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I know that I have written about this magazine before, but now I have an even better reason to go on and on and on about it….

I am one of the featured artists in this August 2009 issue of Where Women Create! 

I just want to say a big thank you to Jo Packham for her amazing spirit and laughter and creative approach to life, to Jenny Doh for making all of this happen and for including me in her wonderful projects [more to come] and to Michael Garland for his absolutely unbelievable photography of my studio and office. Having worked with Michael before, I can honestly say that he captures the essence and the feel of a room like no other photographer I have worked with. I am able to see my own studio in a new light when I look at it through the photographs that Michael has taken. Thank you also to the other wonderful ladies that I have met and connected with as a result of being involved in Where Women Create!  I am so honored & inspired to be amongst you.

I really can’t say enough about what a beautiful publication this is, not anything like a traditional magazine, these “bookazines” published by Stampington are the quality and feel of a traditional soft cover craft book more than a magazine. No advertising but on the first few and very last few pages, these bookazines read like beautiful photographic journals of women artists. I have devoured each and every quarterly issue and have referred to the beautiful pictures of all the various artists for inspiration again and again.

 I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way, but I had absolutely NO IDEA that there were so many amazing women artists and crafters out there. NO IDEA!

If you don’t subscribe or haven’t read one yet, you really might want to check it out.

 Just a few of my favorite pages from the article…. because  I can’t spill all of it once now can I!

I will show you more lovelies next week and I hope to have a link finished up to a pdf of the full article by then as well. But for now I am off for some fun in the sun with the munchkins! 


Talk to you soon.


i have never heard of this publication.. so thank you for sharing... i enjoy reading about others because it inspires me to keep going!

I got the magazine yesterday and just read the article about you earlier today! I have to agree with you - it is a very high quality magazine and everyone looks great!

Joanna....I am going to look for that magazine! From what I see right now, your section of the magazine is stunning! Keep up the awesome work!

Wow...congratulations on being included. Of course that was a no brainer!!

I received my copy last week and was delighted to see you were included. This is currently the only subscription I plan on renewing. You are so right about the quality. From the type of paper to the content it is a keeper.

Yeah Joanna! Looks gorgeous, as always. So do you, actually! Can I come steal just one of the quilts out of that closet (WOW)? I bet you would never even notice it was missing.... :-)

Congratulations, Joanna.

I started reading it after you commented on it the first time. I love it and had to subscribe! It is a great magazine! I was so glad to see you in it last week when it came in the mail. Glad you doing so well.

I was sitting on the porch reading that this weekend. Congratulations.

How wonderful to be in such a fantastic publication! Stampington really does do an outstanding job and the photographs are always beautiful. I buy mine in the local shops and can't wait to get it and see the entire article!

Small world.
I just got wind of your blog via my friend, Jenny Doh. Do you remember we talking about my high school friend who invited me to church?.... (I would say her name so fast that it usually sounded like one word: "jennydoe" ;)
She would've been in my wedding too if she wasn't giving birth to her son.
She mentioned something about MODA in her blog and I was wanting to sound in-the-know & I told her that I knew someone that designed for them.
I'm glad that you're featured in her magazine. Nic & I just looked over the above photos and affectionately said, "that is so joanna"
Hope you & Eric & the lil' ones are doing well.

Wow! A whole room full of Fig Tree!!! Oh, that's right. You ARE Mrs. Fig Tree!!!!! If I came to visit your lovely sewing room, please don't count the quilts after I leave. I may look a little "chunkier" than when I arrived. Heavenly space, you lucky duck!!!

Congratulations on the article! I'm going to look for the magazine at Borders tomorrow.

I love this publication...and my copy came just as I was leaving on vacation! Your studio is amazing...I loved the article!

Thank you for your gracious comments about the magazine.....it is because of women like you that we have such an inspirational publication for us all to share.
Congratulations! Your article really is beautiful and I so appreciate your being such an important part of my journey......
Much love always

Wonderful, Joanna! I looks just beautiful!

How exciting! I love this magazine - it's very interesting - a little peak into the creative mind of an artist. I'm looking forward to your article.

Good for you! How wonderful! Love the pic's...what a great picture! Bet your scrap books are getting full hmmm? Guess I will need to check out the magazine!
I love your inspirational music! Especially the French song that always comes on first off when I come onto your blog... nice!

Yes, I agree, I love this magazine (as well as other Somerset publications).Always have to get a copy!
I read your article-what a great story.
P.S-I bought 2 more of your patterns today :)

I saw the spread about you in the magazine, congratulations! I too love their publications, so well done.

Okay, that is just too much of a 9 degrees of seperation story for me right now! I totally remember you talking about jennydo! In fact I remember making fun of you calling her jennydo because for years I thought that was all her first name! I cant believe that is the same person!!

Love that you found me here. Was just thinking of you this weekend when we were at IVCF alumni camp at CBS. Will write more personally later.


What a great publication. Congratulations on being featured it's fab!


How awesome!!! I love the spread, it is just lovely! Congratulations!

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