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Dandelion Wishes... sneak peak #2

Dandelion Wishes... sneak peak

Dandelion Wishes... Dandelion Wishes... Here are the first of a few tantalizing photos of a special project that has been a while in the coming.... It is still a bit hush-hush and I don't want to give away too much too soon but I think some of you may know when your mail person arrives this upcoming week... any guesses?


Not only will you be seeing this little lovely soon.... but all else I'm going to say is.... KITS & a very special GIVEAWAY!! Tune back tomorrow to see some more hints & perhaps some more photos....


Talk to you soon.


the quilt will be in a magazine...
AP and Q? McCall's?
LOOKS beautiful, Love the design and fabrics of course!

LOVE the new quilt!! Of course, it's all about the fabric.

I just finished a quilt with the Buttercream and Fig fabrics and Turning Twenty pattern. Turned out really nice. I love the colors and patterns in your fabrics.......keep them coming!


What a stunning quilt! It is a MUST-MAKE for me. I am about to start Gathering Leaves in the Allspice Tapestry range, and it will be so beautiful I cannot wait to see it finished. Your work is amazing, so please keep on producing.

Well, that does it!! I used to read the newspaper on-line with my morning coffee but lately I've "tuned in" to your Blog page first ... this new quilt and fabric line has definitely put you over the top! LOVE IT!! Count on a duplicate showing up at my house ... hopefully soon!! Fine, fine job ~ thanks so much for the beautiful "eye candy" to start my day!


Well I know it's not coming to my house, but I could send you my address... It's gorgeous.

What a better way yo start the day off then by seeing a stunning quilt. This fabric line is going to be a must for me. I already want to make 3 projects out of it. I hope my quilt shop gets it soon.

Just when I think I've seen the most beautiful quilt on your site, you post another!

Another wonderful beauty, Joanna! I can't wait to hear more. :-)

Wow! Gorgeous!

Wow tht is beautiful!! I'm definatly going to want one of those kits.

I love the colors Joanna. It's beautiful!

The colors are so soft, warm and happy. Beautiful!

Gorgeous, as usual!! Love, love, love the combination of piecing and applique (and my love of the colors of course are a given!!!)

Kit? Kit? Ohhhhhh- sign me up!!! ;)

it is breathtaking!!!!!
Those colors.... mmmhhh

Perhaps Fresh Vintage? Just as lovely as we are used to seeing from you. You never disappoint.

I'm totally swooning here........ohhhhhhhhhhhh..........its just gorgeous....
Did I 'hear' you say something about kits???? I'll definatly tune in tomorrow...wish I didn't have to go to work, though, cuz then I could stalk the blog all day.....

very beautiful.

Love, love, love it! It feels compfortable looking at it. I too need THAT kit.

Stunning. You are very talented.

I love sneak peaks. I'll bet its featured in a quilt magazine. Then we all get to have the pattern.

WOW !! what a DELICIOUS bunch of fabrics and a beautiful quilt !!!

Once again, you floor me!
I am waiting on pins and needles for my quilt shop to get this new line of fabric!! I have several projects already planned! You just continue to AMAZE!!!!! Keep it up, Joanna!! LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!!!

ohh my goodness just beautiful
hugs Beth

OMG Joanna that is soooo pretty and just where can we buy the kit cause I want one!!!!

rocking it girly friend. See you at PIQF and beyond.

There is something about your quilts that move me!? I read about some kind of kit? My Aunt Kathy,before she passed,was going to teach me quilting but there was not enough time from her.So, I'm wondering if there is time from you? Please,if there is some kind of "kit",that I could check out from you it would be much appreciated! Thanks,Li'Kate

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