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A Glimpse into Fig Tree

So it seems that some of you have already beat me to the punch... so to speak. You have received the April issue of your APQ subscription and you've seen & read it...thanks so much for all of the generous emails!!
Well, just so you know, you have seen the article before I have!! I am still waiting for my personal subscription to come and except for the copies that I have seen throughout the editing process, I have not yet seen the final story.



For the rest of you, yes my latest news is that the April isse of APQ not only has a fun Fig Tree quilt in it, but it features a wonderful profile about me and Fig Tree Quilts. This has been a long time in coming as some of you close to me know. We started "preparing" the house- organizing, a bit of redecorating, some painting, all last Spring. The photoshoot timeline was changed several times and somewhere in the process of it all we managed to repaint 4 rooms, completely reorganize my fabric shelves, spruce up my studio, organzie my design bookshelves, totally restructure the Fig Tree offices and add in a hundred little in between fix ups and projects. We used the fact that we were going to have a photo shoot in the house as an excuse to get everything we had been putting off, finally done and checked off the to do list. It was very motivating!
The photo shoot itself happened in September and it was a wonderful experience. I've been involved in dozens of photo shoots of quilts & a few of me, but it feels so much more personal when the shoot is of your home and your studio and you are not the one calling the shots on what gets shown! The entire team that arrived at our house was fantastic to work with- gracious, complimentary about our home & my work and really so fun to work with. I felt like I learned so much about the process of a photo shoot, met some wonderful people and shared a great dinner with some really interesting table conversation [ask me one day what hot young starlet our photographer was shooting the night before he arrived at our house LOL]- thanks guys!



On a more personal note, I have to share with you that I know different people have different ways of measuring how they are doing in their work, how to look at success, and how to determine whether they are moving in the direction on which they set out to go. I don't know specifically why, but for me, a profile in APQ has always been one of those markers. As a novice quilter, I can still remember pouring over every single issue and devouring with great interest the stories of the designers in those pages, their ideas, their inspirations and their homes. It grew my passion for both design and for quilting. So on a personal level, I felt quite honored when they contacted me [such a long time ago now] and I am honored now to be featured in this way & to finally be able to share the story with you.
I think they did a wonderful job of "capturing" the Fresh Vintage ™ style that we work so hard to create. I hope you enjoy it.
For those of you with subscriptions, they are in the mail they tell me. For everybody else, the magazine hits newstands on February 5.
I'm including here a few of the close up shots that didn't make it into the profile itself due to space constraints.
By the way, we are offering the kit of the quilt "Dandelion Wishes" [see 2 posts down] on our website [click on the Fig Tree Home figbutton to find it] with a limited supply. We already have a pre order list, so don't wait if you are interested. The first 50 orders will receive a special little gift. Go check it out if you are interested.

Talk to you soon. More photos in a few.

Dandelion Wishes... sneak peak #2

Sorry to keep sneak peaking with you... I will share the whole picture when I can, I promise. But for now... here are a few more hints...

Well... yes it is a new quilt made out of Dandelion Girl.
Well... yes it is going to be in the best quilting magazine out there.
Well... yes if you have a subscription to this wonderful magazine, you might be getting yours any day now.

But there is more. Not only will this be a new quilt in the best quilting magazine out there but it will be a part of a....
This photo is another hint...

More tommorrow.... Jf_figtree_quilts2_4

Talk to you soon.

Dandelion Wishes... sneak peak

Dandelion Wishes... Dandelion Wishes... Here are the first of a few tantalizing photos of a special project that has been a while in the coming.... It is still a bit hush-hush and I don't want to give away too much too soon but I think some of you may know when your mail person arrives this upcoming week... any guesses?


Not only will you be seeing this little lovely soon.... but all else I'm going to say is.... KITS & a very special GIVEAWAY!! Tune back tomorrow to see some more hints & perhaps some more photos....


Talk to you soon.

