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And the Winners Are.....

I have to tell you that reading all of your wonderfully generous and kind comments was the highlight of my week before I left. I love to teach and to help spread a love of fabric, design and quilting, BUT I do not love to travel by myself without my husband or munchkins. So the week before I leave on a business trip, I always feel a bit anxious and not so excited. Once I get to my location, everything looks much better, but the process of going is certainly not my favorite. Mind you I am not complaining about this wonderful little adventure, but your gracious comments certainly lifted me during that week.... and reading them all again here from my sweet little room on the outskirts of Madrid city centre... well that was just icing on the cake of my week here! Thank you.
And for the winners.... I chose one comment from each day, randomly. I wish I had more items to give out and it is quite possible that when I return from my trip that I will be able to dig up at least two more jelly rolls but for right now I don't want to promise more than I have back in the studio...
Shirley Ledoux November 20 9:35
Jane Peters November 21, 1:56
Catherine November 22, 6:53
Cheryl, MA November 23, 10:10

Please email me if you are one of the winners with your address and we will get your little goodies off to you next week after I return. I would have my husband send them to you this week... but I think maybe he has his hands a bit full this week with the three munchkins and running the entire business by him self while I galavant around Europs.... oh, that and his other job too :-)... I conveniently forget that he has another job most of the time LOL! Couldn't do any of this without him. Thank you honey, I know you are reading this!!

Talk to you all the next time I get a good connection....Little_girl_xmas

In Madrid with no connection

Hello there Ladies & Gentlemen

I am in Madrid! It feels so funny to be posting from here but I just wanted to let you know that things got a bit crazy right before I left and I did not get a chance to post the winners. I am so sorry for the delay. I have had a hard time finding a good connection for my laptop and am now posting from the office where I am teaching my classes. As soon as I am able to find a wireless connection in the next few days, I will post the winners. For now I am enjoying the beautiful Madrid weather & the absolutely gorgeous Christmas lights that just went up everywhere around the city centre. Enchanting! The Christmas Markets are starting to open up their little stalls and we had the most exquisite little pastries in a beautiful little¨panaderia¨last night.... No complaints here.

Teaching in Spanish is actually proving to be easier than I expected... thank goodnesss.... and the ladies here are very gracious and forgiving of my lack of vocabulary.

I will write more as soon as I have a chance. Right now Im off to have a bit of cafe au lait and begin this days lessons.

Hasta Luego----

Croissants, Tapas and Jelly Roll Giveaways!

I think one of my friends said it best recently when she described my life as "going from one frying pan into another"! Usually the few weeks after Market are all about recooperation and shipping out orders. Well, somehow this year that just hasn't happened so much. In addition to the thousands of patterns we have shipped out in the last few weeks, I have finished up the designs & colors for the next fabric line [to show at Spring Market in Portland] and sent them on to my Design Director, organized the sewing of 2 quilts for American Patchwork & Quiting [more to come on that topic soon], finished several other online projects and have now finally started preparing for my upcoming trip to Madrid, Spain and Paris, France.

As it draws closer, I'm actually starting to get a little bit excited about the trip. First MODA is sending me along with another designer to Madrid to do some workshops for one of their European distributors. I am really honored to have been asked and I will be focusing my teaching on how to use Jelly Rolls & Charm Packs in the European Market. Hopefully I will have something useful to offer them. The most interesting thing about that trip is that I opened my big mouth somewhere in the process and volunteered the fact that I am mostly fluent in Spanish... so now I will be teaching my workshops in Spanish LOL! Since then I have been frantically trying to memorize quilting & sewing terms since those are not really a part of my regular day to day Spanish vocabulary!

