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Patisserie has shipped... & it's time for a giveaway!



I love those words... "has shipped"  or the words " is arriving on store shelves" or the phrase " has hit the streets"... need I say more?  There is something about those words that is exhilarating for me as a designer. It is the moment of truth. I have envisioned & designed it. The design team has executed it. The mills have created it. MODA has marketed and sold it. Stores have bought it. I have gushed about loving it. But until now, you haven't gotten to play with it! Until now....

And so here it is and hopefully at a store near you or if not certainly at an online store near your fingertips! 
Even as I was gushing some more about it here for this wonderful gal, I couldn't help but find myself back on those little criss crossing streets...




So here it is... just in case you don't already have your hands on some of these goodies we are having a little giveaway and a name contest all at once. 


We are giving away 1 Jelly Roll™, 1 Honey Bun™, 2 Turnovers™, a complete set of Patisserie patterns & a surprise gift for the winner[s] of the name contest. 
When you leave your comment, please share with me some possible names for my upcoming projects. I can't share the projects quite yet but you all did such a fabulous job with names last time we did this that I am confident you can come up with some again "project sight unseen". 
Use Patisserie as your inspiration and just go for it! Multiple entries for names are just fine but we will only count 1 towards the contest.
We will choose winners next wednesday...
These below are the gorgeous Patisserie pages from the infamous MODA Playbook given out at Market. Can't  you just feel yourself transported??




Thanks for playing along.
Talk to you soon.


I have tons of your fabric and would love to have some of this new line, so here are my ideas!
joie de vivre
très beau

How wonderful of you to offer the naming to your fans. Thank you for the chance for some goodie too!
Here is my offering:

Tout Sweets
Pistache et Printemps
Pomme de Terre
Folis a Doux

Pastel boxes fastened with bakers twine, delicate paper liners, the palitable taste of sugar in the air, too pretty to eat, to delicious not to....

Yummy fabrics! These are the wordes that come to mind - fondant, ganache, confections, sugar sweet, royal icing, mousse, butter cream, French pastry, creme brulee ...
Jamie V in MT

They all look so yummy! We should all save room for dessert!

Tutti's Treats
I will take 2 of everything.
Save room for dessert!
A-Tisket, A-Tasket put them all in my basket!

Fortunately, fabric is easier on the waistline than sweets. The new fabric line certainly looks sweet enough to eat. Some more lo-cal options are:
Apple Orchard
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Peach Blossoms
Ginger and Spice
Sugar and Spice
The French Market
Vieux Carre
Moulin Rouge

Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

They all look so yummy! We should all save room for dessert!

Tutti's Treats
I will take 2 of Everything.
Save room for dessert!
A-Tisket, A-Tasket put them all in my basket!

When I look at bolts of fabric it makes me feel so content. Other times I get that feeling is when I'm walking in a cherry orchard that's in bloom (the colors, and smell) so maybe-

Orchard Blooms
Indian Summer
Desert Rose

I'm not good at names, but I always love your fabric lines.

what a wonderful collection! For us with mature eyes the already BAKED Collections are so easy to use!Although with the wonderful names like honey buns and turnovers our minds can easily wander to eating!I don't know many quilters who don't enjoy both and are good at both. How about TWICE BAKED? or Fritters? Red CAKE? Dutch Chocolate? Dinette Cake.(my grandmother's favorite)Struedal?thanks for the chance!

love the fabrics!!!! latte eclaire, delectable delights,parisian pastry, ooh laa laa

Hi the new line looks yummy
How about
Butter Tarts
Sweet Delights
Lemon Merange Pie


Tart Tatin
Strawberry Shortcake
Chocolate Eclair
Hot Crossed Buns
Sweet Treats
Lemon Chiffon
Brandied Pears
Glazed Donuts


Chocolat Figue (Chocolate Fig)

Hi....not sure of spelling but I like:

creme brulee
ooh la la

LOVE the new fabric!!! So many great ideas already. Only thing I can think of is butterscotch croissant or peach delight.

Yumm- oh as Rachel Ray would say!

thanks for the chance.

I've been impatiently waiting for Patisserie to hit the shelves. Its wonderful. New Line...
Rubarb Cotton
Tea Cake
Clover Meadow

Ilove your music. I have to have it. Is it a CD?

Buttercream Blues
Lemon Lace
Peach Pantaloons
Lavendar Love

Can't wait to see this beautiful line in person!

How about:
Figgy Pudding
Fig Preserves
Sliced Figs
Pate de Choux
Cream Puff Pinwheels
Figs and Cream
French Pastry

The line is an irresistible temptation.
How about Sweet Treats, Sweet Delights,or Petits Fours

My sister-in-law sent me a link to your site and I'm so glad that she did! Your fabrics are gorgeous and make me want to start a new project right now! I also love your patterns and can't wait to get my hands on some!
A couple ideas for project names:

I hope I am not to late!
tarte aux pommes Renversee (Carmel custard)
tarte aux cerise Creme Fraiche
tarte aux fruits Chocolate Eclair
fruit de la passion
creme glacee
creme de la creme
creme anglaise
chou a la creme

What beautiful fabric! As for names how about boulangerie.

