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We're back! We're back! We are tired but very pleased with the response to our newest patterns and fabric collections [more on that later]. Market was quite amazing but I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to sleep in my own bed with my squishy pillow and with the munchkins coming in at odd hours of the night and morning! 

Of course just because we're home doesn't mean that much at the moment. We're still in suitcases. There is no food in the fridge. The booth boxes will start arriving back from Market in the next couple of days just to add a bit to the chaos. We forgot to arrange to have the trash taken out while we were gone so let's just say that we will be finding creative trash solutions this week! 

The gals are working overtime processing both wholesale and retail orders in the office and we will start wading through emails, paperwork and Market follow up tonite! 

However, at this moment, the house is a bit cold, quiet and it is raining. Playing with pictures is as far as I am getting. As always I had great plans to post while at Market but somehow it just didn't happen. It never does. You would think that I would quit hoping that it will. In between the work in the booth, the meetings and appointments and the chance to "let our hair down" and have a good time with all of our favorite customers, fabric reps and fellow designers at MODA, there is just no way it ever does. So here is the beginning of some pics. 



Shots of Clover quilt pattern, Parasols quilt pattern and our brand new Summer 2010 catalog [which you can see in its entirety here].


A partial display of our new Polkadot & Summer dress pattern, Audrey Wrap Skirt, Saltwater Quilt pattern & the Satchel for Two bag pattern.


A little vignette on the bed filled with Cherry Blossoms pincushions and Little Jellies pouches made from leftover Jelly Roll strips! 



My favorite little cafe curtains ever from the new Strawberry Cafe pattern [curtain pattern along with table topper, both embellished with strawberries]. Can't wait to unpack those and put them in the kitchen. Oh wait, they have to go on some show trips first... well, perhaps we'll be making a 2nd set!


A little poster of our newest Fresh Vintage issue coming out this summer. Issue #15 is currently being shipped and this one here will be issue #16. I think it is already one of my favs! Gotta love the easy, no template method of making these dresden plates from a.... yes, you guessed it... a Jelly Roll!


And a rare shot of my hub and I in the booth. Somehow we almost always seem to forget to do this but this time a couple of our great customers reminded us so here we are! And no we did not coordinate... but we might as well have!



Stay tuned for more pics and some fun. Talk to you soon.


Thank you for sharing! I am in love with poka dots and Breakfast at Tiffany's! Can't wait!

Breakfast at Tiffany's is adorable... love that you added the polka dots! Your booth looks great, as always! I especially love the photo of you and the hubs!

Love the photo of you and your husband...the booth is amazing...saw a really cute picture on another blog also of you with a Tiffany's box! Love those jelly pouches and the dresdens from jelly rolls!

Love the fabrics and quilts. The dresses are just darling...thinking I need a little granddaughter to sew for. :-)

HI Joanna.... oh the fun of quilt market... so wish I could come visit one day.... (dreaming and hoping here).. your booth looks fab and of course it's all those yummy new quilts and the fabrics....the cafe curtains are a must for my kitchen too and the dress for my DD's this summer.....have a great week unwinding or should I say settling back in.... and look forward to more yumminess.
Hugs Dawn x x x

Beautiful photos! I'm sure your booth was even more lovely in real life! Glad you got a pic of you and your husband too!

Your booth was drool-worthy. We called your husband "Mr. Joanna". I'm sure he loves that.
I loved meeting you in person!

Love the pics! Your patterns and fabric are always so beautiful!

Gorgeous!! I am in love with your fabrics, i have just ordered 20 metres of your delightful Fresh Cottons fabric for my birthday present from my husband. Your imagination for colour and ideas are truly inspiring. I do love that brown polka dot skirt. Beautiful!
Greetings to you from Australia!

Joanna looks like a wonderful show. Glad you had a great time. You and Eric look so great in that picture.

I am so excited about the new beautiful! I cannot wait to get some for my own stash. Lovely.

It must be like the most wonderful whirlwind of activity. I think you and Mr. Fig dressed alike so you could find each other in the sea of people. Lovely booth, projects, everything.

Can't wait to get my hands on the new patterns and fabric. Absolutely love that polka dot skirt.

My favorite must be the little pouches. :) I also enjoyed "touring" your display: You and Mr. Figueroa look so handsome and happy together. Good work! :D

Oh, also the wrap skirt! :D

I think I'm enjoying your things so much because warm yellow is my favorite colour for decorating these past two years or so.

I'm still on the look-out for a Patisserie jelly roll (completely besotted with cover version of Papillon!) but your new Breakfast @ T's line also looks great--and thanks for the peek at No. 16!

So much precious and wonderful new Fig goodies! Can't wait to add more to my collections! I love the new patterns I see! Those curtains would be adorable in my kitchen window, blowing in the breeze! Great picture of both of you! And fabulous booth! Hope you get back into routine quickly! You are just amazing, Joanna!

Ok - sooo NEED that little girl's dress pattern! My daughter would love it! Congrats on a successful trip and I certainly look forward to hearing more (and seeing more)! Happy recovery (and dealing with the garbage - ack!).

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