Outtakes...& goldfish

Let them have Hats!

Today has been all about hats around these parts. You will laugh, but tomorrow is going to be all about fish... just wait and see, its definitely a first.

One of our brand new THREADS patterns is for matching mommy & girl sun hats. But let's be honest, I am certainly not going to put my head on the cover of a pattern if I can at all avoid it. So today for 3 hours we shot the model de jour! Since the boys wouldn't be caught dead in a sun hat, that only left one person ready and willing.
And although I do certainly love the results, photo shoots with the munchkin are always surprisingly fun and exhausting at the same time. Thank you to everyone involved for their patience & creativity!

Here are a few of the pics.... several of these are on the pattern cover. The rest will go to the in laws! 






This last one is easily my favorite. In order to distract her when she was getting bored, we asked her how many toes she had on her feet and so of course she promptly started to count them on her fingers! Here she is up to toe number #2 I think. Sweet moments in the midst of work, deadlines & insanity.

p.s. glimpses of the new fabric in pic #4...

Talk to you soon.


i LOVE pics two, four & five.

oh the new fabric!!!
the dots & buttery yellow.

Beyond cute!
And yes, of course now I really can't wait for the new fabric to be released...*sigh*...

Cute! I love the skinned knee photo with one eye peeking out. Such a carefree smile.

That hat is the cutest!

So cute! (Both the model and the hat!) Your daugther is darling and the photos are great. Applause all around!

Aw, Ella is so cute! Skinned knee and all :) How perfectly sweet :)

i had a feeling that was your new fabric.. good stuff... so is the skinned knee a result of playing with the boys??

She is a cutie pie! Love the hat, too!

She's adorable (as is the hat!) . . . Thanks for the peek of the new fabric! . . . It' looks fun & sweet at the same time! I can't wait to see it. . . only 2 more weeks! xo, Bren

Oh, she is darling. And the hats, too!

Too sweet for words ...

The Munchkin
Shinned knee
To-die-for Eyes
oh, yea, and the hat too!

Love the pic with the little skinned knee.

What perfect pictures...and your daughter is precious! Love the hat as well...I'm definitely going to have to make that too!

I know! Someone suggested that I photoshop the skinned knee out and I
thought.... No way! That¹s who she is.

Happy Sewing,


No, its a result of her always trying to beat everyone everywhere... And
usually not succeeding! The fate of the 3rd child I guess.


So adorable! It makes me want spring to be here :)

Do I get a vote? I like picture number 2. Although that skinned knee is adorable!

SHE is TOTALLY adorable!!!!! LOVE the hat!!! What a sweetie pie!
Your new line looks amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

What a CUTIE!!!! especially with the skinned knees. New line looks amazing, as usual.

Such a cute pattern on such a cute girl with such cute fabric (especially photo four)!

Your daughter is so beautiful! Love the hat and I too think the skinned knee is so cute! Think my 4 year old would love that hat!

How cute is that!?! Love it!

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