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Name Contest Winners

I know its not that time quite yet, but I just couldn't resist these vintage postcard images...


I was planning on sending you all a Monday morning greeting but I just looked up at the clock & realized that it was Monday afternoon... so Monday Afternoon Greetings!  Mondays seem to be like that around here. All three munchkins are in school, the office is buzzing with weekend orders & the gals are busy packing & labeling [remind me one day to tell you about our office's love for the DYMO label maker... it might only be funny to us... 


the studio sewing machines are buzzing on new project samples and I am furiously answering emails, blogging, answering phone calls and other business minutia. If all of our days were as efficient as Mondays around here... well lets just say that we would be in better shape when Market rolled around!

I have been promising winners of the naming contest for over a week now and I have to confess that it has been really hard! I have fallen in love with so many of these names, both French and pastry related alike and I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out which ones I just couldn't live without!  
I have narrowed it down to about.... 35 names that I love and really want to use for something... somewhere! Thank Goodness that I don't have 35 new patterns coming out that need naming! 

So, the names that I know I am going to use for sure so far are listed below. If you are the FIRST PERSON TO HAVE NAME THIS NAME, please email me with your mailing address. Many of these names were suggested multiple times so PLEASE start looking through the list from the beginning to see if yours was the first time it was suggested. I would LOVE to send all of you something but that could get a little crazy so I am going to have to stick with the first person for each name.

Creme Fraiche [or Creme Fresh]:  This was actually a winner on our last naming contest in the fall and although a lot of you submitted that name for this contest, the prize will have to go to the winner from last time.

French Kiss
Bon Appetite
Petite Fleurs

I have to tell you that many of my favorites that you suggested like Petite Fours, Chantilly, Fig Parfait, Butterscotch Tart, etc, well we have already used them for other patterns and so can't use them again at the moment but I just wanted you to know that we were definitely on the same wavelength!

Book Update
On another front, many of you have been patiently waiting for me to add a link to purchase our newest book. If you look on the right sidebar, you can now find this link and it will take you straight to our shopping cart.

I have more updates but I have to go get Ella from school!

Talk to you soon.


congrats to the lucky winners.

p.s. i received my honeybun & patterns.
thanks a million!!!

WOW!!! I'm emailing you excited!

I love your early Easter pics. Creme Fraiche is a perfect choice with the title of your new book. Very fun playing along and coming up with names.
Congrats to your winner.

Congratulations to your winners, Joanna! I can just imagine how hard it must have been to choose from so many wonderful names! And I have to say that I LOVE my Dymo label maker - I use it for everything - notebook labels, address labels, file folder labels - I can't live without it!

I just got my book last week and I want to make everything in it.
Great names, Congrats to the winners.

Congratulations to all. I do have one question for clarification purposes. You said, "So, the names that I know I am going to use for sure so far are listed below." Does that mean that you might announce more winners later? Many thanks.

What, no meringue LOL??? Congratulations to your winners! Those little Easter postcards are adorable!

Just ordered your new book - can't wait!
Loving the blog and Happy Spring!!!!

I can't wait for Easter! These vintage postcards are just the cat's meow!

I can't wait to see the new patterns for the names you chose. I think it's so funny to see those Dymo label makers still around. I had one many, many years ago as a young teen.

Love the Easter pics. I can't wait to buy your new book. I have to recommend the P-Touch labeler. I love it.


You have outdone yourself on this book! I can't wait to get started on these projects... just can't wait!


I think that I might of given the name creme fresh. I also gave you the name for milk and cookies. Where do I go to look?

I have a new email!

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