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Patisserie has shipped... & it's time for a giveaway!



I love those words... "has shipped"  or the words " is arriving on store shelves" or the phrase " has hit the streets"... need I say more?  There is something about those words that is exhilarating for me as a designer. It is the moment of truth. I have envisioned & designed it. The design team has executed it. The mills have created it. MODA has marketed and sold it. Stores have bought it. I have gushed about loving it. But until now, you haven't gotten to play with it! Until now....

And so here it is and hopefully at a store near you or if not certainly at an online store near your fingertips! 
Even as I was gushing some more about it here for this wonderful gal, I couldn't help but find myself back on those little criss crossing streets...




So here it is... just in case you don't already have your hands on some of these goodies we are having a little giveaway and a name contest all at once. 


We are giving away 1 Jelly Roll™, 1 Honey Bun™, 2 Turnovers™, a complete set of Patisserie patterns & a surprise gift for the winner[s] of the name contest. 
When you leave your comment, please share with me some possible names for my upcoming projects. I can't share the projects quite yet but you all did such a fabulous job with names last time we did this that I am confident you can come up with some again "project sight unseen". 
Use Patisserie as your inspiration and just go for it! Multiple entries for names are just fine but we will only count 1 towards the contest.
We will choose winners next wednesday...
These below are the gorgeous Patisserie pages from the infamous MODA Playbook given out at Market. Can't  you just feel yourself transported??




Thanks for playing along.
Talk to you soon.


fraises du bois

strawberry tartan

creme anglaise

petit gateau

parisian tea

cafe au lait


Figues fraiches

Congrats! How exciting.
The Patisserie pages are beautiful.

Okay, I'll take a stab at this...

Coulis - a simple, yet elegant enhancement to French pastries. I love the concept but not sure it would be mainstream enough?

Éclair - a filled and/or glazed French puff pastry. Everyone knows what an Éclair is and it's a beautiful word.

Marjolaine - a buttercream, hazelnut and mocha French dessert with puff pastry. Another beautiful word to see and to say. Of the 3, I like this one.

Have a great day!

Patisserie looks delicieux!
Here are my suggestions

Poire Verte
Petit Pois
Creme et Cannelle
Cerise Sublime

thanks for the chance to play

I like the new Patisserie looks very delicious.

what about:

berry fruit
berry seasons
croc and berry fields
hot chocolate
bubble gum
cottton spice

Wow the names people have already come up with are great, and well there's only 5 people!

I love the collection, and would like to add these names to the consideration.

Chocolate Ganache
Concorde Framboise (good for a redish colour)
Passion et Chocolat
Blanc Sichuan (lovely for one of the white/creams)
Creme Fresh
Pâte de Fruits
Charlotte Poires

Good luck to everyone, thanks for the chance!

well the first 5 comments covered so many items....what's left? um how about
Parisian silk
Parisian Chic
Parisian Doux (parisian sweets)

Big fan of yours and all your fabrics/patterns!!!

How about...

Yum-O (the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see your work).

Magasin de Boulangerie (Bakery Shop)

Que Je Veux (What I Want)

Etoffe Fraiche (Cool Fabric)

I really love Etoffe rolls off the tongue and evokes the buyer to think great thoughts...but when looking at your work no one ever needs to be convinced!!!

Your new fabric line is awesome (as usual) and love the patterns that go with them.

I only have one idea (so far) and it is "Très Chouette" meaning "really great" as are all of your creations.

I have more suggestions...

Tarte au Miel
Tarte au Figues
Tarte aux Amandes

just lovely!

how about names hearkening back to the very basics, which will then imbue your patterns/designs/quilts with a sense of what is essential?


Wow terrific names already. How about

Chocolate Mousse
Fruit Tart
Angel Food Cake
Jelly Donuts
Apple Turnover

My French food knowledges is limited. Love how you display and photograph your fabrics!

Oh and I LOVE tea and scones so may I please add

Time for Tea
Tea for Two
Tea and Scones

I love all your designs and look forward to every new fabric release!

How about...


Giverny (Monet would be proud!)

Thanks! Amy

Hi - Love the Patisserie line and can't wait for mine to arrive. I'm planning an English Paper Piecing project with it.

I'd suggest a name that would be easy to ask for...if you are not fluent in French!

Here are some ideas -
Petit Four

Another wonderful fabric line, I'm looking forward to sewing some up:

Coeur A La Creme
Framboise Souffle

Parisian Delight,

Best wishes to all:

I'm drooling over your new fabric line and can't wait to see it in person. I'm not very creative, but one name comes to mind - Crème Brulée

Ok here goes.. my first time here.
Strawberry Dream Pie
Luscious Lemon Tart
Lime Time Divine

this fabric is so wonderful....I have the whole set of fat quarters just sitting on my cutting table waiting to go into something appliqued....just can't decide. Here goes some names.

Apple dumplings
Tea time
sugar cookies

I have a possible few:


They are all forms of French desserts. Yummy! :o)

How about Sidewalk Cafe'.

Your pictures are so beautiful, they are making me wish for a trip to Paris! How about macarons, madeleines, and eclairs.

