Market Pattern Debut #2
Anatomy of Sample Spree

More pattern sneak peeks...

Our Fig Tree Threads patterns are a newer part of our overall pattern line and we are having so much fun with them. Here are 2 of the 3 we released this time around...
Bon Appetite
-- Okay , i have to admit that I just didn't get the whole fabric bowl thing until I decided to make these little charm pack friendly lettuce cup leaf bowls... so much fun to make and so quick to make for perfect little presents. I want to make more in various sizes when I get home!

Bon Apetite


Little Picasso
--- a simple play smock made with squares & rectangles. No fancy patterns here. Just real simple sewing. My daughter was so happy to model for me. She can't wait until the models come back from the show so she can play in them....
Talk to you soon.


I love both new patterns!!! The bowls would make perfect little gifts! I can see them done in Christmas fabrics too!

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