Fabric District Goodies

Well I thought it was time for some more Paris pictures. You thought perhaps I was done... Not even close! Here are a few shots from the Montmarte fabric district right underneath the very steep stairs to Sacre Coeur. For those of you who don't know what that is, you might recognize the picture? Its one of those places that most people have seen on touristy shots of Paris... Well right off to one side is a small group of winding cobblestone streets filled to the brim with beautiful fabrics. Many stores have fabrics on the sidewalk to draw customers in, fabrics in bins, fabrics everywhere. I could have spent the whole day here. I found one fabric that will be the inspiration for a new line.... you'll have to wait a bit to see it but I promise I'll show it when I'm ready.



Its A New Year

The year is under way... Can you believe that its really 2008? One of my favorite things to do every year is to organize the upcoming year in all the areas of my life: personal, professional, office, house systems, etc. There is something wonderfully cathartic about starting projects afresh if you ask me. I will even confess to making a new TO DO LIST once in a while and writing down a few things that I have just finished just so that I can cross them off and have that feeling of satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something on your list! Who is fooling who, I ask you?

As I organize & schedule the upcoming Fig Tree Calendar I am excited by so many of the projects and engagements that are coming this year. With the help of some dedicated sewers, I have just finished another Dandelion Girl quilt top for a summer issue of Quilts & More [the sister magazine to American Patchwork & Quilting with easier, quick projects & small handmade items- its a great magazine if you haven't tried it out yet].Bloom1Bloom2_2

I will certainly give you more details as I have them as to when exactly it will be on news stands, etc. And as soon as it is quilted I will have a few better photos for you.

Talk to you soon.

Fig Tree Resolutions


Well... its here.... 2008! I'm assuming that this might find you cleaning & organizing, planning, sorting & recycling [can you believe the amount of trash that Christmas & the holiday season seem to generate? Its unbelievable with three little kids I tell you!] thinking about starting afresh and ofcourse making those infamous... RESOLUTIONS!!

Here too at the Fig Tree Studios we are cleaning & organizing, doing inventory & making resolutions both personal & professional. I thought I might share a few of them with all of you...

Resolution #1: Regular walks alone. For me walks provide a few very necessary elements to the creative process- quiet, nature, time to think & reflect and did I already mention... quiet.

Resolution #2: Keep the offices organized. It all looks and feels so clean right now and I just LOVE it. But with all of the people in and out- the patterns coming & going, the fabric yardage, the scraps, the projects, the strikeoffs, the books, the sketches.... etc.... etc.... it doesn't take long for it all to got to ---- in a hand basket as they say. Hey we are even considering hiring one of those closet organizers to make sure that our space is being used in the most possible efficient way. I have to tell you that it is easier to work when everything is organized.
However, the thing I love organizing the most.... my fabric! Now that helps me to really work!

Resolution #3: Learn how to use Flickr [if anyone wants to assist me with that particular one... please, please email me]

Resolution #4: Spend time painting each week. Working on painting on a somewhat regular schedule seems to be quite elusive for me. I have relly been inspired by Barbara's resolution last year of "a doodle a day", just to get those creative juices flowing. We'll see how it goes. I think maybe it will have to be "a doodle a week" for me...

Resolution #5: Add some tutorials to the blog.

We'll share some more later.

We still have a day left on our After Christmas Sale where we have been happy to pack up & send out loads of Christmas related patterns. I hope all of you are enjoying them.
All the Jelly Rolls were gone the first day.... sorry for the short supply & large demand but we do still have several handles left and ofcourse we always have patterns!

Talk to you soon.

Here's to the best 2008 Year!

Here's to a wonderful 2008!

Hope you all enjoyed a nice evening with family or friends. Our nite consisted of poppers at 9:00 with 6 children ranging in age from 2 to 9 and some really good lemon drops at midnight made by our closest friends Jen & Jon.... Dick Clark looked like he had seen one too many New Year's Eve's..... that's all I'll say....

Again, Happy, Happy New Year.