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And we're off... almost

My bags are packed... or mostly laid out on my bed. The quilts are folded up and ready for their journey and since I never ship quilts after hearing one too many "quilts not arriving in time for Market" horror stories, they are all going with me in my 2 allowed suitcases. Which means? Which means that not too many clothes get to come. And shoes? Forget about it, they take up way too much room and weight! Thank goodness the hub has room in his suitcase for clothes even if he doesn't know it yet. 

At this point, anything that is going to get sewn has been pressed and is ready to go and most of the patterns have arrived safely from our wonderful printer. The catalogs are on their way, the boxes have arrived safely and are waiting for us as are a few other fun booth props.

The grandparents are on standby, the kids have been prepped [actually at this age they are QUITE happy to hang with "nanny & poppa" and their rules- or lack there of- for a couple of days] so not much prepping of any kind is required. Thanks mom and dad... we appreciate you!


I guess that's the check list. Or most of it. Done a bit earlier than usual this time. Think we'll go out to dinner as a family tonite. Never done that the night before I leave for Market. Perhaps we will make it a tradition LOL!


I guess we are as ready as we'll ever be even though it never, ever feels that way. 


This year, we have projects made out of our 2 latest lines, Fresh Cottons and the brand new, Breakfast at Tiffany's which is the line we are debuting at Market.

Perhaps that is a good excuse for the huge stack of quilts going with me.


Can't wait to start showing you all the other sewing goodies we have come up with this time around. Let's just say that the studios have been quite busy these last couple of months!

* * * * * * * * * * 

We are so excited about "Breakfast" which is the way we have started referring to it around here. One market several years ago I remember our design director telling me that there was little point in having long collection names because everyone always shortened it anyway. I didn't really get what she meant then, but I do now, as we refer to our wonderful names by their nicknames "Breakfast", "Cottons", "Mill House... you get the picture. And still I can't help but come up with long, meaningful, elaborate names almost every time! I'm a sucker for a great name.  I think I will try to go for a "one worder" next time. We'll see how that goes!

Here are a few of the colorways from "Breakfast" below. Still more to come.



We have quite a few goodies to share with you that we are releasing to go with the line so we hope you stayed tuned this week. You might be glad you did....


Talk to you soon.


Can't wait to see all your goodies! Have fun at Market!!

HOley MOley!!! Those are gorgeous, Joanna!! I told the worker dude at my local quilting store today that he needed to call the owner and tell her to come home with ALL of the fabrics from Fig Tree & CO that she could!! Enjoy Market and we'll be looking forward to pictures and tidbits!! :) *sigh* (btw, i picked up a jelly roll of your "Fresh Cottons" today...can't wait to play!!)

Travel safely and have fun at market!

I can't wait to see all your surprises!!!

Love love love Breakfast. The blue in it is gorgeous! Have a grand time at Market! Safe travels.

Have a good time! I just ordered your "Papillon" pattern this weekend: first quilt pattern I've ever bought! So looking forward to it, and to seeing your new goodies coming out of market.

Have a good trip!

Whoa baby, that is one gorgeous stack of lovlies! I love the peek of the new line too. That blue is beautiful!
Have fun at Market!

Have way too much fun! Your quilts are all works of art and everyone there will enjoy them so much, along with all those beautiful new fabrics. Kiddos will have a blast with the grn-parents! Enjoy!

LOVE Breakfast!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!! I might have to wait to rethink the colorway in my new (upcoming) digs to use THOSE colors. They look slightly different than the others, yes they do. The blue is indeed super yummy!

happy Trails! can't wait to see everything you've been working on.

Oh my gosh.... deep breath... GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to see the new goodies. Breakfast looks fantastic. I am a lapsed quilter--ten year break--and discovering your designs has made me fall in love with it all over again. Thanks!

Is there anything lovelier than a gorgeous stack of quilts? Have fun.

The quilts are looking gorgeous, and the new collection looks divine - can't wait to see all of it in person at Market (leaving tomorrow morning bright and early)!

Breakfast at Tiffany's. I want some! Gorgeous. My Mother's Day gift was a fat quarter bundle of Fresh Cottons from hubby. I'm giddy and can't wait to turn them into a quilt.

Have a great time at market. I think I need some Breakfast, that stack of fabric is great. Can't wait to see all your new stuff.

Long names are great and I LOVE Breakfast at Tiffany's! I can hardly wait to add that whole line to all my other Fig Tree's! I love the blues and all the fresh light colors in the collecton! Save travels and fun trip!

i'm SEW jealous!

Have a wonderful time at Market... I can't wait to see (photos) of your booth! It always looks great! I saw your catalog... great stuff inside!!! Your sneak peak is making me drool:)

Oh "Breakfast" looks so yummy. Can't wait to see more of it. That sounds so nice that you had everything ready ahead of schedule for market. Enjoy dinner out and have a great time at market. Wish I were going...

Can't wait to see all your goodies. The "breakfast" fabric looks delicious. Enjoyed looking at your fabric/patterns in the Spring/Summer issue of QUILT SAMPLER magazine. Have fun at market.

You design the most gorgeous fabrics!!!

Have a super fun time at market~I wish you much success! I know your kids will be having the time of their lives as well.

I'd love you to visit my blog. My latest creation is a quilt fabric collection Whimsy! Thank you Joanna, for your creativity!

Your quilts and fabrics are all beautiful!!!

I have seen the new collection on fat quarter shop. Waooowwwww ! I'm going to wait patiently until september to have in on stores ... Congratullation for this wonderfull collection ....

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