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Patisserie has shipped... & it's time for a giveaway!



I love those words... "has shipped"  or the words " is arriving on store shelves" or the phrase " has hit the streets"... need I say more?  There is something about those words that is exhilarating for me as a designer. It is the moment of truth. I have envisioned & designed it. The design team has executed it. The mills have created it. MODA has marketed and sold it. Stores have bought it. I have gushed about loving it. But until now, you haven't gotten to play with it! Until now....

And so here it is and hopefully at a store near you or if not certainly at an online store near your fingertips! 
Even as I was gushing some more about it here for this wonderful gal, I couldn't help but find myself back on those little criss crossing streets...




So here it is... just in case you don't already have your hands on some of these goodies we are having a little giveaway and a name contest all at once. 


We are giving away 1 Jelly Roll™, 1 Honey Bun™, 2 Turnovers™, a complete set of Patisserie patterns & a surprise gift for the winner[s] of the name contest. 
When you leave your comment, please share with me some possible names for my upcoming projects. I can't share the projects quite yet but you all did such a fabulous job with names last time we did this that I am confident you can come up with some again "project sight unseen". 
Use Patisserie as your inspiration and just go for it! Multiple entries for names are just fine but we will only count 1 towards the contest.
We will choose winners next wednesday...
These below are the gorgeous Patisserie pages from the infamous MODA Playbook given out at Market. Can't  you just feel yourself transported??




Thanks for playing along.
Talk to you soon.


It all looks beautiful and I would love to win some.

As far as naming future projects what about doing something with the word 'edible?' For example if there is a blue colorway you could call it 'sky edibles' or 'blueberry edibles' etc. Hope you get inspired from all the suggestions.

Oooh yummy! I like Meringue. Chocolate Meringue. Meringe Truffle.

Joanna, thanks for letting us have our input. Any connection with this line is an honor. I love it! My suggestions: creme de le creme, Parisian cafe`, cafe de Paris For your new lines I still think France conjures up luxurious and fabulous thoughts, so how about: Belle Paris, Marseilles, or magnifique. As our one time French exchange student, Nathalie, always says to end correspondence, I kees (kiss) you.

I positively LOVE this fabric line!!! It is scrumptious to say the least. Some ideas for names are:
madeleines (lovely, light French cookies with a shell-like design)

creme brulee (is their anything more light and decadent at the same time???)

profiteroles au chocolat (maybe a play on jelly rolls?)

crepe Suzette

I just LOVE this line!! It's positively scrumptious! For possible names:
madeleines (light, lovely French cookies)

crepe Suzette

profiteroles au chocolat (maybe a play on jelly rolls?)

creme brulee or creme caramel

My, everyone has such wonderful ideas that I don't see how you are going to choose! Here are a few more for the mix:

Ruby Torte
Butter Cremes
Maple Tassie
Summer Confection
Tete a tete
L'amour du Monde
Papillon (spelling?)
A La Mode
Sweet Desire

Can't wait to see what you are working on! Probably others have already come up with these, but here's off the top of my head...

Creme Fraiche
Petit Fours
Profiteroles (little creme puffs!)

Fig Puff
just Beautiful

Something I can pronounce when I am buying fabric.

Beautiful fabric

Only one thought comes to mind with all that delicious finery ... "Oui Oui!"


I already bought (and have been drooling over)your new book and have been waiting impatiently for the fabrics to arrive. I can't wait to get started. I just read over at La Vie en Rosie about a famous French patisserie called Lauduree- wouldn't that make a great name?

wow - your line is beautiful!

Tuilerie Garden
petite fours
bouche de noel

Beautiful! What a great fabric line, and the patterns are so pretty! Hmmmmmmm...names might be...

Raspberry Tart
Fruit swirls
Fruit twists

Alyson (& ELIZABETH)

This line is so beautiful. I think...
Custard Creams
Chocolate Eclairs
Raspberry delights

I just want to get my hands on some!!

