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Magnolia Fleurs

Each year, right about the same time, I am completely inspired to add magnolias to my quilts or this beautiful mauve color to my fabric collections. Its like clockwork.

Can you see why? I am surrounded by 3 of these trees and bushes in our garden and their blooms literally take over the entire side of our yard. Could there be anything more beautiful?

This year...


The tone of each tree is a tiny bit different than the next...


I can still distract her almost anytime by asking her to count something... this time it was the petals!



Smelling things works too... she loves to smell the most unusual things. You don't even want to know!


And last year... Gotta love watching the munchkin grow with the magnolias. 




Don't you have a strange urge to go sew with bright green, mauve and cream?  I do. 


Apparently I did last year too... LOL!


... these shots are from this pattern from last year.

Talk to you soon.


She's so cute. I can hardly stand it with the barettes and the shy smile.

Isn't that cute that she has green tops on both times too! Or was that planned?
Our young'st daughter loved to sniff my DH's freshly deodorized armpits!... yes, it was different! LoL...

Yeah... we're locking her up as soon as she hits her tweens. Enjoy life on the outside baby!

Yeah, I can't even say online all of the things she has smelled and then "shared" with the rest of the family. Will make for really good wedding reception conversation/bribery! LOL!

Happy Sewing,


Beautiful flowers and a beautiful daughter too. :)

Just gorgeous... your darling Baby girl...and those Magnolias and 'that' beautiful quilt.... I am not a lilac lover but in that quilt it looks great... just a hint... so nice...might have to make one...LOL... thanks for sharing your garden too...
Hugs Dawn x x x

beautiful flowers and oh well she is just adorable ...ah yes using the counting trick worked here as well!
yes I agree colors for some of my quilts are chosen due to the season we are in. OR the season I wish we were in!

Lovely photos and such a pretty girl. These brighter colors are so new for you. I adore your fabric and always look forward to Market to see where you are taking us on this magical color ride. See you in Minneapolis.

Lovely tree, cute kid, beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing.

The quilt is beautiful but that little girl of yours is just adorable. I'm glad you have so much fun with her. You are a good Mommy!

She's so precious. What a beautiful little girl! Love the quilt. I must dig out that pattern that's lurking in my wish box of projects!

Where can I get a copy of Magnolia Fleurs? I just love it!

Re: TypePad: [Fresh Figs] Sandy Stoessel submitted a comment on Magnolia Fleurs

Thanks so much. You can get all of our patterns on our website www.figtreequilts.com Look under the SHOP button. This pattern is called Les Fleurs.

Best of luck let me know if for some reason you cant find it.

Happy Sewing,


i have a really hard time with purple. i don't know why i just don't LOVE it...BUT YOU, you make me rethink that.
that is pretty powerful! ;)
your designs are amazing.

all is beautiful in your world. very sweet and beautiful little daughter! I am always inspired by your beautiful fabric. When I need a little mental vacation i visit your site! everything is so refreshing. Thank you!

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