertise for them.

Absolutely stunning. I need to go back to Paris,I really do. Instead I may just wait for some "Breakfast" and pretend.................

You are a great photographer like you are a quilter! Thanks for sharing those pictures with us. I have never been and don't know if I ever will, but it looks like an absolutely beautiful place. Glad you have a home away from home...:)


Delicious. Paris - there's just no place on earth quite like it!

You certainly captured with your trained eye the sure beauty of Paris. I lived in St Denis France for 17 years and I have to admit it was a flash back to the beauty and essence that never has really changed...well except for the prices. Fabulous shots and lovely couple to boot. Paris will miss you.
salut mes amis. ms

Your posts are always lovely and inspiring, your fabrics as well! Would you share where you stay in Paris? It looks like a charming area.

Stunning, just stunning! I love seeing how other people live in different countries. Merci for showing us your vacation!!

Browsing your photos was the best, dreamy vacation ever from my computer. Loved them... please post more because they're fantastic. I want to visit the flowermart and patisserie. Let's book a flight!

These photos are absolutely wonderful! While I am sitting here drinking my morning coffee I could imagine myself right under one of those cafe umbrellas. I LOVE the chalkboards too -- they are an inspiration in themselves! Thank you so much for sharing these along with a description of what they are. They are worth looking at over and over again!

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