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Fabric District Goodies

Well I thought it was time for some more Paris pictures. You thought perhaps I was done... Not even close! Here are a few shots from the Montmarte fabric district right underneath the very steep stairs to Sacre Coeur. For those of you who don't know what that is, you might recognize the picture? Its one of those places that most people have seen on touristy shots of Paris... Well right off to one side is a small group of winding cobblestone streets filled to the brim with beautiful fabrics. Many stores have fabrics on the sidewalk to draw customers in, fabrics in bins, fabrics everywhere. I could have spent the whole day here. I found one fabric that will be the inspiration for a new line.... you'll have to wait a bit to see it but I promise I'll show it when I'm ready.




I was there once about 8 years ago. That is where I fell in love with toile, long before it was in the quilting fabrics in the US

Oh dear ... I may have to replace my computer keyboard soon if I keep drooling all over it! These pictures were absolutely heaven ... I now realize how serious my fabric addition is! LOL Thanks for much for sharing the memories of your journey! More, more, more.......

OK, so, when are we going?? I need ALL of that fabric! So beautiful and to have it all near the lovely Sacre Couer - it couldn't get much better!

OK, you know how people talk about drooling over things they like? Well, when I saw your pictures I literally had some weird Pavlovian response and my mouth is full of drool. Thanks. Now I am a fabric dog.


How beautiful! It had to be so inspiring to be in a beautiful place with gorgious fabrics.

How do you come to the realization that you can't bring it all home? I would abolutely go into a catatonic state with a migraine headache. That's why I can't ever go to the Houston show-sensory overload! I'm so glad you were able to make the trip. Looking at the pictures, I can see which ones you are keying in on. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

GASP ! GASP! I'm hyperventilating!!! LOOK AT ALL THAT GREAT FABRIC !!!!!!

Fabulouso! Now you have us all on pins and needles waiting for a French inspired fabric line! You fabrics continue to be my fave...can't wait for Dandelion Girl to be in the quilt shops! Keep those Paris pictures coming.

Yummy! Makes me want to go straight into the studio and make something!!!

Breathtaking!! The fabric, so lovely! Can't wait to see the fabric line your trip inspires! Libby

Ohhhh -- the colors! I'm in love with those alone. Those blues and greens with the brown? And the greens and creams with the punches of red and orange? Breathtaking!

FABRIC thank you, you have just given me a reason to vist france again as i never got a chance to look last time i was there lol

Love all these beautiful bolts. What great pictures. Fun browsing!

That fabric is positively yummy!

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