Merry Christmas
Here's to the best 2008 Year!

After Christmas Sale


Some years I have braved the stores on this day, looking for the perfect deals on the cute items that I couldn't justifying buying for myself or for the house on the days leading up to Christmas. But this year, I had child care for the younger two and the oldest in the first day of football camp [Oh Lord help me!!....] and just couldn't bring myself to spend my day shopping when there was so much cleaning, organizing and project planning to do in the studio and office.

And so today found me busy as a bee, trying to squeeze 5 days worth of work into 6 hours... its amazing what a mom can do when she knows that all of her "vacationing" children are well taken care of!

As a result of my organizing, I am offering our first ever AFTER CHRISTMAS 25% OFF SALE. FROM DEC. 26- JANUARY 2, 2008
All of our Christmas, Thanksgiving or red & green & white patterns:


Mistletoe Hollow
A Yuletide Snowflake
Peppermint Swirls
Strawberry Lilies
Boughs of Pomegranates
Harvest Fruit & Winterberries
Poinsetta Baskets
Harvest Cornucopia
Red & Cream Stars

To see all of these patterns go here and see if you might have to have any of them! During checkout enter promotional code : FIG and you will automatically receive 25% off.

I also happen to have a few Urban Indigo Jelly Rolls,Modaurbanjelly Allspice Tapestry Jelly Rolls & a small overstock of those wonderful leather handles that we stock for our Easiest Handbags Ever patterns .Handleslg.

The Jelly Rolls & Handles will be 15% off until January 2nd or while they last. Email me if you wish to buy either the jelly rolls or the handles. First come, first serve on those since there are just a few.

Talk to you soon.


Way to go- skipping the stores and getting things organized! I wish I had your self control (as does my husband) I am a sucker for sales, and yours looks mighty tempting...

Have a Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what the new year brings for you. Oh, and good luck with football camp! (yikes!)

Actually, I did brave the stores on the 26th- but I got to the mall by 7:30 a.m. (yes a.m., actually I kind of felt like a slacker because they opened at 6!) Got lots of returns/exchanges/shopping done, was home by 1 pm. Now I'm trying to catch up on housework and organizing, so I can hit my studio ready to go when the kids (finally) head back to school!
Love your blog and website!

Did you really. realy , rily, tak naprawde WENT SHOPPING on the 26th !!!!????
But do not worry , I will not tell the Authorities

Did you really. realy , rily, tak naprawde WENT SHOPPING on the 26th !!!!????
But do not worry , I will not tell the Authorities

I want to purchase leather handles for the purse pattern that I just bought. I don't see on the web site where this can be done. Please help. Thanks.

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