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Market Recaps... #1

I have been home for a few days and it has done my soul good to unpack, sleep, print out orders like a crazy person, eat some yummies and mostly hang out with the munchkins. Have kept the office gals busy all week and hoping that they will catch up on everything by next week. Thank you for your patience!

Personally...haven't done much that couldn't be done from the couch- although I guess that is not all as bad as it sounds given that my main forms of communication are my laptop and my cell phone and both trusty friends have been with me the whole time...

So I guess I should rephrase that and say that I have been doing what I am supposed to but just from the comfort of my couch...

On a side note, I was asked recently during an interview, what my daily favorite place to be was?  Other than my studio of course which just seemed like way too boring of an answer for an interview ABOUT my studio, I answered... the left side of my couch!  Not the right, not the middle, not the love seat or the armchair.... I only sit on the left side of our old couch, propped up with my favorite floral pillows surrounded by paperwork, crayons, remotes, iced tea and a little bowl of chocolate chips... heaven!  I know, I know, i am easy to please. But that corner is my own little slice... everyone in our family knows to stay out of it, because if they don't, I'll just sit on them when I come over!
Okay that is probably way more information than you wanted, "TMI" as the munchkins say, so here are a couple of more shots of my booth...
Straight shot of the 3 beds. You can't really tell but there are 3 lamps hanging down, one above each bed, the middle one has a fabric covered lampshade and the remaining two just have light bulbs. It was a long discussion about which way looked better... so we decided on both because we couldn't come to a concensus. 
This is the right side of the booth if looking straight in... Those beds were supposed to be easy and simple to assemble... just take a look here to see how NOT EASY they really were!  How many MODA designers and managers does it really take... at one point there were at least 3 of us but she escaped in order to take shots of those of us dumb enough to keep trying :-). Thanks for all of your help ladies! I literally couldn't have done it without you both!
Left side of the booth, with my new favorite applique project on the left wall. Pieced, appliqued AND quilted by the amazing Diana Johnson. And you thought she was just a pretty face... or just a wonderful quilter. This lady rocks! One day you should ask me about the exact moment of inspiration for this quilt. Or just ask Nireko if you know her... she will be happy to tell you!


One of the best things about this convention center as well as our particular position on the convention floor is that at least several times each day, the sun exploded through the gigantic glass roof and shone down on us as if the Big Guy was smiling down on our work. Who knows, perhaps He was....
It resulted in some fun photos that almost looked as if they were taken outside on a sunny day. This was one of my favorites.


I have a lot more pictures but the munchkins are starting to roll in and I think I will leave the rest for Monday.
Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family, good food and perhaps even some good sewing...
Talk to you soon.


Your booth was beautiful! Love the quilt-covered beds!

no wonder why you won an award for that booth!

What a beautiful setting! And so YOU! I can't imagine how much work it took to put it together. Definitely worth the effort, though!

Your booth was fabbo! And might I say (again) that I am just dying to make the wallhanging! Enjoy your time of R&R, it is important to take time for yourself and the family!


Your booth is absolutely beautiful...congratulations on the booth award!

It was a particularly pretty booth I think. We love this new line of fabric a lot. Now what about those cherries again?

Can I have this room in my house? Good dreams would happen in this room. It's beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. ooxx`jodi

The cherries will have to be for a time when its just you and me and the
scallops... :)


Loved (and agreed) with what you said about the side of your couch. For me it's the left side of the love seat with the ottoman in front (serving as a desk.)

Also loved the booth ... and the beds.

And the Big Guy.

From the first photo I saw of your booth, I said it was a winner! Such incredible attention to detail!

Your booth is lovely; I wish I'd bee there in person to see it !

it WAS lovely! I caught the sun in there a couple of times-so pretty!!!

I'm totally laughing at the couch I sit reading this from the right side of the couch, with my cozy blanket, brownie bits and milk, laptop on lap and sewing mags over there on the table, heehee! No one even bothers to sit here when I'm NOT in it, LOL!

Your booth looks amazing! The colors are so inviting and warm. I wish I could have seen it in person.

I love your blog!

Your booth looks fantasic; all those beautiful quilts!

I have a favourite end of the couch too! Your booth looks wonderful!

Hi Joanna,
I think your booth is always one of the most beautiful at market (if not THE most beautiful). This one - again - makes me want to move in....what fun would it be to crawl into one of these easy ;o) beds under one of your gorgeous quilts...*sigh*.
I just finished a quilt using your "Fig & Plum" collection...and there are at least 5 projects awaiting me using your other gorgeous fabric collections and/or your beautiful designs. And now I added some more to my Fig Tree Wish List ~ I especially fell in love with "Creme FraƮche" and "Papillon"...
Thanks for bringing so much beauty in my life ;o)
Cheers, Julia
P.S.: we also have favourite places on our couch at home...definitely not TMI...;o)

Hi Joanna,
It was so nice to meet you at Market! Loved your booth and thoroughly enjoyed your Schoolhouse class :) I was lucky enough to snatch up a Layer Cake at Sample Spree(and lived to tell about it!!) and can't wait to make something with it!
Thanks for all the good things you had to say about Etsy too :)

Joanna....your booth is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with those of us who could not be there! could you take a moment and check out my latest post and let me know if you have any suggestions! I would absolutely love that. Your work is amazing! thank you so much!

Oh wow... So pretty!!

Your booths are always so inspiring. I think gosh this is her best line ever and then you come out with a new one that tops the list. Keep going! I can't wait to see what comes next.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment! High praise from the fabric designer. Its so easy and inspiring to use your fabrics...of which I use most of the time.

Love your booth. I didn't get to spring market, but hope to see you in Houston. I also love your fabrics, and carry them in my shop.

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