Hmmm....not too much into French words...but I always liked the book "Linnea in Monet's Garden"!!:-)

How about Eclair, strudel, delicacy, banquet, truffle, hors d'oeuvre, les bon bons, le gateau, au chocolat or couverture?

How about a play on words with Pati-cake? Lovely fabrics!

oooh, I'm in love with this fabric already. I used to work in a Patisserie, though it was Swiss, not French.
How about:
Petit Four
Sacre torte

I love this and have already ordered a jelly roll. I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I just love when you do lines with red in it.

Patisserie Pastry
Petit Treats
Patisserie Perfection
Patisserie Puffs
Kissin' me Patisserie
Patisserie Pretties

The fabrics are just lovely! Some names that come to mind:
Summer Creme
Vanilla Creme

Apparently, I have cream on the brain. Mmmm. :)

I wish I was good with names! Beautiful!

Chocolate Eclair

Raspberry Creme Brulee

Baked Sunshine

I cant' wait to get some of this. I got a few of your patterns for Christmas. I'm currently making Butterscotch Tarts out of Fig and Plum and I plan to use Patisserie to make Jelly Girl.

How about:

partir en mer

sheer decadence, cherry jubilee, sweet treats, i am really bad at naming. thanks

My favorite color in this line is the Butterscotch.
La Petite Soeur (Little Sister)
Grande Dame

creme brule!

Love the Patisserie fabric! How about Mocha Cappuccino?

Simply beautiful!

Some ideas:
Paris Kiss
Eifel Tower
Rue de Paris

Indulgence...that's what this all is....a wonderful indulgence....

How about:
Cericette {Cherry} Log
Choux Chantilly
Tuxedo Square

Thanks for the chance to win!

How about si vous plait?
I'm hoping to get my hands on this lovely stuff soon!, if you please!

Your fabric looks so pretty!
How about
Petit Four
Have Fun!!!

Since I don't speak French, I'll have to think in my terms.


Congratulations on the new line. Love it. May I suggest gelato. Someone already recommended petit four - which is my favorite.

How about these names?

Dulce de leche
A la mode
creme de menthe
deja vu

I love your site and work!

Hmmm. Not so good at this. How about Bonjour for simple french or Vanilla Creme.

I love your fabric! There are so many great suggestions and mine are a little sugar cookie, chocolate chip cookie & ginger snap. The one I really like that has already been suggested is Petit Four.

I love this line. You have out done yourself. I love every piece.

Creme Puff
Petit Four
Whits Chocolate
French fave!

Ahh, I so love Patisserie!

Here are my suggestions:
-Vintage Rose
-Sweet Cakes
-Bon Bons

I've been dying to get my hands on this great new line. I think its your best ever (but, then, I always say that when you have a new one). How about

La vie est belle

because life is truly good when you are creating quilts with beautiful fabric.

creme framboise
creme caramel or english caramel cream
mocha delight

okay here is my contribution to the name game:

crème caramel
à la mode
du jour
crème fraîche
crème fraîche
bonne nuit
crème de la crème
crème brûlée
café au lait

I am not reading any other comments so hopefully I don't repeat a suggested name...
oh la la (say that with a french accent ok?)

great line!

I think all the suggestions are great and I love the fabric. The best I can come up with is Creme Fraiche or French Meringue.

French Tart ;)

Madame's Inspiration

Atelier Daydreams

How about spumoni, butterscotch, mint chocolate, strawberry creme, sherbert, caramel, chocolate fudge, French vanilla, or raspberry ice? Can you tell I like ice cream???

love the new fabric!!

i have to say fruit tart simply because that is my little girl's favorite - in french it would be

tarte anglaise

My mouth is officially watering now:
Petit four
Lavender Honey

Mon Petit Chou Actually means my little cabbage but is a term of endearment.

These are beautiful! I can not wait to use them in a project and brag about your talents on my blog. How about Fleur de Paris or Creme Brulee?

Pure Bliss. Now that I've read all the suggested names all I can think of is pure bliss. Touching and holding such gorgeous fabric, a cup of tea and all desserts mentioned.....Bliss!

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