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Cabana Squares

Good morning from a chilly Norther Cailfornia morning! I am posting this in the body of the blog becuase I have gotten so many requests for it since Market and for the life of me I haven't yet figured out how to post a pdf on my sidebar... Can anyone familiar with typepad talk me through it? I know I could just read some instructions or something sensible like that, but what's the fun in that when its so much better to ask someone who has already done it?? :-) :-) Below is the giveaway pattern, Cabana Squares, we had at Fall Market this year. It was a big hit & I have promised to get it up as a pdf on the sidebar of the blog and on the website... I used a group of Dandelion Girl wovens, but this would work with pretty much any line. You could use your own 5" and 10" squares or a new MODA Layer Cake and a charm pack... Super simple, super easy... I see handmade Christmas presents in your future....!!! Cabana_squaresforblogrgbjpg_3


Thank you so much! I have been waiting for this!! Libby

Thanks! It looks like fun!

How sweet! This would go together so quickly and look great! I'm really into prairie points right now, too. Thanks for sharing this with your fans! :)

I love the look of this pattern. Thanks -- of course, I love all your patterns. Now I need to investigate this fabric!

i love your site but i just LOVE the music!!!!!!!!!! it's almost as good as your designs and fabric!

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