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Vintage Summer Throw

My latest project is off to its recipient. Its a project going to Australian Patchwork & Quilting & I'm calling it Vintage Summer Throw. The funny thing is that when I was working on the design of the quilt, I was planning on a winter quilt given the time of year that it will be published. And then the publisher reminded me... it would be summer in Australia then! Of course, how could I have forgotten that their seasons are the opposite of ours. So for the first time in years I got to work on a summer project in the summer, what a concept. I've gotten so used to working in advance, designing for seasons that are long gone or not yet here, that is was quite fun to work in the current season. Here are a few unquilted shots of the throw. Vintage_summer_throw 115 The bird quilt is done and I'm working on a few other projects and will have more pics for you soon. Can't wait to show you this next one... On a quick side note, we have a new shipment of handles in the studio so for those of you who missed out last time, feel free to email me.


Thanks for posting more pictures of this quilt. I really love the colors and the applique. Wonderful inspiration.

Wow the quilt looks lovely! Those tiny polkadots seem to put every fabric pattern in harmony!

Lovely quilt, Joanna! I love how it flows! Beautiful fabrics, of course!!!! Laurie~

Hey, I think I have tons of that fabric. LOL!!! Love that quilt!!!!

This is beautiful! I love your designs and fabrics!!

Just came across your blog today and it has been so fun to read! I met you girls at Market and loved Allspice Tapestry so much I designed one of my first patterns with it- you can check it out here if you would like to-

It is the second one down, called Bloom. Thank you for designing such GORGEOUS fabric!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

i love that throw- very sweet.

it's fantastic! i love it!

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