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Today's Introduction: Little Jellies


This is one of our mini Fig Tree Threads patterns which if you haven't already tried... well, being of course a bit biased, I think you really should. They are our small, sewing or quilting projects that are usually fairly straightforward, simple to construct and don't use a lot of fabric. Oh and one of the most important parts is that they are a bargain at anywhere from $5.95 to $6.50 depending on release date. Bargain telling you!

Making these little "doo hickies" was definitely one of those cases of "can't stop and just make one", or two, or three or five. I think I have them in 6 different sizes, both pieced and out of one fabric. Made with fabrics that have been quilted by me, by my quilter and with pre-quilted fabrics. They are definitely really fun to make! Even better when you make a bunch at a time.


Once you have made a couple of these and realize how easy and fun it is to use up scraps to make these... well I think you might get a bit addicted. Like me. Just saying. You might. So don't blame me.



...the little pouch variation made from Fresh Cottons.

... closeup shots of the little box shape and the long skinny shape made from Mill House Inn and Fresh Cottons respectively. 


... the pouch and the long skinny made out of Breakfast at Tiffany's.


... the little box version [this might be my favorite shape in the lot.... at least for today it is] made from Fresh Cottons.


... just a little "jellies" ensemble.


 ... another pic of the pouch variety. No reason really to have another shot in here. I know I am torturing you all with so many pictures of the same little scrappy bags. But I really love them all so much. And they are making me happy. Right now at least. They say I am a little fickle though. I don't really know who "they" is by the way.

    ... the covershot we used for the pattern. A little architectural stack.

Pattern Details

Name: Little Jellies

Pieced by: Cheryl Hadley and moi.

Size: Little Boxy Bag- [7" zipper] app. 6" square. Fabulous for any little accessory box- notions, makeup, kid's stuff, hair things and any other doohickie you could possible own!

Skinny Roll Bag- [18" zipper] app. 3" x 16". Fabulous for knitting needles, paint brushes or your flat iron.

Little Pouch- [7" zipper] app. 7" square. Fab for doohickies. See above! 

... or frankly any size you want to make based on any size zipper you have handy.

Fabric Collections: Mostly Fresh Cottons and Breakfast at Tiffany's with a little Mill House Inn thrown in here or there

Fabrics used: These are all made with jelly roll leftovers. You know when you are done making a jelly roll quilt and you have a few strips that you didn't use & they just go in your ever growing scrap pile? Well, now use them for these instead. Cut your strips in half lengthwise so you get long skinny strips and you are well on your way! 

If you are interested, feel free to look up exact yardage amounts on our site here.

Any leftovers are fine of course.


Talk to you soon.






These are darling! Love the different sizes.

I had to blog about these!

Oh...I definitely need to make some of these! Love them all!

Hi Joanna,
Another great article. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your day.

Oh! How I love little bags of this sort! But, I usually just buy them for $15 each...but now, I could Make them! From scraps, no less! >_>

What WiP (Works in Progress) Pile? I don't have anything going! I'd better start this since I need something new!

But, seriously, I'll keep in mind that I need to order this pattern along with that Patisserie jelly roll I need to find for my Papillion (I say "my", but what I'm really envisioning is an exact replica of the cover, lol! I'd like to change the center block, at least! :P I do hope you agree that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".)

Thanks for your kind reply (and compliment on my novice stitching as well) to my comments via email--I was so surprised and pleased to hear from you, and also a touch worried that I might have left something embarrassing out there--sort of like if the president of the PTA dropped by your house to find a large box of Christmas ornaments overflowing onto your entryway table. In June. lol

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] beritbunny submitted a comment on Introductions: Day #2

Oh you could definitely make them. SOOO easy and SOOOO quick! Really.

So gorgeous, I think I need these.....

I love this idea! So cute, and the perfect way to use up those little strips of fabric you can't seem to throw away!
Thanks for the pattern!

Wow, I love these! Great gift items. Can't wait to make them. Also love the Fresh Cottons line.

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