Summertime projects
"Charm"ing Jelly Winners

Jellies... oh those heavenly Jelly Rolls

Allspice Tapestry Jelly Rolls & charm packs are here, overflowing every nook and cranny of the studio & shipping room!
So I'm figuring its about time that we do a little give away around here. If you leave any comment [alright all you lurkers out there, this is your chance to show yourself], you will have a chance to win a new Allspice Tapestry Jelly Roll or some Allspice Tapestry charm packs...

So don't be shy, who knows.. maybe we'll give away more than one if enough of you comment!

We will make random picks on Friday.

Talk soon.


OK, I LOVE this line! I saw you mentioned in a craft mag a few months ago and said HEY! I read her blog!!! I'm a "traditional" quilter, and your prints go in so well for that Little House on the Prairie feel lol. MMMMM

oooh, pick me pick me! :-)

YAY!!! I'd love to win something from this delicious line! I am a huge fan of your patterns and your fabric - can't wait to see Allspice Tapestry in my quilt shop!

Ok, you sweet talked me into coming out of lurking. LOL I couldn't miss out on the chance of winning that gorgeous Jelly Roll.

Cheers .... Anne

I absolutely love your fabric and patterns! I am dying to do
the lone star and lilies. My questions is, do you need to do
the applique for the star? Would it look ok without it?

OOh who can refuse a giveaway? Not I said the duck..

Must admit it would be tempting not to make anything with it because those rolls are so cute! But I'm sure I could come up with somethin' pretty darn cute. May get me into the quilting part of my job, eh?


I'd love one of those Jelly rolls. There is sooo much you can do with one. Love your blog. Thanks.

I love all your fabric and have used a lot of it! But from the preview, I think this will be my favorite so far. Please pick me!!

Oh oh, I think finding this could be a bad, bad thing.
A friend of mine bought, the pattern that goes with the yuletide blessings jelly roll. But they did not have the jelly roll. Now I'm not sure if she will just want the yule tide blessings jelly many to choose from, so little time....

Ohhh what fun!

When you spoke at our guild meeting you intimated what the Allspice Tapestry line would include. I've been so excited to see some of those gorgeous, rich browns. Winning a jelly roll would be so, so, so exciting! Thanks for your consideration.

I wouldn't want to miss a chance at winning one of these!! Count me in please!

Cute fabrics!!! Pick me!!

Love your prints, can't wait to see what you come up with next! Please add me to your giveaway if you are willing to ship to Australia - I don't mind paying for the postage!

I absolutely promise that I will re-commence my journey through the Artists Way (got sidetracked some tome ago) and will plan an absolutely dreamy "Artists Date" with my paper, pencils and a yummy jelly roll of Allspice Tapestry. I can picture it already. I'm also across the Pacific in Australia and would be happy to pay the postage. Thanks for the inspiration Joanna - isn't blogland lovely!!

Love this new fabric line! love your patterns...
ok, I admit to being a lurker and a subscriber to your blog for awhile :)
would love to work with your new line NOW! pick me :)
Kathie in NJ

Your Allspice Tapestry Jelly Rolls are scrumptious! Those colors! I turned the big 5-0 on Saturday and I'm not loving it and I'm thinking nothing could be sweeter than winning an Allspice Tapestry Jelly Roll as a belated birthday present!

Oh , I know I already have one on the way but .... what the heck. Too much of that yummy fabric is never enough. Just means more quilts !! A lurker no more.

The Jellyrolls give you a taste at all the fabric in the line. Beautiful colors.

I just love that fabric...can't wait for it to arrive in the shop.

Okay fess up, you just wanted to see how many readers you really have right? LOL

I'm definitely a fan, I have most of your patterns and a chunk of your fabrics!

I'm a knitter who's really starting to get into quilting and I'm so glad to see more quilters starting to blog. I love your fabrics and I've been carting around my copies of Fresh Vintage to read whenever my two little boys give me a spare moment.

Love your fabric, patterns and books. Keep up the great work.

Love your fabrics and designs. I am trying to finish up two projects before cutting into my folklorique jellyroll!

Joanna, what a great idea! I'm so anxious for Allspice Tapestry to hit the stores...thanks for giving us this opportunity to beat the rush. I really enjoy your fabrics and patterns, and the fact that you're a nice gal is a bonus! I'm anxious to use your latest line to make the Easiest Handbag Ever. You really inspire me to create, and perhaps one day I'll join blogland with my own site!

Mama mia! That's a spicy fabric! I can't wait to get it into my hands!!

What beautiful colors!