I just purchased fabric i absolutely love it. How about Nostalgia. Your fabric reminds me of my grandmother's wallpaper.

Smacaroon? Lemon, strawberry, peach, caramel, cherry kisses, or bombes, jellies.

Those Jelly Rolls remind me of my trip to Italy and the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Rue de Siene
Joanna does Paris

Beautiful fabric.

Name contest:
Fruity Summer Fun
Taste of Summer

pretty petite

this is my FAVORITE of your many lines ever!!

i am no good at naming though.... sweet desserts, dessert dreams, cream dream....

thank you!



Ooohhh La La

How about Taffy Treats, Taffy Sweets, Polka Dot Party, Polka Dot Desserts...

Wonderful Line!!!

You have designed the most delicious (no calorie!) treats.
Some names...
Bonbons au chocolat
Quilted Treats
Croissants & Cream
Creme Caramel
Trip to Paris
Tea & Tarts
Sweet Treats

You have designed the most delicious (no calorie!) treats.
Some names...
Bonbons au chocolat
Quilted Treats
Croissants & Cream
Creme Caramel
Trip to Paris
Tea & Tarts
Sweet Treats

Patisserie looks very enticing and I would love to make something using it for some friends who have recently bought an old mill in France.

But to be constructive, can I persuade the designers to invent a successor to Urban Indigo? It must be my favourite fabirc line ever. The quilt I made from it excites me every time I look at it still (and I know what is wrong with my construction and quilting even iof others don't).

So how about Chambray and Champagne?
Adventures in Distressed Denim?
Blue and better?

But please do return to a similar palette!

How about:

petit gâteau


YUM the fabrics are gorgeous..... the search is ON! :)

posie parfumé?
en fleur?
magnifique motif?

Whatever the name, I know the end result will be remarkable!

Hi Joanna,
Your new line is so fabulous! 'Sugar Threads' or 'Warm Buttered Toast' are my votes for your contest because your fabrics are so yummy, that I could just eat them up!! Why is it that your fabrics always bring me to thoughts of food...mmm?!!! ha! I'm working on a king sized quilt for our bed with a little bit from Urban Indigo, Dandelion Girl and Allspice Tapestry...and wouldn't Patisserie be a great addition!! Oh and my other suggestion for a future pattern, 'Beaches and Dream' (or dreams if you will)...your fabrics are so soft, romantic and they always transport me to somewhere I want to go (like the beach)! Thanks for the beautiful fabrics, you are inspiring!


Hope I am not too late for the giveaway. How about chanson or musette, two styles of french music long associated with the cafe scene. Your fabrics are beautiful.

Barbara K

Figgy Pudding
Brown Sugar Cinnamon Tarts
Parisian Olive

Please promise to use spell-check if you use any of my suggestions!! :o)

-mille feuille
-lavender the (tea)
-honey bee

Thanks for letting me "play". Becki

Patisserie is your best work yet! It is beautiful and pink is my fav color, so I'm in love. I speak NO french I looked through some of the names listed and my fav is Parisian Romance, to me it says it all.....or perhaps just plain Parisian Love.

These are absolutely yummy fabrics!!

My ideas
Sweet Time in Paris

Jelly Filled Croissants

Parisian Bread Basket

Sweet Dreams

French Market

Paris Picnic

I love this fabric line very much. The colors are so warm and cozy. I can't wait to make a quilt with this fabric.Shirley

A terrific collection !!! How about Napolean or Butterscotch Cream.

Wow, they are gorgeous! What on earth could I suggest that hasn't already been said??!

Creme Cafe
Rich Ganache
Lemon Meringue
Creme Caramel
Strawberry Tart

I just love this line of fabric,I have the jelly roll and layercake. I can't wait to get started. The line is do warm and cozy. Keep it up I love your fabric.
Choclate Fruit
Fruitie Delight

I don't think I can compete with all the other names but I would love to be entered anyway. I think you make some of the most beautiful fabric out there. Don't ever stop!!

I just cant't get enough of your Fig Tree fabrics so here goes.....

Fig Tree's Bonbons
Fig Tree's Sucre Gateau
Fig Tree's Bonbons et Champagne (Champagne for the wonderful buttercreams you design!!! - they go with everything!)

And because I think you should design with more lavenders....
Fig Tree's Lavende de Provence
Fig Tree's Lavende Anglaise

Fig Tree's Cour le Creme'
Fig Tree's Parisiene Confiserie

I'm wishing myself luck...

Annette Capovilla Hall

You have outdone yourself again. my votes are for Chantilly, Fresh Sweets, Pitcher of Cream...

So many great names, but they do sound more like a bakery. I was lucky enough to go to France and Paris and the colors in the sky are beautiful and inspirational. Many artists go there to paint. Here's a few thoughts:

Paris Nights
Paris Inspiration
Petite Palette
Paris Palette
Que Cera Cera


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