Another Fabulous Market is done!
Introducing my little Dandelion Girl

A Dandelion Girl Booth For Sure

Okay... I know that many people want to come in and roll around in our fabric. I know that many customers would happily lay down in the middle of our booth each year and just relax in all the soft, buttery creaminess. I know this for sure becuase every year I have people who tell me this. In fact it's not a good Market until a customer begs to smother herself with our creamy goodness [okay that could SO be taken out of context!]...

Given all of this yellow adoration... I have to tell you that believe it or not, its actually been several years since we've had an actual butter yellow in one of our lines... until now. So this time, it really did look like a wonderful, soft, warm butter explosion in our booth! To top it all off, when we unpacked the bed that we had bought for the booth, thinking it was an unfinished pine wood.... we found that it was instead, you guessed it, butter yellow! What are the odds of that happening??

Don't worry I haven't forgotten about posting about other designers and fun people from Market but I just thought I would show a few shots of the butter booth and then go back to finishing up this fabric deadline I'm working on and then I'll be back.... Well maybe, first I'll have a little butter on my English muffin or a little butter on my toast or a little side of butter with that bread or a pat of butter on my veggies.....

Talk to you soon. Dsc_0018
Butter Booth from one angle

A few Quilt Close ups

A stack of some scrumptious pillows made by my friend Denise Lucas. Pattern for pillow in the new Jelly Oh's pattern.

Butter Booth from another angle

Butter Booth in the midst of the Market expanse


Oh Joanna thank you for sharing your yummy buttery booth...oh how I missed going to Market. That is truly the worst part of retiring.

That is the prettiest booth yet! Truely Lovely! Libby

The stand looks amazing!
My sons' bedroom is painted that colour, I chose it when I was pregnant because it was beautiful and the paint company called it 'Dorset Cream'.
I'm still dreaming about having my own stand at Quilt market...

Simply Gorgeous! Divine!

Oh.....I love the quilt with cirkles on photo #2. Thanks for sharing photos.....that's mean more temptations for me LOL

Lately, I'm finding "burnt butter" to be a color I really, really like too. Something about the butter family......

I have looked through your patterns and I can't find the one with cirkles on. Where do I find this pattern :)

Boy, what a beautiful booth! Thanks so much for sharing. I too, love the quilt with the circles -- I've always loved pinwheels and circles and that quilt it the best of both!

Talk about sweet dreams. I can imagine taking a nap and just relaxing. I see so many patterns I must have. :-)

Wow! It looks like a sweet bedroom--my daughter would love sleeping on that bed! Look at the bed--you shipped that all the way there? So perfect! And all the quilts and other goods are stunning. Thanks for giving us a peek into your booth.

o Joanna, go on with your bad self!! How fun is that yummy yellow?! You do have a flair for the soft part of life!

The butter booth looks WONDERFUL. I want to take a nap in that bed : )

Joanna, I am so in love with the quilt on the table!!! (with the prairie point border) I just cant stop looking at it! Such a gorgeous quilt! I really love that quilt! Libby

Looks like market was a winner for you! Everything looks so great, Joanna. Can't wait to begin sewing some of those patterns. I look forward to getting my hands on your new fabric bundle:) I need it like I need another hole in my head, but I must have it!

What a glorious booth you created! It is so fun to see what the market looks like. Must have been tons of work and loads of fun.

Several of you have commented and emailed me about the quilt with the circles and pinwheels.... It is coming in a few short few weeks in the next Fresh Vintage issue #6. It is called Prairie Sweets and will be available before Thanksgiving if all goes well in the printing world :-)

What an unbelievably gorgeous booth! I can't wait to see the next one in person!

Hey Joanna, I was not at market, so it is wonderful to see the booth, and all of your wonderful new creations. Now, if I just could find time to sew, I would whip up a few new samples for the shop! Thanks. Julie

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