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A Few of Our Favorite Things & MODA



In addition to the Snuggle yummies which we have already told you about, we have started to carry a few of our favorite items. You know those ones that you can't live without out? Or at least the ones that we get requests for on almost a daily basis...

If you didn't already hear, we still have a few bolts left of these yummy SNUGGLES and they really make the most amazing backs for quilts. OMG.... they are soft for snuggling I tell you....



In tomato red, ivory cream, buttercream yellow and aqua blue...




We now carry our creamy dreamy, cream tone on tone fabric. Perfect for any Fig Tree project. We are committed to carrying it as often as we can. The one we have in stock now is the cream from the Whimsy collection. As with most of our fabric lines, there is usually a soft cream involved and although we can't guarantee that it will always be exactly the same from line to line [differences in shade and dye lot], we can promise that it will have an incredible hand, will be creaminess personified and will be a dream to work with!




We have also added my favorite Japanese silk pins. These pins are seriously "like butter" and even though I feel like an old Saturday night live skit when I say that, they are. Just perfect pins. I don't use any others. Well worth it I think and they come in a charming little tin that is cute just in and of itself!


This is just the beginning of our A Few of Our Favorite Things Category, so stay tuned.






...Fresh Cottons on a Drying Rack, because where else would they be?


I am just back from a wonderful whirlwind of activity, demos, lectures and fun. The annual MODA Retreat is really one of the best opportunities around and if you are a store that has never participated before.... well, run to the next set of signups when they become available. Really, it is completely worth every minute.

We discussed marketing and sales, precuts and patterns, displays and trends. We hung out and had great fun and shared ideas and insights about fabric and our industry. It was exhilarating. Somehow in all of the 4-days of hub-bub, I barely took a single picture. In fact, i am not sure that my camera even came out of my bag more than once or twice. Can we say that my brain was on overload.... JUST A LITTLE!


One of the highlights.... spending time in the fabric resource room with Kaari.

 ...from Warp & Weft; French General

Highlight #2.... Project Fig Tree. Lets just say, that you never know which of the company execs have a hidden fashion sense and which ones would rather be making a bikini....

 ...from ModaLissa

Highlight #3, hours and hours... oh wait, and hours, of time wandering through the warehouses.... SHOPPING, yes, SHOPPING. Why you ask? Just because they pretty much have anything that I might ever need, yeah, anything. It was wonderful. They kept calling us to remind us that we were supposed to be somewhere and both Kaari and I kept getting "LOST" by accident, on purpose. Could have slept in there. A bit afraid of the boxes when they come and the bill attached to them. 


...pictures borrowed from other designers since my camera seemed to be napping

Highlight #4... a little bit of down time at the Old Craft Store in downtown Carollton. Quilt Shop in the front. Old time General Store in the Back. A functioning United States Post Office in the middle. Really. Thank you Melba.




Highlight #5 a wonderful dinner and stroll through downtown Plano with Roseanne and Cheryl. Thank you ladies for a really wonderful meal, stroll and conversation. And Roseanne, I am still working on that name so stay tuned....

A beautiful evening,


...it doesn't really look like this. Just had fun playing with the colors.


that has left me with daily cravings for Turkish food!


Talk to you soon.



Love that you are sharing your favorites Joanna!

Oh my goodness. Does the fabulous warehouse have mini trucks you drive and load up? That's what I'd need! I spend 2 hours in a quilt shop so I'd probably need at least a day to shop in the amazing warehouse of goodness.

Looks like you are staying busy! What a fun trip... work and play mix! Wouldn't you love to play marco polo in that warehouse?

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