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Happy Belated Father's Day to All- Hope everyone got a chance to enjoy the day with a dad of any kind! Our day was filled with adorable handmade presents, boy errands, good food, the park, baseball and some good tv... I don't think the daddy is complaining. It must be book time around here and I wanted to congratulate Elizabeth on her new accomplishment! As someone who loves any kind of words on a quilt, I have been waiting for her book ever since I found out that she had written it. I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it. I'm sure she is very proud!! And speaking of not being able to wait, I have been wanting to share a little picture with you and now I finally have a good image... B824_fig_tree_quilts Our first major book is coming out with That Patchwork Place in Septmember. The theme & title of the book is "Houses" and so it contains 14 different house quilts and quilted projects. I am so pleased with the amazing results of the editing and illustration staff at That Patchwork Place that I'm just skipping around waiting for an advance copy to arrive on my doorstep sometime this summer... A few years ago we did a series of book [or rather booklets, because they were those more soft type books with the stapled covers] with Leisure Arts and that was both fun and a good experience for us in the industry. F179_1jpg La3769 Starstruckquilts_2 But somehow that felt different. This process with That Patchwork Place has felt like the real deal. From the proposal, to making the quilts, to the long and sometimes grueling process of writing the manuscript and detailing the illustrations to be included... The whole thing has felt very much like what I would imagine a "Real" author has to go through to get a book into print. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed each of the processes I went through, but somehow this one has felt more complete and I am really, really happy with the final result. I have loved all of it and can't wait to do it again! Although, I'm sure some of you close to me would remind me that I didn't necessarily feel that way all the way through and that I am now experiencing that mom-to-be euphoria that allows those of us who have gone through natural childbirth to be willing and lo, excited, to do it all again... what are we thinking?? Hello... who thinks its going to be a good idea to shove a watermelon sized object through an opening the size of an orange? HELLO??? Anyway, sorry for that little side track... sometimes I get just the littlest bit cranky thinking about going through labor on 3 different occasions... but that's a story for another day...another day way, way far away :-) As soon as they send me some good pics of the inside pages of the book, I will share some of those too. toodles.


Joanna how very exciting...can't wait to get the book in the shop.

Congratulations on the book - I'm looking forward to reading it!

Oh, I can hardly wait! Congratulations!

Naturally, I have the three that you did with Leisure Arts but I understand your excitement over the new one!

Congrats on your new baby, the cover girl looks yummy!!!

Congrats to you and Lisa! The book look wonderful.

Congrats to you and Lisa on the new book. How exciting and it looks soooo YUMMY!!!

Joanna, congrats on the new book... I have 2 out of the three "booklets" you have already done and I am looking forward to the new one!

Joanna, Congrats on your new book. The cover looks yummy. Congrats to my friend Elizabeth as well. I'll be looking forward to seeing the book inside photos.

Save me one! Congrats!

What a beauty Joanna! A definite book for my collection! Can't wait!
xo, - Bren

What a beauty, Joanna! Definitely a book for my collection! Can't wait!

OOHH-you never mentioned this project missy! How cool-can't wait to see it. :)


You rock, mama fig.

Congrats on the lovely looking new book! How exciting!!

Thanks for the IS a lot of work, isn't it! I can't wait to get my grubby hands on your new book!

Joanna, congratulations! The front cover has truly insired me, well beyond my basic level, but I relaly want to make the quilt on the front cover. it would be an heirloom, instantly. So gorgeous. I'm so impressed with your flawless work, my mom just bought a jelly roll of your new line. Its YUMMY. I can't wait to snatch this book up in September. All the best!!

Oh, you rascally rabbit, you!!! You've been busy, haven't you? That book looks delish and I can't wait to get a copy!


Congratulations to you and Lisa! It's a really beautiful book and I can't wait to see the inside. I know you worked and worked to get this done. Well worth your time. Very nice!

I love your Star Struck book and have made quilts out of it. I can't wait for your new one. Love house blocks. Congrats.

I love your Star Struck book and have made quilts out of it. I can't wait for your new one. Love house blocks. Congrats.

I really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the new ideas coming up.

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