A few Market pics...
A few more pics & a little oops...

A few fun items

Before I post a few more shots from Market, I wanted to share with you a few fun items:


1.  The MODA Fabricmatcher contest for October is done and the winners have been announced. I got the privilege of looking through around 130 entries and picked my favorite for the winner. Here it is, don't you just love it? Congratulations Amber Johnson! I have to tell you that I couldn't pick just one so I chose 6 runner ups... I know, its a little overboard but I couldn't help myself. If you haven't tried this program, you really need to wander over here a bit and give it a try. MODA does a contest every month. In fact there is a new one going on for November to do with color... so you could win a bundle for playing with fabric on your computer... hello? We would do that for free! 



And speaking of MODA....


2. Our favorite marketing director [well our only marketing director, but she is our favorite anyway :-)] has started a blog of her own. So if you haven't already been over there, please go give her a big blogland welcome and if you have.... well go over there anyway as she just posted some of the funniest pictures of our MODA reps... and that's saying a lot.  Welcome girlfriend!




And speaking of MODA [wait, didn't I just say that?]....


3. Although I didn't get out of my booth to wander and see my friends nearly as much as I would have liked to this time around, I did manage to at least make it around to MODA HOME, and the MODA mothership as we like to call it...


At the bake shop...



A few goodies and decorations at MODA Home...





And Miss Jen [Tula Pink herself] with a stylish pose in front of the quilt made out of her newest line, Neptune... very nice Jen!

A whole wall of kitchen accessories...  and even when lunch gets mixed into the display... it still looks yummy....


more later. talk to you soon.


Oh I can't wait to spend a week with you in Spain!!

Such gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Congrats to the winner - the quilt is beautiful {somehow I didn't "see" it when searching for patterns ;o) - there were some more that slipped my attention}.
I wonder what moda will do with all those chair covers now that market is over {I assume they won't be reused next ime}...!? They are too sweet to put away in a closet...;o)
Wish you a wonderful weekend {and hopefully some time to actually relax},

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