Bon Voyage Madeline!
Market Recaps... #1

The next Fresh Vintage is right around the corner...

Fresh Vintage #12 is our next issue and its just around the corner. This particular Fresh Vintage will have 5 different variations of the same pattern. I had so much fun working with this little snowball/pinwheel block that I couldn't stop at just one. So I ended up with 5 different variations.

Featured on the cover here is Cherry Creams.

Here is Carnival.


Primrose Petals.


A Day at the Fair


And last but not least,  Yuletide Sweets.


We're still working on this one in the studio so bear with us. We are planning on releasing it at the end of the month.
Talk to you soon.


just darling.
i am a sucker for anything pinwheel.

um seriously do you ever sleep? just askin.

Those are just, too, cute!

Um, seriously... Not enough sleep around here most weeks. CanĀ¹t help myself
I guess. But this week after market, always lots and lots of sleep. Fell
asleep on the couch last night and woke up in time to see my husband
shuttling the kids off to school. Gotta LOVE that man!

I'm hooked on Fresh Vintage now...can't wait for the new one to come out! Just wondering when the fabric bowl pattern and the Bon Voyage Madeline patterns will be out...can't wait to start on them!

I love all of these patterns! And the Market pictures are awesome! I can only imagine the excitement!

Love seein' all of your new goodies, Joanna! Great recap and photos of Market, and your booth was beautiful!

PS... Pam asked me nicely to ask you to please post pics of your laundry room. Will you, will you?

Thanks sweetie! Pam has way too much time on her hands I tell ya! My
laundry room is never in a photographable state... To put it nicely. But I
will see what I can do.


Hahahaha I've seen that room and even with laundry it is completely darling. Your comment cracked me up. I can see the figsign up on the clouds now ...

Hey if it just meant folding a couple of loads.. I'm sure it could be arranged.

We now have a comment war going on... Where will it end....

I love the new patterns and your new fabric line is gorgeous. I love the market updates, too. Sample Spree looks like it would be fun. Thanks for explaining how it works.

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