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A beautiful Saturday

Love me some vintage....

As many of you are quite aware I'm sure, I love, love vintage images. Did I mention that I love them? The character of them, the saturated colors of the old advertising posters, the canning labels, the postcards. I just can't get enough of the fact that back then, not much was pastel or muted or dark. Most art or I guess advertising to be more precise, was bright and colorful and had a certain personality. I just love the imagination of it all! 

Well we try to bring those images into our work whenever possible so when it came time to do a little freshening up on our website, I started playing with vintage images. And I played for a long time. I must admit I get a bit lost when I go looking through those I have physically in my studio, those I have in electronic files and then don't even get me started on those that i go trolling for on the web.... talk about a world that I could get lost in!

I had to pick just a few favorites because, well I did want to feature some of my own stuff here and there LOL....


Just look at those colors...


And those sweet little birds....


3 girls w- umbrellas

And who could resist buying whatever on earth these three little girls were selling. I mean, come on!

Well after playing for much longer than i will ever admit to, I finally came up with a few new pages that will be going up on our site in the next couple of days...





They're not quite linked to anything yet.. just goodies to look at.

You'll also notice a few swatches here and there [ a couple in the new blog header, what do you think?] that you might not recognize. Not saying yet, but I am sure you can guess where those are coming from...

Talk to you soon.

Oh, and look I am starting to use categories. I know, so very novel of me. does anyone know if I can/should go back and start attaching categories to old posts or just start from here?  Any help would be appreciated as we have all established that I do all of this electronic stuff totally by the seat of my pants!!



not sure about Typepad but with gogle we can go backa nd add catergories...maybe try edit post and then post options..... should be able to add C.... love the new buttons and catergories... so FRESH FIG.....
Hugs Dawn x x

Love the new blog header and all of the fun vintage images...especially love the blue swatch at the top of the page--think I'm going to have to get yards and yards of that one!

Always such a pretty place to visit. Just about anything vintage is such fun and I love your choices.

Oh, fabric inspired by those vintage images would be just lovely. The swatches look great. Your header does as well!

Love the new looks! Those vintage images are too cute!

The blog just keeps getting better and better!
Thank you for the categories, so helpful as Fresh Figs is my decorating muse and I use your blog for many, many resources. I am finally painting my living room the perfect buttercream color tomorrow and will hopefully get some new Figs fabric for some curtains asap.

All your new stuff is so cute! Can't wait to see the "big" swatches! I'm so hoping to get to The Creative Connection and if I do I'll bring you some darling fabric labels that are repros from 1870's -1940's. You would have a blast putting them into something cute with your fabrics!

Joanna: The new banner and feel of the blog is just wonderful. Is the flower in the lower left of the banner something we'll see soon on a pattern? Hopefully it's not an old one that I've missed. Keep up the good work!

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