After Madrid, I am gong to Paris for 3 whole days... by myself... to do what I want to do... with no agenda... to walk andEiffel_tower_at_night_2
look and play... and eat, oohh how I can't wait to eat... while I look some more.... I can't even think of the last time I have had an opportunity like this one. I know once I am there I will miss my munchkins and Eric deeply but right now it all sounds a bit heavenly...
I have been scouring Paris guidebooks and getting tidbits of information here and there about what shop to visit here and what flea market notBistrosofpaisjpg_2
to miss and what little cafe has the best cafe ole. Most importantly I am gathering tidbits of information about fabric- beautiful,vintage,French fabric... entire shops of it... Markets... little nooks and crannies. My friend has even given me the name of a few shops that carry some of my lines so I will have to at least stop in there just to say that I saw my fabric in Paris... I can't even imagine such a treat! So if any of you have any tips or little hidden away gems to share... I would love and cherish your tips... And I have to warn you now, I am taking 3 huge photo cards with me and my snazzy brand new SLR camera and plan on taking enough pictures to blog with for a year. You all are going to be so sick of my Paris stories....

In honor of my unpcoming trip and the box that arrived on my doorstep today, I thought I would have a wonderful little Jelly Roll Giveaway today. The last one I did was so much fun that I thought I would spread some of this happy anticipation with some Jelly Roll love!! I am giving away a Shangri La Jelly Roll by 3 Sisters, an Allspice Tapestry Jelly Roll by yours truly and the newest Urban Indigo Jelly Roll by yours truly as well. So start those Allspicetapestryjelly300_2
comments coming and let me know which of our lines has been your favorite--I think there are 9 to choose from-- we'll call it an informal survery LOL! I will draw threee names on Friday night after we are all full of Thanksgiving Turkey!


talk to you soon.

Cabana Squares

Good morning from a chilly Norther Cailfornia morning! I am posting this in the body of the blog becuase I have gotten so many requests for it since Market and for the life of me I haven't yet figured out how to post a pdf on my sidebar... Can anyone familiar with typepad talk me through it? I know I could just read some instructions or something sensible like that, but what's the fun in that when its so much better to ask someone who has already done it?? :-) :-)

Below is the giveaway pattern, Cabana Squares, we had at Fall Market this year. It was a big hit & I have promised to get it up as a pdf on the sidebar of the blog and on the website...
I used a group of Dandelion Girl wovens, but this would work with pretty much any line. You could use your own 5" and 10" squares or a new MODA Layer Cake and a charm pack... Super simple, super easy... I see handmade Christmas presents in your future....!!!


Introducing my little Dandelion Girl

Okay, so you've probaby gotten enough of the butter booth, so here are the Dandelion Girl pages of the MODA playbook. For those of you who have never heard that term before, the MODA playbook is an amazing piece of literature that MODA produces at every Quillt Market to introduce and debut all of their latest lines. This time around that meant 21 new lines from 21 fabulous designers or design groups. It meant 88 full glossy pages of amazing fabric pictures. It meant a whole section of new MODA Home products. It meant a whole lot of yummies... These here below are my pages. Hope you enjoy them. To see these kinds of pages for all of my past lines, go here.Dandelion_girl1

A Dandelion Girl Booth For Sure

Okay... I know that many people want to come in and roll around in our fabric. I know that many customers would happily lay down in the middle of our booth each year and just relax in all the soft, buttery creaminess. I know this for sure becuase every year I have people who tell me this. In fact it's not a good Market until a customer begs to smother herself with our creamy goodness [okay that could SO be taken out of context!]...

Given all of this yellow adoration... I have to tell you that believe it or not, its actually been several years since we've had an actual butter yellow in one of our lines... until now. So this time, it really did look like a wonderful, soft, warm butter explosion in our booth! To top it all off, when we unpacked the bed that we had bought for the booth, thinking it was an unfinished pine wood.... we found that it was instead, you guessed it, butter yellow! What are the odds of that happening??

Don't worry I haven't forgotten about posting about other designers and fun people from Market but I just thought I would show a few shots of the butter booth and then go back to finishing up this fabric deadline I'm working on and then I'll be back.... Well maybe, first I'll have a little butter on my English muffin or a little butter on my toast or a little side of butter with that bread or a pat of butter on my veggies.....

Talk to you soon. Dsc_0018
Butter Booth from one angle

A few Quilt Close ups

A stack of some scrumptious pillows made by my friend Denise Lucas. Pattern for pillow in the new Jelly Oh's pattern.

Butter Booth from another angle

Butter Booth in the midst of the Market expanse