I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now. I just LOVE your designs and 'collect' several MODA lines. I've never bought a jelly roll because I couldn't figure out what I'd do with them, but now I'm seeing quilt patterns that use jelly rolls everywhere and I love them! Thanks for a chance to win a really yummy gift!!

I am anxious to see Allspice in person, especially since I picked up the last fresh vitage with the nosegay pattern -- which I've wanted to do forever! I love all your fabrics and the great way you communicate with those of us that live in the quilt desert -- not much access to good fabrics and patterns. Thanks

wow, beautiful colors on this fabrics! Hope they will come my way - to Norway! :-)

I know NOTHING about blogs-this is my first trip to one, but I do know some about quiltng, and love what I see in those jelly rolls. (Hope I did this correctly) Have a good day!

First time blogger so I hope I am doing this right. I purchased one of your jelly roll patterns on a quilt shop hop 2 weeks ago and I can't wait to make the quilt. Your fabric lines are absolutely beautiful. The Allspice Tapestry fabric colors are warm, spicey and wonderful. I hope to be one of the lucky ones!
Happy Quilting,

MMMMMmmmm - Jelly Rolls!!!! I"m glad I finally got a chance to play catch-up!

Hope to do this correctly! I love the warm subtle colors you design...I think we are twins split at birth. Have never purchased a jelly roll, so it will be a new experience for this almost 50 quilter:o) I loved the piece about the tour of the Moda warehouse.....I think it would be awesome to go their in person. Thanks!

I would so love to have some of your fabric! Thanks for offering, it looks beautiful.

Yummy fabric! And I love your patterns!

OOOOOOOOoooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!AAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! That fabric is breath taking !!! I'd love to win it !!!!

Oooo - I've been LUSTING after the Allspice Tapestry! Please add my name to your drawing!

Me, me, me! Pick me! I love this new fabric line, Joanna! I promise I'd give it a very nice home!

Well, you've finally lured me out from under my rock. Nothing like waving a chance at some free fabric in front of my face to get me motivated. I noticed some comments about The Artist's Way, have just started working the program, what a life changing experience.

Yep, this is my first time to your blog, however, I do check in regularly on your website. I am with you re: vacation - love it, love it, love it, hard to return to work. We are east coasters and head to Maine in the summer and any other time of year we can slip away - the whole gang heads north at least once a year (3 generations). It is wonderful - I love being with all of the grandchildren, nieces, nephews - they are what life is all about - that and quilting, of course. Would love to receive your fabric - your lines are my absolute favorites and I have a few little ones that might need another quilt from Nini in the near future. Thanks for the patterns, fabrics, and encouragement - we love your stuff here in southern NJ.

This is my first blog comment. It's early here in TN and haven't had my first cup of coffee yet. Jelly Rolls and coffee - sounds good to me. Jelly Rolls and anything - YUMMEE. I love fabric, especially Moda. The lovely colors and designs of Fig Tree are always delightful. My most favorite thing to do: enter a quilt shop and view all of the fabrics I've never seen before - I look for Moda first. Hmmm - I proof read, sounds like I haven't had my coffee yet!

I've been swooning over Allspice since I first spotted it a while ago! I've got the colour card downloaded onto my computer at work and its become my 'Happy Place' when things get crazy there. I just can't decided which print I love the most...GOTTA HAVE EM ALL! A jelly roll would be the ultimate tease until release date....

Oh neat you have a blog! I am very impressed with all your collections of fabric, and it seems they just keep getting more beautiful as time goes on.


Love your fabric lines.......they make beautiful quilts!

Ohhh! That is a beautiful jelly roll! I have made several of your patterns and I have a good collection of your fabrics. I love your blog and read it often! It is very inspiring and great "eye-candy"

I should be studing for my Italian final instead I find your email
inviting a blog with your offer for Fig Tree Fabric. Great diversion.
It's like . . . mia fabrica e tua fabrica. Beata mia!
(My fabric is your fabric. Lucky me!)

I love your fabrics and designs!

PLEASE!!! I have done so many of your patterns, love your ideas, I would love a JELLY ROLL- especially the colors of ALLSPICE!!!! I too, love dandelions!! (My husband frowns), they are so happy, pretty little things, remember when we would find some to blow the seeds around!! Every Mom loves a bouquet of the first dandelions of the season., I still have the little fruit jar my son ran and got from grandma to put my flowers in!!! When I get lonesome for him (Lives in another state) I get out the jar put it by my machine and just remember!!!!! Keep up the good work, can't wait for the new patterns, and book on houses, My husband is a realtor, that would look good in his office., Thanks., Diann

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