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Patisserie has shipped... & it's time for a giveaway!



I love those words... "has shipped"  or the words " is arriving on store shelves" or the phrase " has hit the streets"... need I say more?  There is something about those words that is exhilarating for me as a designer. It is the moment of truth. I have envisioned & designed it. The design team has executed it. The mills have created it. MODA has marketed and sold it. Stores have bought it. I have gushed about loving it. But until now, you haven't gotten to play with it! Until now....

And so here it is and hopefully at a store near you or if not certainly at an online store near your fingertips! 
Even as I was gushing some more about it here for this wonderful gal, I couldn't help but find myself back on those little criss crossing streets...




So here it is... just in case you don't already have your hands on some of these goodies we are having a little giveaway and a name contest all at once. 


We are giving away 1 Jelly Roll™, 1 Honey Bun™, 2 Turnovers™, a complete set of Patisserie patterns & a surprise gift for the winner[s] of the name contest. 
When you leave your comment, please share with me some possible names for my upcoming projects. I can't share the projects quite yet but you all did such a fabulous job with names last time we did this that I am confident you can come up with some again "project sight unseen". 
Use Patisserie as your inspiration and just go for it! Multiple entries for names are just fine but we will only count 1 towards the contest.
We will choose winners next wednesday...
These below are the gorgeous Patisserie pages from the infamous MODA Playbook given out at Market. Can't  you just feel yourself transported??




Thanks for playing along.
Talk to you soon.


I think I might be the 500th comment.... it should be a lucky number for me!

thanks so much for letting us play and for designing the most beautiful fabric for us to play with!

How about profiteroles?

I just love all the Patisserie fabrics and can't wait to get some to sew up! But I always love all your fabrics and patterns! France was wonderful and eating the goodies was a delight! Some names,
cerisette et chartreuse would be good for a Christmas batch!
gateau, mousse, crepes, petite fours, meringues, madeleines, glace
Thanks for the contest!

My suggestion is Chocolat Figue (Chocolate fig)


Sweet romance
the flower of sugar
Peach in syrup

No matter what I do I can't see any comments, including mine dated past Mar 6th. Hope this is working on your end. To repeat, this wonderful fabric line and your great description make me want to jump on a plane to Paris. My name choices are:
C'est si bonne
Creme Fraiche
Sweet dreams
Thank you

All I can think of is food now! My names aren't Paris inspired, but definately yummy fresh food inspired.

Lemon Verbena
Vanilla Chai
Honey Lavender
Berries and Cream
Flower inspirations are:
Sweet William
Honeysuckle Breeze

Thanks - your fabrics and patterns are beautiful!

Hi Joanna,
Is it too late to submit a name possibility for your future fabric lines? If not, here's my contribution:

Pate de Fruits

Thanks for the offering this fantastic giveaway.

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