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This is one of those projects that has been in my imagination for over a year now but somehow never made onto the actual fabric. My friend Denise finally got tired of me talking about it over and over & said "Just make it already!"... so here are a few little shots of a few of my favorite blocks. Now I am sure many of you have alredy heard of my technical woes, but I have to warn you that these photos are not great given that I managed to take 4 shots before my battery died and I realized that my battery pack was still in my quilters kitchen where I had last plugged it in.... I know, there's always a story :-)... My inspiration for this quilt... my all time favorite Cavallini bird, work and egg file folders. I file everything in these folders. In fact I make up reasons to make new folders becuase I just love the folders so much... I know, I know, my husband regularly tells me that I'm a bit "off"! Anyway, this quilt uses some of those wonderful alphabet letters from MODA American Jane fabrics along with a mix of my Allspice Tapestry, Urban Indigo, upcoming Dandelion Girl colors and some old time Japanese fabrics... and some MODA Dotties! I'm not completely done with the quilt yet but I can tell that its surely going to be one of my all time favorites. Its got words [my favorite thing to add to quilts], vintage birds, nests, and eggs, all surrounded by my favorite tones of butter yellow.... how could you not fall in love with a quilt like this. I can't wait to show you some better shots of it once I actually locate my battery charger... Talk soon. 117_2 119_2 120_4


Oh, another beauty is emerging! Very, very nice!

The quilt is looking lovely! I enjoy the creative process as much as making the quilt and watching it develop! Thanks for sharing!

Your applique designs are so inspiring! What a beautiful creation.

Ohhhh! How precious those blocks are! I want to make them already! That bird is so sweet and inspiring!

That looks so soft and creamy! I love it! The 'eggs' picture is beautiful! This design will be a favorite to many!

Inspiration from a file folder??! Goes to show you it can come from anywhere! I can't wait to see the full quilt. Your bird is beautiful and quite elegant looking. Love it!

W O W ! As Dorothy might say, "birds and nests and eggs, oh my!!"
THAT is a beautiful quilt - just can't wait to see it finished.
You are an inspiration....

Ohhh, I love this project! Absolutely love it! I think it is great that you added text! Supurb!


"how could you not fall in love with a quilt like this"
so true! I wanna see it all!

Love these blocks....can't wait to see the whole quilt!

Love the bird and butter yellow!Can't wait to see it at Market in real life!


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