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Dandelion Girl is in the house

Images Well... it looks like DANDELION GIRL has left the building and is arriving in stores all over the country and internationally. Thank you for all your generous emails letting me know that it has arrived and that you've gotten yourself some! Our magazine kits have also started to ship & we are so happy that you all are so ecstatic to receive them! Happy Spring! It certainly does feel like we've been waiting for this one for a long time... or at least we've been talking about it for a long time. I am so glad that it is here for you all to enjoy... Look at some of these little fabric shots that a customer emailed to me.... Dandelionbdl300 Dandelionwovencharms300 Dandelioncharms300 Now, I do have one tiny piece of advice... if you haven't already snagged yourelf a Dandelion Girl Jelly Roll.... run quick and get yourself one because when you see the fun & classic pattern that I've got coming for one you'll just kick yourself if you don't have one ready to go... all I can say is stars and jelly rolls... & happiness... and a quick method... sneak peak in a few days... Talk to you soon.


Exciting! I just bought the Dandelion Girl charm pack yesterday on a road trip with friends. I did not know there is a "wovens" charm pack too. Oh I can't wait.

Charm Packs and Jolly Patches and Layer Cakes, Oh My! I received my kit last week from you and ordered the backing from an internet store and received it yesterday. Yummy! Other than it just being luscious and scrumptiously beautiful, the quality of the fabric is outstanding. It has such a nice silky feel to it. Moda Rocks, You Rock, Everybody Rocks today!

I can't wait for it to arrive at my local shop. Hopefully soon, or I may have to be bad and order it online.

Just the colors I've been craving! Warm yummy yellows and reds and greens. It'll be spring in my mailbox soon!

OH!! I am just ALL OVER this fabric assortment. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! And we just KNOW there is always a little more room in the ole stash-a-rooni!!

Joann, are the wovens available in yardage? So far all I can find is charm packs (which I have already purchased) and bundles. I would love to get some woven yardage too. Oh and of course I have purchased yardage on the fabric itself. I have received your kit and I am also expecting the Vintage quilt kit to be delivered any day now. CAN'T WAIT!!

Love all of the stripes & plaids mixed together!

Beautiful colors and patterns! I must find this!

Could some of you gals "in the know" please recommend an internet source where I might obtain yardage for the Dandelion Girl line? The two quilt shops nearest me (over 60+ miles away) did not order it...fools that they are...and I absolutely need to get my hands on some of this fabric. Thanks bunches!

Kimberly Jolly, who owns the Fat Quarter Shop has the line as well as a VERY limited supply of FQ bundles (they seem to be as scarce as hen's teeth for some reason). She may also have a selection of the wovens ... I got some of this line from her ... always happy to do business with her ... reliable and a great communicator! ENJOY!

YARDS AND YARDS AND YARDS have made it into my sewing studio. I am one happy girl. Love the seersuckers, they are just so wonderfully happy!!!! This is one time I don't mind cutting up my fabric, I am just so happy to make something yummy with Dandelion Girl. Way to go!!!! Thanx bunches.

there seem to be dozens of online stores that have the prints but not that many that have the wovens. A customer let me know that cabbage rose carries the wovens. They have both an online & a brick & mortar store.

Good luck,


Wow! This Dandelion line looks to die for! I love all the colors! :o)

The fabrics are just darling. I love all of them.

I just got my Dandelion Girl f/q bundle and am so in love with it! I hope I don't get any drool marks on it. I pre-ordered mine as a birthday present, and it was worth the month-long wait. I haven't felt this kind of emotional tug from a fabric line since I first discovered Moda. It is too gorgeous! I'm going to go look at it again right now!

Dandelion Girl is fabulous, just fabulous. Got my fat quarters the other day from the Fat Quarter Shop and then yesterday picked up a set of Layer Cakes from my local quilt shop. And now I guess I have to go get the jelly roll too!!

Question for the group. Will Moda ever do a layer cake of the plaid group? It seems it is only prints. I Just can't get enough plaids.

Oh the prints are wonderful - but the plaids are to die for! I think this is the fabric line that the kit I won is in isn't it? I hope so! It is soooo awesome! And I can't wait to see the Jelly Roll pattern! I'm off to Paducah next week - I'll have to pick one up there! Wooo Hooo!

Charlie brings up a good point ... layer cakes in the plaids would be fabulous. I, too, am a plaid addict and could just see this assortment in a plaid predominant quilt ... YUMMY!!!

So far MODA is only do Layer Cakes, etc. out of the print lines. The wovens [stripes, plaids, ets] are usually complimentary lines & not the main ones. But they do add alot of interest to the groups & I love to throw them in whenever I can!


I can't WAIT to see what you'll be doing with the jelly roll ... mostly because I have one (just because I HAD to buy something from the new line right away) but I hadn't figured out what to do with it yet. I hope this will be only the first of many DG projects for me -- I really love the line.
Thanks for all you do!

Got my jelly roll and I love it. Just can't wait for the pattern you are going to post using it.

Kansas City

I am just finishing a pinwheel quilt using the charm pack. The is beautiful fabric and the colors are just perfect.

Joanna, I am waiting with bated breath for the new Dandelion Girl jelly roll pattern. I have already cut out and started the "Fat Quarter Sampler" design featured in the Spring 2008 issue of Quiltmaker's All-Time Favorites magazine from the Dandelion Girl fat quarter bundle that I recently purchased. When I saw the design I knew immediately that I had to make this quilt with your fabric. Of course, the jellyroll design will be next. Bring it on!

I found Dandelion Girl charm packs and yardage at The Stitching Station in Roseville, while on a road trip with my local guild. Yes, it surely is hard to find. I can't figure out why. Our local shop doesn't have any of your line (?!!!!) Moda is the best line of fabrics out there, and you chose well when you went with them. I'm already looking for your next line which you posted a teaser of recently. Haven't decided what to do with my charm pack yet.

Hello Johanna,
Just wanted to say I LOVE Dandelion Girl. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a fat quarter bundle of the wovens (very hard to find on line) and they are beautiful. I don't know how I will ever bring myself to cut them up! Makes me want to open a shop just so I could justifi ordering whole bolts of it. You have an incredible eye for color. Thanks.

Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley has the wovens on the bolt. That was all they ordered? Anyway, here's the web site for those in the Bay Area:

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