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We're back today with a few more general booth shots from Market as well as pics of a few of my favorite props. This time I arrived a day earlier and had a lot of fun prop shopping, especially at the amazing HUNT & GATHER!. Oh my goodness what a place. If it was closer to home, I would be a serious regular.

While we always try to feature our new patterns and fabrics and not overload the booth with furniture and other stuff, we love to add in a few vintage props to give it all a bit of character and bring it all together. That wasn't hard to do this time around.


The bed with Jelly Parfait to the  left and Vanilla & Blooms on the bed. One of my favorite props that we acquired while in Minneapolis, this wonderful vintage suitcase.


The other side of the booth with Clovers, Parasols and Paper Roses. And can't forget the poster of our new Snuggle Softies... I think they might have been the favorite mascot of Market! Of course their is a ongoing debate as to whether they are cows or pigs... thoughts?? The vote is split evenly.


Another fun vintage prop we found along with our version of a Tiffany's box... a la Fig Tree.


Another corner of the booth with Berry Sweet Bags, Paper Roses, Clover and Saltwater Taffy quilts. A little glimpse of Cherry Blossoms and my favorite Purselet [ an older pattern].


The suitcase that I wish could have come home with us with a "Figgy" bow.


A view of one whole side of the booth. Really hard to get a good shot of all of it at once.

We'll be back again tomorrow with more. Talk to you soon.


PURE eye candy, Joanna!! I adore your pictures and that suitcase...and your snuggle softies!! (I vote PIG!! LOL) Everything is just calming and heart-warming...can't wait to see more shots throughout the week!!

Your booth and fabrics are absolutely beautiful,great creative work Joanna!!

Your booth looks stunning! I just want to curl up in there and read a book! :)

Your new creations are beautiful... your style is so inviting/I love the props and the little tiffanys style box... I thought that it was a real one when I saw it last week in a picture... and that there was going to be a great story (which always come with those boxes)but I like the ala fig tree just as much!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Sinta Renee submitted a comment on More to show

I WISH it was a real one. That would have to be one great piece of jewelry to fit in that gigantic box... A girl can dream, right?

Thanks Sinta.


Pretty pretty. My daughter has a collection of vintage suitcases. Her most recent treasure was the entire collection of my parent's Samsonite luggage, with their initials in brass, with the original hangers, train case, and round hat box. My parents travel lighter these days.

Wow, your booth just looks so gorgeous! The quilts are looking great and I can't wait to order some of your new patterns.

on the little stuffed animals - what type tail do they have? Curly tail = Pigs....... straight tail = cows :)

Awesome as usual, Joanna! The colors are just so yummy:) Was wondering what you do with all the treasures you get for the booth, but are unable to bring home? That suitcase is fun and can be used for some great storage!

What a beautiful booth!! Thank you for sharing all those close up photos! Gorgeous, happy colours!
BTW I vote pig!

Love your quilts. :)

Just gorgeous!

Beautiful pictures and lovely accents! I'm still so excited to hear all about the trip! More pretty and inspiring pics please! The covered ottoman is just darling!

Stunning! Aren't you so thrilled to see it all come together like that? So so beautiful! And.... I vote PIG for sure, and since I call my two little identical twin babies "piglets" I will be making a couple of those (or more) for sure! U r awesome! Thank you!

Thanks for sharing! :D

My name is Felicia and I am a longarm quilter. I just wanted to tell you that the Fig Tree fabrics are consistently my very favorite of all the Moda lines. I just love the colors.

Lovely booth joanna, like everything you makes. I hope you have a good selling.
Many regard

Breathtaking!!!! Love your beautiful colors and your patterns. That is definitely a piggy nose...either way though, it is quite snuggle-worthy!

I can't pick a favorite thing in your booth, I loved everything! And I have to go with pig, also....
How did you get the vintage suitcase home- did you check it as an extra bag, or put it inside one of your other suitcases?

Love all your fabric. Simply beautiful! Joanna, I'll go for a pow because it could be either one. ;)

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