I love the Patisserie line and have already ordered the turnovers and yardage to make a quilt. As with those delectable French pastries and breads, I was unable to resist the temptation of Patisserie! How about Viennoiserie, Delice Napoleon, Chaussons (Aux Pommes…or whatever wonderful fruit colored fillings you can dream up!), Savarin Chantilly(love those creamy whites with a dash of red), Brésiliennes (for the wonderful shades of muted cocoa browns)or Petite Choux Chantilly (for the creamy whites).

Paris in the Spring
Paris in the Morning

I like:
mango rose
This giveaway is making me hungry!
ruthrberke at yahoo dot com

The fabric and the photographs are so gorgeous! Here are a few ideas...

C'est La Vie,
Summer Creme
Fall Fondue

Names for fabric pages:
Sweet Fig (figue douce)
Crème Brûlée or Crème Fraîche (burnt cream or fresh cream)
Strawberries and Cream (Fraises et Crème) or Raspberries and cream (Framboises et Crème)
Chaux Sucrée (Lime sugar) or Citrus Meringue I also like the idea of candied lime but don't know the correct tranlation.
Poire Verte (green pear)

Name for upcoming project:
Peach Orchard, Peaches n'Creme, Peachy Cream, Creme de la Pêche

Names for fabric pages:
Sweet Fig (figue douce)
Crème Brûlée or Crème Fraîche (burnt cream or fresh cream)
Strawberries and Cream (Fraises et Crème) or Raspberries and cream (Framboises et Crème)
Chaux Sucrée (Lime sugar) or Citrus Meringue I also like the idea of candied lime but don't know the correct tranlation.
Poire Verte (green pear)

Name for upcoming project:
Peach Orchard, Peaches n'Creme, Peachy Cream, Creme de la Pêche

French Cafe

I have some of Patisserie already on order! Here are my suggestions:
Petite Fleur
La Madeleine

Merci beaucoup!

I'm going to Spain for my inspiration, something fun and romantic, carefree and flirty- Bésame (Kiss me) or Bésame Mucho (Kiss me a lot!) Oh, I can see it all in my mind already. :)

Ooo la la

Oops. I realized that I spelled béseme wrong in my comment. :( My apologies.

Something with "torte" in the name?
They all sound yummy...makes me hungry. So much for any kind of diet :)


This collection is beautiful, thanks for giving some of us the chance to try it out!

Patisserie is a lovely line. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the stores.

Here's some suggestions:
sablès noissette
le piaf
Tarte Belle

All the pictures look so yummy! My creativity's on the wane today, so I only have 1 potential name to submit: Scrumptious Spinwheels. I can't wait to pick up some of the great fabric in my local shop!

Oh my, those fabrics are just delish! Names... Hmmmm, how about a cake line :: Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Texas Sheet Cake, Mississippi Mud Cake, Angel Food cake.

Hi Joanna,
how exciting, I couldn't wait for the fabric to be released since I saw the first sneak peeks ;o)
Congrats! I know it will be a huge success!
My suggestions for the name contest...hmm...

Petits Bisous
Vanilla Praliné
Crème Brulée
Butterscotch Tarte
Pear Parfait
Pear on the cake (cherry on the cake) ;o)

Cheers, Julia

Congrats - how fun to have it out everywhere!

I'm not reading all the comments - sorry if I'm repeating :)

Mont Blanc
Pâte sucrée

Absolutely love your fabrics! Congratulations on the new line. All the ideas presented so far for your next one are terrific; wish I knew more French. My offerings: Bonbons, Saveur, Les Bon Temps.

Just saw the vintage map fabric and I'm in love! Names...Maison, Château or Marché.

Fantastic collection, I've been anticipating it's arrival since it's debute on your blog.

You've got my mouth watering thinking of deserts. I think I've added 10 pounds just thing of all these great delicacies.

Sweet Berry Tart
Orange Truffle
Almond Boule


How about chocolate fondue? Eiffel Tower? Arc de Triomphe? Laisser le bon roulea de temps! Denise in Arkansas

I speak NO French, so my suggestions are: Oven Fresh; Honey Baked; Honey Dipped, and Sweet Cream Butter.

Love the fabrics, you're making me hungry!

Sweet Treats


Tarts for Teas


Pastry Delights

In French class, we would always use "Boulangerie patisserie" together. Boulangerie is really more of just a bakery where as patisserie is more like what it sounds like, a paistry shop, so if you want a complimentary name, that would be good. I always think of the museums and churches of Paris, not to mention some of the famous landmarks. I think one of the most fitting names might be Montmatre, the area in which Sacre Coeur sits, which as dozens of fabric stores all around. It's heaven. If you're looking for something more floral, there are tons of gardens all throughout the city. I list some names below.

So my suggestions are:
Fields of Lavender
Churches: Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur
Museumes: La Louvre, Le Centre Pompidou, Muse D'Orsay
Arrondissements - how Paris is divided
Momtmarte - fabric CITY!!!
Gardens: Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Plantes...
Les Bateau Mouche (literal translation, "Fly Boats"... they travel down La Scine)

I am very patiently waiting for Patisserie to reach our shores in New Zealand. For names about
Parisian Romance
Raspberry Creams
It is so good that we can look at and eat our fill of these beautiful fabrics and not gain any weight. Weight Watchers Delight

I just love this line. Scrumptious!

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