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A Bit of Inspiration

Inspiration is such a broad word and means such different things to so many different people that its really hard to talk about authoritatively... or with any kind of assuredness. What is ultimately inspirational for one person can mean absolutely nothing for another. It is actually quite fascinating if you think about it.


For me inspiration always starts with the same thing. I am sure that its not hard for many of you to guess what that thing is for me... the most true and pure inspiration for me is color, certain color. For me its always about the color. It almost doesn't seem to matter where the color is or what the colorful objects are or how they are arranged  or where they catch my eye. There is that certain color palette that physically draws me in... every single time. It is that palette that I always call Fresh Vintageā„¢.


When we were getting ready for our last major photo shoot, we took these shots of a few of my favorite pieces of Fresh Vintageā„¢ inspiration around the studio and offices.


The photos caught my eye this morning as I was sorting through something else that I am planning on sharing with you tomorrow.


Vintage illustrations of various kinds. Vintage fruit labels. French children's game illustrations.

Favorite vignettes near my studio desk.


More vintage illustrations. French advertising art.... a snippet of one of my all time favorite images of the little French girl advertising for Suchard chocolate.


Looking at these just makes me want to shut myself away somewhere, sit and paint. One can always dream, can't one?

Talk to you soon.


I love the warmth and vintage feel of the illustrations, Joanna! They remind me of a lush, late summer! Can't wait to see what you're sharing tomorrow!

You can't beat a wonderful vingnette of pretty things. I love what you're showing here.

What wonderful colors! I love those sweet little inspriations. But nobody can give them a "life" like you can... seriously!

I don't know how you manage to get ANYTHING done...your whole house is a vignette!!

dreaming is what makes it all worth it... dreaming and then seeing what dreams come true and how things evolve..

Inspiration is such a wonderful thing to think about...and color is definitely what inspires me the most...the colors in fabrics more than the designs are what motivate me to buy and create with them! Beautiful photos (as always)!

Gorgeous new photo of you!

Saw your article in Where Women Create. What a comfy place to work (& play). Really cool that you are Polish!

Hi, Joanna! Thought of you today as we wandered our way through Paris!! I could live in this city:)

Those colors are just beautiful~I always love old advertising, the colors in them are so neat.

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