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Well here I am blogging instead of writing patterns. Earlier I was "twittering" instead of writing patterns [to see some of our daily news or special twitter discounts, "follow" us in the top upper right hand corner of the blog]. Before that I was working on cleaning up my email inbox instead of writing patterns. Earlier than that I was answering some sales calls instead of writing patterns.

Are you getting the picture yet?? 

I am confessing to all of you right now... that I do not want to be writing patterns! If there is an experienced pattern writer out there who likes to work for fabric... CALL ME AND YOU ARE HIRED!! Not kidding. Really not kidding.

Anyway, here is one more thing to do instead of pattern writing--- our FLY AWAY HOME KITS are back for a limited engagement. You all know that we don't do kits very often mostly because they are so time consuming and because we have no interest in competing with all of the amazing, wonderful quilt stores who do this for a living! 

Xmas kit adsmall 

But once in a while we break down and offer something special. Our FLY AWAY HOME quilt was featured on the front page of the December '08 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. Can I share with you that our original name for it was "Christmas Goose"... get it, flying geese, goose... ANYWAY!  And it was so popular that we sold out of hundreds of kits in 10 days or so. We didn't think we could make any more but we have been gathering apple greens, soft creams and tomato reds and we have made up a 2nd batch of them.  Get them HERE if you are interested. We don't think they will be around for very long.

They are made mostly from Fig Tree fabric with a few other MODA designer prints thrown in. The price includes binding and shipping.

Happy Sewing!


If you haven't already caught on, we have been writing patterns like crazy lately. Mostly right now we are working on pattern covers which means, photo shoots, photo editing, photoshop work, playing with fonts, layout and resizing, writing descriptions etc. I actually like this part of the pattern making process. I would actually love it if it weren't for the crazy deadlines that exist in this industry that I love so much!

My office & studio gals have been working their tails off too, so here's a big thank you to Sophie, Cheryl, Nireko, Marcie & Gabbie! Not to mention our fantastic sewers Valerie, Wilma, Cheryl, Diana, Keiko, Sinta and Nicole. Hope I am not forgetting anyone! So appreciate your time and work!


This is a shot of part of one of our new patterns called French Kiss... More to come later.


Talk to you soon.


Hi Joanna,
Thanks for putting together the new kits and giving us a second chance. I'm really looking forward to my kit and the fabrics you gathered. Monica

I have seen your notes on Twitter and then saw the new post on your blog... you are "flittering" about aren't you! Don't worry you will get it all those patterns written and perfect:)

So seriously...my goal in life is to "work for fabric"---can't imagine anything better than writing patterns for fabric!!!

My mother generally tried to steer me in other directions, but I have to say that "French Kiss" is scrumptious.

Sorry Mom.

Lovely things appearing...I'm sure all of your hard work will be worth it.

But are you on Facebook?! Sorry...talk about a time vampire! But oh so fun, with a growing group of quilters and quilt companies represented. I'd be interested in hearing more about pattern writing. I'm a Photoshop geek (CS3), have written many sets of instructions (in scrapbooking) for teaching, publication and make & takes. I also do a lot of proofing and writing on the side (I catch all the typo's in the ads at the movies!). Would definitely work for fabric and the experience. You can reach me at the email linked to my comment. Thanks!

So I ordered one the limited edition patterns, and I am so hoping that I will get it.....haven't yet got the email of confirmation.......worrying........ just love your fabrics and patterns.......

thanks for all your wonderful idea's

I will write patterns.........yes.yes.


I'm weeding today, instead of writing patterns! Feeling your pain!

Hi, I am interested in your pattern writing opportunity and will work for fabric (how many times have I jokingly said that? I don't know, but this time I am not kidding!!). Reachable by the email address available in typepad.

I love your pattern French Kiss. I can't wait to get my hands on it and the fabric to go with it. I'm on twitter, but still don't know how to contact others. I successfully sent you my first "tweet" and read all yours, but don't know where to go from there! I am going on to your pattern place now to see what else is new. At school they have blocked all blog sites so I can't get you anymore. So I will be checking from home now! It's much harder with my family and elderly mother. Regards, Sandy

Oh, no! I just realized it's not even available yet! What a tease. See, I don't have the concentration I have at lunch alone at my computer - I never would have made that mistake before. Now that the computer patrol has shut down all blog sites, EVEN teacher sites would you believe it?

The patterns look wonderful! Love the names... cute!
And the colors!

Hi there~
I wish I were an 'experienced pattern writer'.Do future dreams count?
I have a lot of experience making crafts from patterns and coincidentally I actually came to your site/blog today because I am trying to see if there is any help or tips for step #5 in the Purslette pattern. I just cannot seem to understand what the pattern is asking me to do at this point...
If you need someone to try out the craft patterns pre-publication in exchange for fabric I wouldn't mind :)


Step #5 is asking you to take the 2 lining pieces that you sewed onto each
side of the zipper and lay them flat open. This will make the 2 front sides
of the bag lay flat open on the other side. Your purse should now look like
the diagram, kind of like a butterfly with the zipper in the middle. Once
you have done this, you will need to position the front gusset section on
top & the lining gusset on the bottom, lining the ends up with the zipper
If you would like any more info, please email me instead
joanna@figtreequilts.com and we can talk you through that way.
Good luck.

Hi Joanna, Thank you so much for all of the patterns you create, even though the process of writing the directions is a pain in the ----. Quilt shop owners love the clear consise instructions that your patterns always contain.

I will miss you at market, the trial from my son's car accident 2 1/2 years ago is scheduled for May 11, and they expect it to last 2 weeks. So no market for me. I hope it is a good one for you! Julie

Your patterns are wonderful, hang in there, it will be worth it. I can't wait to see what new patterns are coming. I love your blog.

i do love that fly away home pattern! i have that issue and i did a small christmas quilt from it.

can't wait to see the patterns coming up!

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